Chapter 122.2 [President’s Story Extra 1] Unforgettable Yearning (Nian Yue X He Feng) (2)

Warning: This chapter contains short descriptions of animal abuse. View discretion is advised.

She didn’t think too much of her actions, because it was just her usual way of stopping bleeding. Yet, Nian Yue had forgotten that she didn’t have the current body of a cat but a human’s.

It didn’t matter. Nian Yue couldn’t care less about what others thought of her ‘immoral’ behavior, just as long as He Feng could continue telling the tale.

After Nian Yue finished listening to ‘Journey to the West,’ she dusted her bum and departed in a good mood. Before leaving, she threw two silver pieces at He Feng’s direction. She heard that it was customary in the human world to be rewarded like this.

The lone man covered his wound that no longer bled, feeling a bit disoriented in the dust.

As the Chief of the Investigation Department of Zhu Hai and the Army General, this was the first and only time that He Feng had received compensation.

He Feng didn’t know what kind of person Nian Yue was. He didn’t even see her again after a long time. But, the young girl was a maverick. Like how the wound on his body left a scar, she had left a mark in his heart.

Nian Yue had miscalculated.

She thought that having both martial art skills and wealth were enough for her to come out and play. But she didn’t expect herself to be so unlucky.

The wallet containing her money was unfortunately snatched by a thief, so she had no money left to stay in a hotel and could only transform into a cat to be able to sleep in the alley at night.

Unexpectedly, during her groggy sleep, she was put into a sack and taken away. By the time she awoke, she was locked up in a dirty laboratory surrounded by, not only species of her kind but with emaciated humans as well.

Several people in white coats entered the room and chose a variety of cats and dogs as well as a human. Not long after, an ear-splitting scream abruptly resounded from the other side of the wall.

Nie Yue used her nimble claws to open her cage. Once she escaped, she secretly ran over towards the sound, only to see the tragic view of several cats’ dismembered corpses as well as the image of dead dogs with foam in their mouths.

The human who was taken away was lying on a cold dissection bed while a doctor was preparing to inject a drug into his body.

Nian Yue pounced forward. She intended to completely stop him but was unable to use her demonic powers. As such, she could only knock down the needle from the doctor’s hand.

It was hard for two hands to compete with four paws. But soon after, Nian Yue was caught by several gun-wielding guards.

And the doctor who she had scratched, was intrigued by Nian Yue’s intelligence. Hence, he started performing frequent experiments on her body.

Nian Yue, who was injected with anesthesia, was naturally unable to resist.

As her glossy black fur was cut open and her red meat was scraped off, Nian Yue didn’t suffer much pain, but she felt extraordinarily furious.

Her cell activity was different from ordinary people’s, which had once again caught the doctor’s attention.

Her blood was continuously extracted in an unending stream.

Nian Yue felt a slight tinge of regret.

The human world was indeed extremely dangerous…

Just as she thought she was going to die on the cold operating table.

A bang rang outside.

Nian Yue had already been in the human world for a while, so she instantly knew that it was the sound of a canon.

Amid her trance, Nian Yue felt her body being lifted by a pair of big gentle hands.

She opened her beautiful emerald-green eyes to see who it was.

It was you, you big oaf…

She ‘meowed’ weakly before sinking into a deep slumber.


The people of the investigation department saw a refreshing sight.

Their chief, who had always been unapproachable, had brought back a black cat after carrying out their critical mission of destroying the Japanese Army’s Research Institute #541.

Never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined that this ironclad man would have a gentle side to him.

The black cat was covered in bruises. Not a single part of its body was left untouched. A woman from the department nearly broke down in tears upon seeing this pitiful creature and promptly called for a doctor without waiting for He Feng’s instructions.

He Feng also didn’t know why he had brought this cat back.

Originally, he was going to hand her over to the rescue station, perhaps it was seeing how severe the extent of its injuries was or perhaps it was the mysterious pair of eyes that continued to stare at him, that made him take her in.

For they felt…. extremely familiar.


Just like this, Nian Yue was brought back home and raised by He Feng.

She had never been kept in captivity before, so she never knew how comfortable it was to be a pet.

With somebody to feed her and scratch her, she didn’t need to do anything else, just merely living the days like a Daoist Immortal(5).

  1. Daoist Immortal is also known as Immortal Taoist. Immortals (仙 xiān) are beings who ascended to Immortality through Daoist cultivation practices such as internal alchemy. They have magical powers, can fly freely through the air, and have a close connection to the Dao and the natural world.

Now, she finally knew why so many of her clansmen didn’t seek advancement. And instead, got off their high horses to become pets for humans.

She, herself, overindulged in the pleasure and forgot both her home and her duty.

Although He Feng was a busy man, he was truly a qualified caretaker.

It could be said that he looked after Nian Yue with the utmost care, taking care of her as if she were a little ancestor.

Nian Yue felt conscience-stricken. This big oaf was such a good person for generously taking her in.

As the saying goes, droplets of kindness should be repaid with a gushing spring.

Nian Yue felt that since she was magnanimously rescued by this big oaf, she needed to think of a way to repay him.

Although she was a demon, she still knew how to express her gratitude.

And so, He Feng soon felt that strange things were happening around him.

At first, the mole he had been suspecting all this time had suddenly surrendered.

When he was surrendering, he kept glancing around while muttering something under his breath, appearing as though he were frightened by a ghost.

Then, it was the central secret operation he wanted to monitor. When he was at his wits’ end, he suddenly received an anonymous piece of information. He Feng skeptically arranged an attack operation. And in the end, managed to reel in a big fish.

There was also this one time when he had just finished contacting the informant. And on his way home, he was suddenly ambushed by a number of assailants. However, these enemies had suddenly raised a white flag. When he prudently stepped forward to check on the situation himself, he saw that these people had all been dealt with, with a fatal claw-like wound on their necks.

More and more events like these kept happening. So much so that He Feng couldn’t help but be more vigilant than usual.

He didn’t know if the other party was a friend or a foe, nor did he know why the other party would help him like this.

With such an unknown factor existing around him, he was unable to sleep peacefully at night.

Until one day, He Feng personally laid down a trap, and Nian Yue was foolishly caught in it.

“You’re saying you’re doing this for the sake of….gratitude?”

He Feng stared wide-eyed at the young girl, who looked like an arrogant idler, sitting cross-legged before him. He couldn’t help but recall the first time he had met her.

Indeed, the girl was quite agile. But, it was still impossible for her to have been able to accomplish all these feats alone.

“Why don’t you just confess Miss Yue? Who sent you and what do you want?” He Feng rubbed his forehead in disbelief. “Moreover, before this, we’ve only met once. So, I don’t believe we’re close enough to speak of repaying kindness.”

“You big oaf!” Nian Yue exploded, smacking the table and screaming so loudly that everyone outside the interrogation room could hear her. “You touch and kiss me every day and even give me baths! Now that it has come to this point! You suddenly don’t recognize me! And say we’re not close! I must’ve! been! blind!”

As Nian Yue bellowed this in rage, she grabbed the cup on the table and hurled it towards the man.

Everyone, who was standing outside the interrogation room, looked at He Feng differently, particularly the female comrades.

They didn’t think…They didn’t think that the chief would actually….tsk tsk tsk tsk. Men… as expected, were a real piece of work after all.

He Feng was completely dumbfounded. Wh-What?! What did she mean touching and taking baths every day?!

“You, Comrade Nian. Let me warn you. You shou-shouldn’t talk of such nonsense!” His face turned completely red. “I-I live alone, so there’s no way I’ve ever done any of the things you’ve just said! You’re outright slandering me!”

Nian Yue raised a brow. “You live alone?” Did you treat me as air?!

He Feng nodded. “That’s right. I live alone. Aside from me, there’s only….” a cat.

He Feng froze.

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