Chapter 127 [Father-In-Law’s Story 3] Misunderstanding

Chu Jiao didn’t know that the moment she had fainted, the man on her bed had suddenly opened his eyes.

“Tsk, what… a bold little girl…” 

Enduring an onslaught of vertigo, Shen Zhen carefully propped himself up and fumbled around the wall behind the bed for a while. With a sudden ‘click,’ a dark frame abruptly popped up out of the smooth and spotless wall.

He quickly reached inside and took out a bottle of medicine, pouring out two brown pills from the container, swallowing one for himself and intending to stuff the other into Chu Jiao’s mouth.

He had continuously been on the move for the past month and had just hurriedly returned to the capital tonight. When he had gotten back, he discovered that the east wing was draped entirely in red as though there was a celebration taking place.

Struck with a poisoned arrow, he had originally wanted to retrieve the antidote from the storage unit in the side room that stored the emergency medicine, but he didn’t think that the room would have been turned into a magnificent wedding room, even having a woman dressed in a phoenix coronet and rose-tinted robes sitting inside!

He and his ‘son,’ Shen Zhongxing, contentedly lived in the east wing. Shen Zhongxing, who stayed in bed every day due to his illness, simply had no strength to properly receive his wife, so Shen Zhen naturally misunderstood——assuming that this joyous occasion was something that Matriarch Zhu had organized without his consent, taking this opportunity while he was away to bestow him a hand in marriage.

Still doing however you please huh… Devious Hag …

A raging storm flashed through the man’s eyes before it restored its calmness in the next instant……

He glanced at the girl who was brazenly lying on the bed.

This time, the second wife the evil hag had conferred to him was quite interesting. She hadn’t had the slightest hint of proper etiquette and was even dauntless enough to dare save him indiscriminately without any prior knowledge of who he was, even passing out from the poison as a result of her reckless actions. 

Seeing that she was kind enough to save him, Shen Zhen magnanimously gave her a pill of the antidote but didn’t expect that the girl’s lips were shut tight, rendering him incapable of stuffing the pill into her mouth.

The girl laid peacefully on the bed at this moment. Her long eyelashes spread smoothly across her eyelids, appearing like a quiet baby doll.

Shen Zhen’s heart skipped a beat.

This girl looks quite……

He, who had distanced himself from worldly affairs all these years, had two solid beliefs. One, he should never let his weakness be caught by anyone, and second was that he should never meet a woman who could sway his heart. 

His childhood experiences made him raise his vigilance towards the women of the rear court because, in his point of view, the softer and more beautiful the woman was, the more vicious, like a striking viper, she could possibly be on the inside, hiding away her true face. As such, he was wary towards all these beauties presented to him.

However, he was also a normal man.

And naturally, he had normal physiological needs.

The girl in front of him was not a beauty in the traditional sense.

A tall nose bridge, deep-set eyes, and long eyebrows reaching her temples did not make her look delicate but instead, a little bit heroic, her face carrying an exotic charm. She was currently lying in silence, her beautiful pair of eyes shut tightly, her waist was soft and delicate, and her charming mien adorned in bright makeup. The mole underneath the corner of her right eye dripped with beauty and her red lips were stained with fresh blood, appearing lustrous yet exceedingly enticing.

Shen Zhen discovered.

That he… had actually gotten hard…

Was there…an aphrodisiac mixed in with the poisoned arrow today?

Shen Zhen never imagined that he would fall in love at first sight, attributing the unexpected arrival of his desire as the side effects of the poison.

Since this was his newly wedded wife.

Then, wouldn’t it be understandable if he carried out the responsibilities that an official groom would do?

Shen Zhen didn’t even have any impressions of his last marriage. After all, in order to paralyze Matriarch Zhu, he busied himself every day with faction fighting as well as plotting big schemes, so he had never even met his first wife.

At that time, he, who was still in his teens, was ignorant about these affairs, but now, it was different.

He already knew the ‘ways of the world,’ he was just lacking in practice.

As the medicine began to take effect, he soon recovered his strength. Scooping her up with his big hand, he lifted Chu Jiao up from the bed and into his arms.

A mere grasp of the young girl’s waist and limbs gave a soft and fragrant sensation. The pill was stuck in between her lips. Her half-open and half-closed lips were similar to cherry blossom petals. Shen Zhen stopped breathing for a moment. While simply holding her neck, he slowly advanced forward.

Shen Zhen: Haha, those who enter the door of my house become my people.

Chu Jiao: Help, I encountered a beast of a father-in-law.

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