Chapter 12.2 Uncle, check my teeth (2)

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He felt his own two fingers guided by the little hand’s movements and explored a burning hot inside.

Under the belly of his finger was the little flower’s soft little tongue. And what came into contact with his fingers was the little flower’s delicate oral cavity walls.

He saw the little flower’s cherry lips wrapped around his fingers which ambiguously told him.

“Touch it and see. The teeth are all fine now. There’s no cavity anymore.”

He used his free hand to hold the little flower’s waist and brought her closer to him, seeming as if he wanted to take a clearer look.

Then with a bit of strength, his fingers played across her tongue, touching her teeth.

Such pure white, adorable little teeth.

“See, See. Didn’t I say so. My teeth are fine now.”

The little flower was still jabbering while her tender mouth was still wrapping the fingers. Her mouth forming a sucking shape.

Chu Minshen felt his lower abdomen tighten.

He moved his fingers slightly, wanting to retract them but unexpectedly, the little flower’s tongue streaked across his fingers, seeming as if it treated his fingers as a lollipop and it wanted to lick it clean. And so he couldn’t help but bring his fingers forward.

Looking at it, it was like he was thrusting into the little flower’s mouth.

He hurriedly took back his hands with much strength.

The little flower still had her little mouth open, looking at him confused.

“Cough. I could see it. I just couldn’t touch it.” Chu Minshen didn’t want to let her eat sweets again so he looked for a pretext.

“Aiya!” The little flower stomped her foot, becoming endlessly gloomy.

She impatiently looked towards the lollipop wanting to eat it but she had to prove her own teeth were fine to do it.

She ran her tongue across all her teeth and seemed to have thought of a good idea.

Chu Minshen then saw a little face that was originally far, come closer, bit by bit, she approached his lips.

And then, big lips and small lips fit snugly onto each other.

He felt a nimble little tongue squeeze into his mouth, hooking against his big tongue.

At this moment, he was a bit dazed and could only follow along to the little flower’s movements.

His big tongue gradually reached out, and followed the little flower’s lead, exploring another mysterious place he had longed for deep within his heart.

Rich and soft.

His meaty tongue swept across the little flower’s fragrant mouth, her soft tongue and her gums.

He knew what the little flower was planning.

She wanted him to use his tongue to inspect whether or not her teeth had grown out well.

What a really weird naughty kid, he thought to himself. She racked her brains just to eat a little lollipop.

He needed to punish this naughty kid.

And so, he raised the little flower’s chin.

And in an unhurried manner, widened his lips and reached his tongue down deeper, licking the little flower’s teeth one by one.

Molars, canines, incisors, bit by bit, from top to bottom, from outside to inside.

The little flower’s lips was occupied by his lips. At first, it was still alright, but as time went on, she gradually couldn’t breathe properly.

She extended a pink fist out and lightly pounded on Chu Minshen’s body, signalling her uncle to quickly leave after he was done inspecting.

Chu Minshen felt the little hand’s strength and his mouth felt even more unwilling to part.

He sucked in the fragrance of her mouth and felt his own lower part slowly getting erect.

His thick tongue swept across the little flower’s oral cavity one last time and lapped her little tongue heavily before Chu Minshen finally withdrew.

The two people’s intimately close faces, slowly separated. A silver strand stretched between the parting of their lips.

Chu Minshen’s eyes were dark, looking at the panting and flushed little flower. Seeing her translucently wet cherry lips, his eyes intensified a bit.

He reached out a finger and wiped the fluid off the little flower’s lips and couldn’t help but knead her red little lips again.

Chu Minshen felt his lower part swell up in pain.

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Chu Jiao: Wuu, Uncle, I want to eat a lollipop
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