Chapter 120 [President’s Story 36] Rumors

The next day, He Sinian started honoring his promise of bringing Chu Jiao with him to work.

Without the slightest care for raising suspicion, he ostentatiously held the girl’s hand and casually walked into the company building.

Chu Jiao originally wanted to break free from his hold, thinking that this would negatively affect the man’s reputation, but He Sinian did not let go. His gentle yet firm grasp and unquestionable attitude made Chu Jiao give up on her intentions.

Ever since last night, she noticed that this man had been acting weird.

He held onto her tightly all this time as if she were about to run away at any given moment. Truly, a man’s heart was also like a needle at the bottom of the ocean(1).

(1) a needle at the bottom of the ocean – Someone whose thoughts are impossible to grasp. This saying is usually used towards a woman.

The two people stepped into the President’s exclusive elevator, leaving behind a trail of dumbfounded and gaping employees to theorize about Chu Jiao’s identity in the company forum.

Coincidentally, Murong Zining also witnessed the entire course of events this morning with her own eyes.

She had always paid close attention to the cat girl’s actions, so when she saw the trending video of the fight between the cat girl and vulgar man during the anime expo, she immediately recognized Chu Jiao’s face with just one glance.

Thinking that this woman was doing shameful things with the President at his office the other day, a green monster in her reared its ugly head. She gritted her teeth and secretly resented that she could not replace her.

While everyone was gossiping, Murong Zining slyly logged onto the company forum and anonymously published a thread, titled ‘Breaking News: The Scheming Girl Who Latched Onto the President’.

In the thread, Murong Zining relied on her imagination to write its content, eagerly painting Chu Jiao as a slut who used her body to climb the social ladder. The post said that she schemed to tempt President He using her body and successfully became the face of the cat demon. She used the anime expo as the catalyst for her next step, which was to enter the entertainment industry.

Regardless of whether the thread was true or consisted of some made-up lies, it was attached with the link of the anime expo article and the viral video, causing the ignorant surrounding observers to easily create misunderstandings of their own. Soon, the thread was on fire. The company employees started making up their assumptions in private.

By afternoon, He Sinian escorted Chu Jiao to the cafeteria for lunch and received many curious stares from the surrounding employees.

Although everyone didn’t intend to disturb their meal and their two-person world, Chu Jiao was still able to sense some unsightly gazes and nasty whispers cast her way.

She raised her brow and carefully listened. But since the cafeteria was too noisy, it was hard to hear what they were completely saying.

Looking around, Chu Jiao spotted a fat orange cat at the corner of the cafeteria.

She released a demonic spirit. And soon, the lazy cat stood up and looked around with its fur standing on end.

Chu Jiao half-supported her head and motioned to the cat.

“Hey. Look at Big Yellow.” A female employee who was quietly watching the two started whispering in her friend’s ear. “That cat always acts so proudly. Aside from the head chef, it would pay no mind to anyone else.”

“Yeah. Hey, it jumped onto the President’s lover’s lap!”

“Fuck, even that cat acts so snobbishly.” Another person saw this and ridiculed the cat’s attitude with a pursed mouth, but he was opposed by another male colleague beside him.

“If you were as beautiful as her, maybe the cat would’ve paid attention to you too.”

Chu Jiao didn’t have the energy to care about the whispers nearby. She parted her mouth slightly to accept the meatball He Sinian was feeding her before lowering her head and ‘meowing’ a few words to the orange cat.

He Sinian curiously raised an eyebrow and listened in. Without making a sound, he continued picking the dishes that Chu Jiao was fond of from the tray and warmly fed her.

The orange cat was the cat boss of the company, meaning, his control of information was top class. In just a few words, it had managed to unravel the gossips that everybody had been obsessively discussing.

He Sinian placed his chopsticks down with a ‘pa’ sound. The look on his eyes sunk.

On the other hand, after knowing what it was all about, Chu Jiao didn’t care any longer. She wasn’t willing to entertain everyone’s malicious speculations. After all, they had nothing to do with her, so what was there to care about? She perkily reached out a hand to smooth the wrinkle between the man’s brows.

He Sinian always knew that the company had a forum, but he had never set foot in there before, treating it as an avenue for employees to relax and entertain themselves. However, he could not allow his baby to be spitefully slandered and speculated for their amusement.

He simply took out his phone and logged into the forum.

Without the need for a computer, his fingers nimbly flew across the phone screen, tapping on the keyboard quickly. Chu Jiao watched as lines of code gradually appeared. And not a moment later, He Sinian not only managed to find out which thread that had kickstarted the rumors but who its creator was as well.

“Meng Ping, come to the cafeteria now.”

He Sinian contacted his assistant through his phone while wearing a dark look on his face.

When the impeccably-attired assistant rushed to the cafeteria dripping in sweat, He Sinian threw the phone in his hand to him.

“This…” Meng Ping looked at the decrypted invisible ID and saw his account number. He was shocked and was at a loss for words. “President, I- didn’t post this. I-I-I-I didn’t post this!”

“I know it wasn’t you.” He Sinian asked him to continue to look into it further. “Whose cell phone number is this?”

Under the account number was a decrypted login phone number.

Meng Ping muttered to himself when he suddenly remembered something.

“This….is my wife’s younger sister’s….” For the sake of his job, he could not cover up for his close relative at this moment.

“I-I, before she came to the company, I gave her my account number because I wanted her to go to the forums to understand a bit more about our company’s development and operations…” Meng Ping explained. “I didn’t think that she would do this kind of thing!”

“Is it the intern that was arranged by the President’s Office?” He Sinian sneered coldly. “Well aren’t you skilled, Meng Ping? You’ve learned to use your position for personal gains huh?”

“I-I’m sorry President!” For the first time, Meng Ping hated his wife’s sister, Murong Zining, who pestered him for help to get a company internship. She dared use his account to post such matters!

Murong Zining…He Sinian scornfully repeated this name in his heart and mocked her.

“That’s fine.” He Sinian looked at the assistant’s conscientious and cautious stare but was too lazy to cause him further embarrassment. He waved his hand in irritation and issued him an order. “Terminate her contract. We would never hire a person like that in our company.”

And during this conversation, the female lead had just finished her meal with her colleagues and was gossiping in the office. She complacently pressed the thread open to see the latest development and didn’t expect to find it deleted.

Murong Zining felt a little frantic, worrying that her identity as the poster would be found out. After a while, she calmed herself down. It was for preventing this kind of event from happening that she specifically used her brother-in-law’s account to publish it anonymously. Even if it were discovered, it probably wouldn’t lead to her anyway.

However, reality gave her a resounding slap on the face at the next second.

Not only did her brother-in-law refuse to save her some face, but he also stormed straight into the office and punished her with a tongue lashing. Everyone had learned what she had done and she was forced to immediately pack up her belongings and leave as retribution.

Murong Zining suffered her share of ridicules and eye-rolls. She arrived at the company as someone with unlimited prospects but left as a scumbag.

When she returned to school, she originally wanted to pursue other internship opportunities, but she repeatedly kept hitting walls. It turned out that since He Sinian was a former outstanding alumnus of her school and had rubbed elbows with her current school principal, her record reflected a clear remark of her work ethic of stirring up mischief in the office. And no company was willing to hire that kind of person. 

T/N: BYE FELICIAAAA~~~ I feel like the female lead only showed for like 1% in this world, not that I’m mad about it. *sips tea.

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