Chapter 121 [President’s Story 37] Jiao Jiao, I love you (End)

The President’s assistant was replaced.

Assistant Meng was transferred out of the President’s Office and replaced by the new assistant, Chu Jiao, who seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

Although the thread that Murong Zining had posted was deleted, rumors of Chu Jiao using the President to climb the social ladder could not be completely eradicated.

Fortunately, neither Chu Jiao nor He Sinian cared about these people or their opinions.

As of now, He Sinian only wanted to stick by Chu Jiao’s side every single day. If it weren’t for his irrational fear that the girl would find a flaw in him, he wouldn’t even go to work anymore.

He didn’t have much time to spend with this girl and he didn’t want to waste even a nanosecond of what was left.

So, he tied the girl to his side and made her his assistant, which sounded like a great idea.

Before Chu Jiao transmigrated, her work ethic had already been exceptionally excellent. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to enter the most famous company in the industry at such a tender age. After taking over the position as He Sinian’s assistant, she started working hard. She turned a blind eye on the rumors and slanders surrounding her and impeccably finished her work, making He Sinian shine with pride and also gradually garnering the acceptance of the company employees.

“President, here is this month’s contract report. I’ll distribute it once you finish signing it.”

Chu Jiao wore a form-fitting work attire. She carried a stack of documents into He Sinian’s office and neatly placed the reports on top of the man’s office table.

He Sinian did not go through the reports right away. Instead, he hooked his arm around his beautiful assistant and placed her on his lap.

“Ah!” Chu Jiao was caught off-guard and spread her legs apart to sit on top of him, her skirt hiking up to the base of her thighs.

“What are you doing! It’s still working hours!” Chu Jiao swatted the man’s chest in a rebuking manner. “Release me quickly. I still have a mountain of things to do~”

At this moment, He Sinian slightly regretted the decision he had made.

He may have tied the girl to his side, but there was simply no time for them to develop their feelings for one another! His Jiao Jiao took her work too seriously, busying herself every day and trying to perfect every minute detail. Only when they got off work and returned home, did she resume her lazy appearance and justify her actions by saying that she didn’t want to make him lose face.

“That’s alright.” He Sinian leaned over, asking for a kiss. “I don’t need a good face. I only need you.”

His words incited a giggle out of Chu Jiao, who had pinched his face and ridiculed him. “You’re too shameless!”

He Sinian allowed Chu Jiao to make a fool of him however she wished. He stared at the girl’s cheerful smile and felt his heart soften to a great extent.

Very good.

This kind of Jiao Jiao is very good.

On Valentine’s Day.

He Sinian had magnanimously notified all the workers to take a day off.

All of the employees were currently feeling grateful for Chu Jiao’s existence. They didn’t suspect that the simple reason why their workaholic big boss had given them a holiday was so he could spend time with his girlfriend.

The two people cuddled in bed the entire morning. In the afternoon, once He Sinian finished preparing lunch, he sat at the bedside to kiss the sleeping Chu Jiao awake. After finishing their simple yet delicious lunch, the two people snuggled up on the couch and watched a long movie.

Chu Jiao didn’t have much of an impression of the movie; because most of the time, she wasn’t watching the movie, but instead, watching He Sinian.

She really liked the current atmosphere between them.

She also really liked this kind of He Sinian.

Regardless of whether it was at the company or at home, wherever she saw him, she would always pay close attention to the man. She watched him work, watched him cook, and watched him do the dishes. Even though they weren’t doing anything in particular and no words were being exchanged between them, this kind of feeling was beautiful enough.

Moreover, she always felt that she had done the same thing before. She previously watched a man attentively, diligently worked alongside him, and quietly accompanied him by his side.

She wondered where these scenes and feelings had come from when it didn’t exist in her memories, and wondered why it felt like she was gradually losing control of her heart.

“Ah Nian…”

Chu Jiao retracted her line of sight, which she had cast at the man from time to time. And lowered her head to play with He Sinian’s fingers. For the first time in her life, she wanted to reveal her deepest desires to someone else.

419 had warned her before that she couldn’t expose the identity she had before she transmigrated, that she couldn’t divulge the existence of the system.

But after going through such a long and lonely journey, and experiencing such beautiful memories, Chu Jiao was kind of exhausted.

Although she had always wanted to bury the feelings she accumulated from the three worlds in her heart, every time she arrived in a new world and ran into a male lead who pampered her with the utmost care, these feelings would break out. And each time, it would become more profound than before, making it harder for her control herself.

This beautiful, sweet, happy, and blissful love had already grown from the size of a small sapling into a towering tree, wrapping around her firmly and breaking into her once impregnable defenses.

“What’s wrong, Jiao Jiao?” He Sinian was thinking about something when he heard his name being called and snapped out of his senses, lowering his head to press a gentle kiss on the girl’s temple.

There were thousands of words she wanted to say to him. But sometimes, these words would get stuck in her throat.

Chu Jiao merely smiled and sighed. “I just feel that…. sometimes it’s tiring…to be human…”

She didn’t expect He Sinian’s reaction to be a lot stronger than hers. He straightened up and held her face. His eyes overflowing with worry and concern.

“What’s wrong, baby? Why would you…think this way?”

Chu Jiao lowered her eyes, not knowing what to say.

Should she say that she came here for a mission? Or, should she say that her heart was moved by others before him?

The similar figures of Chu Minshen and Ling Yue flashed across her mind.

Chu Jiao suddenly discovered that including He Sinian, even though these men did not share any similarities in their appearance, but irrespective of their character or their behavior, they were all unusually identical!

Tenacious. Collected. Courageous. And, Ever Gentle.

These traits could be found in every single one of them as if it naturally came with the body.

Were all these worlds she had gone through written by the same person? And did that person happen to be extremely dedicated to this type of male lead?

Otherwise, how else could she explain the male leads giving her a sense of familiarity even when they were clearly from different worlds?

Chu Jiao covered her face. Her wild conjectures caused her feelings to be in disarray.

But how could this explain why her mission in every world had always gone smoothly? Why had she always felt a sense of closeness to each male lead, and was always being doted on and taken care of by them? She was even unable to help herself from always falling in love with them.

In the end, it must’ve been a result of her excessive greed.

Of wanting to be spoiled. Of wanting to be loved.

He Sinian saw Chu Jiao turn quiet and seemed to have figured something out.

He lifted the girl’s petite face. “Close your eyes, Jiao Jiao.”

Chu Jiao obediently closed her eyes and He Sinian lowered his head, kissing the red mole on the corner of the girl’s eye.

When dry lips touched her skin, Chu Jiao instantly felt a burning sensation from the place where she had been kissed, before it returned to normal the next second.

She failed to see that the man who was pressed close to her, suddenly opened his eyes, appearing as dark as ink. The halo in his eyes quietly circulating.

The girl’s memories and feelings were suddenly poured into his mind, allowing the man to finally know what was worrying the girl and what she was lamenting about.


He had never expected that his little Jiao’er would carry such heavy feelings through three worlds!

The man felt very upset inside. Yet, he also felt extremely distressed for the girl who had persevered by herself until today.

“I’m sorry…Jiao Jiao…”

It’s all because of my selfishness.

But, I don’t regret it.

“Eh? Why are you sorry?” Chu Jiao had already gotten used to He Sinian’s habit of suddenly spouting random sentiments. She had just wanted to open her eyes, but the man’s big palm covered her eyes, his lips capturing hers.

Two tongues intertwined. Their salivas intermixing.

Thank you, Jiao Jiao.

For falling in love with me again and again.

It was my fault. Next time, you won’t feel this sad anymore.

You only need to love me; and it would be enough.

Just hold on a little longer and wait for me, ok?

I’ll recover as soon as possible.


[World: ‘President, Don’t Ravage Me’, Goal completion rate: 100%]

[The capture of male lead He Sinian is a success.]

[Preparing to send host out…]


Chu Jiao opened her eyes under He Sinian’s big palm. Her eyes filled with bewilderment.

What was going on?! There wasn’t even any time to say her farewells this time!


“Jiao Jiao. Remember, I love you.”

“Next time, please….fall in love with me again.”


[End of the Third World]

T/N: Three worlds finally down!! This world is slightly shorter than the previous two worlds but the ending confirms the fact that the ML knows who the FL lead and may have a hand in why the FL is bound to the system and has to cross through worlds and carry out the required missions. I also like that the author has finally given us the FL’s reflection of the past three worlds and admittance that she does have feelings for all three MLs.  

Now, we’re finally getting to the extras that I’ve been hyping up, which are probably my favorite parts of this world. 🙂

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