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  • Chapter 119 [President’s Story 35] Great Nephew (H)

    Nian Yue did not spend much time in He Sinian’s home after the revelation.

    Years of grudges had turned out to be a series of misunderstandings, to the point where she even failed the man who had loved her ever so deeply. To Madame Moon who had always maintained a strong front, this was without a doubt a huge blow.

    Nian Yue had handled her feelings terribly. As such, she wasn’t in any position to criticize the feelings between Chu Jiao and He Sinian and hurriedly left, bringing with her the pocket watch that He Sinian had placed into her hands.

    Once Chu Jiao and He Sinian were left alone, the two people stared at each other in dismay.

    “So….my aunt….is your grandmother?” Chu Jiao reverted back into human form and leaned into He Sinian’s warm embrace. She started using her fingers to identify their relationship.

    “Cough. It’s just in name.” He Sinain corrected.

    Chu Jiao turned a deaf ear to his correction. “Then Ah Nian should be my….” Her head stirred for a moment before she landed a blow on He Sinian’s thigh. “Great Nephew!?”

    “Hahahaha!” Chu Jiao was beside herself with laughter after having held this minute detail over him. “Hello Great Nephew, shouldn’t you respect the elderly and cherish the young and offer me a nice massage?”

    He Sinian playfully smirked. “Great Nephew?” He boldly picked the girl up and carried her into the bedroom.

    “Since you told me to respect the elderly and love the young,” He Sinian deliberately pressed his crotch against the girl’s buttocks. “Then your great-nephew now wants you… pamper him a lottttt…”

    “What….great nephew?” At first, Chu Jiao originally didn’t understand what he was saying. But when she felt a stiff object pressing against her derriere, she finally reacted, “He Sinian, you big bully!”

    After another round of passionate coitus, Chu Jiao diligently pampered her ‘great nephew’ to the point where her waist ached, leading her to begrudgingly bite He Sinian to vent her exasperation. The two people closely snuggled up in bed. He Sinian was carefully caressing the cat ears on the girl’s head when he suddenly recalled what Chu Jiao had said in front of Nian Yue before.

    “Jiao Jiao…”

    “Are you…really going to grow old with me?”

    You might have hundreds or even thousands of years left to live. Compared to my few short decades, will it be worth it?

    He Sinian couldn’t stand the thought of his kitty cat sacrificing her life, but he still selfishly wanted the young girl to accompany him until the end of his.

    “Of course!” Chu Jiao answered back in a heartbeat. “Because I like you.”

    Moreover, she didn’t know how long she could still stay in this world.

    “Oh?” He Sinian felt a little unsatisfied with the girl’s reply, so he kneaded the tender flesh around her waist. “Only ‘like’? I love you this much and you only ‘like’ me?”

    Imprisoned between the man’s arms, Chu Jiao could only dodge his question with a relinquishing smile. “Alright. alright. Of course, I love you~” She leaned over to plant a happy kiss upon He Sinian’s lips. There was no way she wasn’t affected by the man’s confession earlier in front of Madame Moon.

    Having such a man love her, pamper her, and cherish her no matter what she looked like. How could her heart not be moved? She couldn’t turn a blind eye on how the man had indulged her. Moreover, she also couldn’t stop her heart from turning soft for him. “Ah Nian, I love you.”

    A glint suddenly flashed across the man’s dark eyes before he pressed the girl on the bed.

    “Jiao Jiao, I love you too.”

    Naughty little egg, don’t you know how long I’ve been waiting for you to say these words.

    Chu Jiao was caught off guard when the man seized her soft and tender lips. His big tongue curled around hers as he strongly raided the fluids in her mouth. It was as if his tongue were trying to reach her belly.

    Chu Jiao didn’t have a choice and was forced to bear this treatment. Only this time, she felt that the man’s lust had become hungrier and more exceptionally violent. Her legs were spread wide apart and hooked around the man’s muscular waist. The happy meat cave still revealed a bright pink color as the clam meat once again received the prying of the man’s fingers. The moist meat walls clutched onto the slender long fingers tightly as it quivered sensitively at each thrust. And soon, a flood had arrived once again.


    Chu Jiao’s hands loosely clasped around the man’s body. She was completely spent and did not know how this man could still be so energetic.

    “Call me Master!”

    He Sinian was overwhelmed with emotions, his tone sounding unquestionable. “Unnnhh umm…. gentler….”

    A thick meat stick replaced the fingers as it impatiently pierced through the flower hole. Although Chu Jiao had already gotten used to the size of his meat stick, her walls still felt a surge of pain from the sudden onslaught of impulsiveness.

    Chu Jiao couldn’t help but cry out.

    “Huff… Sorry… Jiao Jiao..” He Sinian took a deep breath and slowed down the pace of his lower body. “I missed you too much…I nearly lost control of myself.”

    “Because…you are my absolute lust, because….you are the only one who can stir up my desires.”

    Chu Jiao didn’t quite comprehend the words ‘missed you too much’ that came from the man’s mouth. An odd feeling tugged at her heart. But at this moment, she still chose to hug the man’s head and kiss him between his brows. “Don’t worry. I’m alright.”

    She said as she proactively twisted her waist and clamped down on the man’s massive member.

    “Little minx…” He Sinian couldn’t care less to explain himself at this moment. He held the girl’s waist and started vigorously pumping into her. With each attack, it was as if he were thrusting into the deepest parts of the girl’s womb, doing her until she was filled to the brim with only entirely him.

    “Ohhhh…it’s so deep…’s too deeepp….”

    “Jiao Jiao….do you like it? Do you like the way Mas-….f**ks you?”

    “Ahnn…..I like it….master’s great….your big rod f**ks Jiao Jiao….so good…..ahhnnn uhmm….”

    “Huff..little minx, I want to bring you around me every day…”

    “I’d f*ck you every day… any time and any place…” He Sinian’s words were so frank and completely unlike his usual abstinent and restrained self during the day. He was more akin to a treasure hunter who had finally found his baby after being repressed and separated from it for a long time.

    “Ahhn…Master… can bring Jiao Jiao with him every day….and f*ck Jiao Jiao…anywhere…and anytimeee….mmhh….” Chu Jiao felt the rough impact surging one after the other as her mouth intermittently agreed to the man’s licentious words.

    “Good….just as you wish…” He Sinian feverishly pressed his body against the girl’s, chest to chest, face to face. Their breaths intermingled and bodies intertwined. “Naughty little egg…is becoming lewder and lewder….”

    ”Uhmm….” Chu Jiao retorted in a quibbling fashion. “I-…Isn’t it all your fault for teaching me…”

    The man heard this and let out a joyous chuckle instead. “….my little baby…I’m waiting for you….to give me an even bigger surprise…..”

    After he said this, he pressed his lips onto the mole at the corner of the girl’s eye and increasingly and ruthlessly rocked his lower body, shooting the thick and rich essence all into Chu Jiao’s body.

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