Chapter 123 [President’s Story Extra 2] Cat He’s Adventure Diaries

T/N: (A different take on Chapter 94 continuing from extra 1)

“Kitty cat—— don’t go!“

He Sinian desperately yelled out loud, sitting up from the bed. 

He opened his eyes and blankly stared at the cold, black and white room in front of him, wiping his face.

He had dreamt the same dream again…

He lifted the quilt indifferently but discovered that it wouldn’t budge.

Shifting his sights onto his hand, he immediately became dumbstruck.

Was he still trapped in his nightmare?

Otherwise, why did his hand suddenly turn into a small tawny cat paw?? 

Sunlight outside passed through the french windows as He Sinian jumped off his bed. The full body mirror beside the closet reflected its owner’s appearance————

Soft fur, a lean and smooth body, a furry head, and a pair of big blue eyes that were the color of the sea, what——a——gorgeous tabby cat!

He Sinian saw his appearance in the mirror.

And froze…

Question: If you were a CEO who suddenly turned into a tabby cat one day, how would you feel!? Miserable!? Distressed!?

On the contrary to what you might think, He Sinian actually felt quite pleased.

He didn’t even think about what he needed to deal with during today’s meeting or nor did he have to bother with any coding program that needed optimizing.

More importantly, right now, his vision was better and his movements were nimbler. But the most important thing was that he had a chance of finding his little kitty again. For some reason, he felt that he was attached to an invisible thread. One end was connected to his chest, while the other end was connected to something far far away.

Despite not having any proof if this feeling was real or not, he was confident that at the other end of the thread was his kitty cat. 

Taking the keys, hidden in the flower pot outside the door, into his mouth, He Sinian gracefully strolled ahead and rode the elevator downstairs.

Self-confidence had surged forth within his chest; he was going to find his kitty cat no matter what. 

Conveniently, he was even capable of communicating with her. Wasn’t this too amazing!? Yet, within a short three-hour span, He Sinian’s self-confidence had gone up in smoke.

He had never known that the human world looked extremely dangerous from a cat’s point of view.

So far, he had almost been run over by incoming cars five times, been trampled on 13 times, and been picked on 20 times. After all He Sinian had gone through, in the end, he couldn’t manage to escape a random brat’s nasty claws. Feeling his tail being ruthlessly tugged on, he bared his fangs in pain but stood his ground, trying his best to hold back from scratching the little devil out of spite.

Without him by her side, did his kitty also suffer the same fate every day?

Lingering onto the thought, it was as if a knife had pierced through He Sinian’s heart and desired him to find her sooner.

In another suburb, there was a large manor. And within it, He Sinian’s beloved little kitty cat, Chu Jiao, was currently lazily laying on the grass, soaking in the sun.

How rotten…. How rotten indeed.

This kind of life was rotting her away.

Chu Jiao let out a sigh. She picked up a few grapes from the tray placed at the side, and stuffed them in her mouth, relishing their sweet flavor.

[Then, quickly go find the male lead and finish the mission!]

The long unheard and cold voice of 419 rang inside Chu Jiao’s head and was even tinged with bitterness.

[Sigh. It’s not like you can’t see my circumstances. Aunt cast a powerful barrier spell on the manor. And with my meager powers alone, how could I possibly escape~] It wasn’t that Chu Jiao didn’t want to find He Sinian, it was more that the manor’s facilities were too complete and extensive. Apart from Aunt, she was practically the manor’s owner. As long as she wanted something, she would instantly have it. She was far too comfortable staying here.

[Isn’t it because host has been slacking with her cultivation?!] 419 quickly punctured a hole through Chu Jiao’s excuse. 


All of a sudden, Chu Jiao felt her own tail twitching as though someone was pulling it.

But when she skeptically looked around, there was not a single soul in sight.

“Oh my god! A ghost in broad daylight!” Chu Jiao’s fur stood up as waves of panic hit her like a brick.

In the next few days, Chu Jiao often felt a sharp searing pain on her body, but when she checked the source, there weren’t any traces of bruising. It was simply as if she had encountered a real ghost!

Moreover, what’s worse was that——she felt hungry! Every! Single! Day!

After gluttonously eating and drinking several meals these past few days, Chu Jiao finally concluded that something was wrong with her and went to ask Nian Yue with jolting buttocks.

“A ghost? Hehe.” Nian Yue was currently filing her nails. And after hearing about this, she cast Chu Jiao an uninterested glance. “I think your brain has finally stopped working.”

“Think about it. What foolish thing did you do in the past?”

“There is only one possibility that the symptoms of ‘shared feeling’ could occur, and it’s because the other’s body possesses a part of your flesh.”


Chu Jiao facepalmed.

S-Sh-She had previously fed He Sinian her own blood!

Then, was the pain and hunger she had been feeling before, He Sinian’s?

Chu Jiao frantically started panicking at this moment.

“Aunt, Aunt. Please undo the barrier spell.” Nian Yue irritably used her furry cat tail to hit the young girl’s head. “I told you to cultivate properly and break through to three tails so you could go out. Look at your abysmal cultivation level, don’t you think it’s shameful?”

Chu Jiao pouted and was about to protest until she saw someone coming out of the kitchen carrying breakfast. She quickly ran over and pounced on his arms, acting coquettishly.

“Uncle, Uncle. Help me convince Aunt. I really need to go out right now. Wuuuu, My Ah Nian might be suffering somewhere right now!”

The man’s body was tall and built, while his facial features were devilishly handsome. Even when the little white cat pounced on him without prior notice, he still managed to stabilize himself, and the breakfast tray he was carrying remained unspoiled. 

He calmly set the tray onto the dining table and lifted the little cat, revealing a small yellow goose on the apron he wore, looking a little silly.

“Ah Yue, it’s time to eat.” The man warmly reminded Nian Yue, who was languidly leaning on the sofa. He then gently placed the little cat on the chair and patted her little head. “Little Jiao Jiao, just call me every time, ok?”

“Hehe, who told Aunt to only listen to Uncle’s words~”

“Hmph, it’s obviously him who listens to my words, ok.” Nian Yue retorted while walking towards Chu Jiao’s way. She cast a playful look at the man. If this person even dared to contradict her, he was going to sleep in the living room tonight!

“That’s right. Little Jiao Jiao, you asked the wrong person.”

In front of his respected wifey, He Feng had no power to speak of.

After eating breakfast, Nian Yue couldn’t take Chu Jiao’s pitiful-looking eyes any longer. She impatiently waved her hands and undid the restriction barrier surrounding the house.

“Just go and don’t bring my nephew-in-law back. Don’t even bother coming back either!”

As if having been granted pardon, Chu Jiao quickly slipped away and vanished without a trace.

Inside the spacious living room, He Feng slowly walked forward and hugged Nian Yue’s waist affectionately, planting a kiss on her cheek. “She’s really similar to the ‘you’ back then.”

Nian Yue raised a brow. “I wasn’t such a weak child like her back then, ok? I was a genius.”

He Feng let out a deep chuckle and lovingly said, “Yes, yes, my genius little lady. Others have heroes rescuing beauties, but in our case, it was you, the beauty, rescuing the hero.”

“Hmph! Shameless.” Nian Yue jokingly elbowed the man’s chest.

“Back then, you were nearly beaten into a pulp. What hero are you speaking of?”

“Alright alright. Who cares if I were a hero or a loser 1Originally the author used the word 狗熊 (gou xiong), which means coward. And since the latter word 熊(xiong)sounds similar to the latter Chinese word of hero 英雄 (ying xiong), this is supposed to sound like an alliteration, but this didn’t sit right in the English translation, so I had to get creative..“ After all, in the end, I still managed to snag the beauty.

Once he finished, he then swiftly turned the woman around and gave her a deep kiss.

“The little one has finally stopped being a light bulb 2Being a light bulb (电灯泡): A common term used to refer to people who third-wheels in a relationship..” He said hungrily as he plundered the girl’s sweet fluids. “I’ve held myself back for far too long.”

“Mmmm…” In response, Nian Yue also smoothly wrapped her arms around the man’s waist. “So you were gunning for this….as expected of the great General He…what a scheming man.”

“No baby…the only reason why I scheme is…for you…”

After Chu Jiao had received Nian Yue’s tip, she could finally detect the change within her body.

She followed the invisible thread and quickly dashed along the road.

At this time, He Sinian was suffering what could be the biggest obstacle of his life.

He had been captured by an ordinarily-looking middle-aged man.

The man took out a few small dried fishes from his pocket and teased him with them. Originally, he didn’t intend to pay him any mind; however, he was starving to death.

In these past few days, for the sake of rushing to see his kitty cat, he didn’t spare any time to look for food and merely coped with his hunger. As a result, he quickly crossed over the distance of an entire city and finally arrived in this new city.

He had a feeling that his little kitty cat was right here.

He cautiously walked forward, preparing to bite the dry fish and flee, but he didn’t expect the man to suddenly trap him.

Seeing his skillful movements, it was evident that this was not the first time he had done such a thing.

And just like this, the man took him home.

In an old-fashioned low-rent housing.

The room was littered with trash and instant noodle containers, and a foul smell loitered from the kitchen.

The man exposed an awry smile towards him and excitedly brought him into the kitchen.

On the kitchen countertop, there was a huge blackish-red chopping board. Its color was due to some unknown liquid having probably soaked it all year round. Meanwhile, on the four corners of the board, there were four little lock rings embedded into it. 

He Sinian’s heart stopped.

Not good.

He may have run into a sick and perverted cat-killer.

Back then, he had only seen this kind of disgusting pervert, who kills animals for entertainment, on the news. They would trick stray cats and dogs into their houses by giving them food. And while the animals were still alive, they would painfully peel their skin off, let them bleed dry, wretchedly scrape off their meat, and do other heinous things.

These people often have twisted hearts and weren’t valued by the people in their workplaces or their lives. They yearned to vent the anger they feel, yet they don’t dare act on others. Instead, they could only choose cowardice and chose to vent their rage on innocent animals.

He Sinian urgently looked around and began to concoct escape plans in his mind.

On the other hand, Chu Jiao was on her way to save him.

Chu Jiao suddenly gasped as she abruptly felt some restraints in her four limbs. Her heart tightened. At this moment, she had followed the trail of blood leading to an old district, but she had no way of determining which house her Ah Nian was currently in.

She looked around anxiously and luckily found a few scattered stray cats in the courtyard, so she quickly released her demonic powers.

He Sinian couldn’t move at all, all four of his limbs were bound by the lock ring.

The man pulled out a sharp kitchen knife from the cupboard as his dry lips cracked open, showing him a deadly smile.

“Kitty Kitty. Cry! Shout! I like listening to your heartbreaking cries” 

“Hehe, it sounds beautiful.”

“Meow!” You disgusting murderer! Just you wait until I transform back into a human, I’ll definitely put you behind bars!

He Sinan gnashed his teeth together, feeling completely powerless for the very first time. 

He was currently a cat, not a human, so he had no known way of transforming and could only allow himself to be helplessly slaughtered. 

The pervert held onto the knife and thrusted it downward.

“Ah—-” But at the next second, a white shadow unexpectedly broke through the windows, piercing his wrist and causing the knife to fall onto the ground.

“Who! Who is it?!”

He looked around warily, but Chu Jiao didn’t even give him a chance to resist.

Her claws extended out of her paws, ruthlessly scratching the man’s face and body. The seemingly once tall man appeared to have no power of resisting.

“Ahhhhhhh—-my face! Ah! My eyes!”

The man painfully covered his face, rolling on the ground miserably. Chu Jiao finally let out a sigh of relief and looked at the tawny cat bound to the counter.

He Sinian looked at the white kitten in front of him as his eyes flashed with excitement.

His kitty cat, his kitty cat!

He had finally found her!

“Meow!~” He Sinian happily opened his mouth but suddenly felt a little embarrassed.

What should he say to her as a cat for the first time?

Before he figured it out, the scene in front of him had caused him to widen his eyes in disbelief. 

Realizing that the four lock rings could not be opened by cat claws, Chu Jiao easily pulled off her collar and transformed into a human.

The pretty girl walked forward, step by step, and rubbed his body with her hands.

‘Ah Nian, be good~ Don’t be afraid.” She gently unfastened the lock and cooed at the tabby cat. “I’ve come to save you.”————

Just like this, Human Chu Jiao and Cat President He’s Story finally came to an end.

T/N: *clap clap clap clap I love that the author came up with a parallel universe setting where He Sinian’s grandfather lived happily ever after with Nian Yue!! Unfortunately, the extras come to an end here. You’ll just have to visualize what would happen next for CJ and HSN in this parallel world!

The next world takes place in an ancient china setting with a spicy taboo relationship between Father and Daughter-in-law kekeke. Enjoy~

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