Chapter 117 [President’s Story 33] Madame Moon

Chu Jiao couldn’t hide He Sinian in time. She could only block the man by hiding him behind her petite body.


Chu Jiao cautiously eyed the black cat that had suddenly appeared on the coffee table and stiffly greeted it.

The mighty gale outside the window howled as the black cat’s cold and lustrous green eyes glared at Chu Jiao. It began to spit out human words.

“Did you make any progress, little Jiao Jiao?”

“To dare selfishly run off behind my back?”

The black cat said while lithely jumping off the table and walking towards Chu Jiao.

“Just for…..a man?”

“Or….the man, who caused you to get injured to that grave state back then?”

Chu Jiao shook her head and intended to back away, however, she only ended up pressing against He Sinian’s broad chest.

He Sinian subtly supported her arm and took a step forward, standing by Chu Jiao’s side and taking her quivering hand. Not a hint of panic from seeing another cat in the house that was able to speak human words, emerged on his face.

The shock he had received before had already been processed, so he was able to retain his calm composure at present.

“Madame Moon. How are you.” He Sinian gave his respects politely. Chu Jiao had mentioned before, that her aunt liked to be pretty so calling her old was not allowed and all the subordinates respectfully referred to her as ‘Madame Moon’.

“I’m He Sinian. Thank you for taking care of Jiao Jiao for so long.”

He said with a ‘matter-of-fact’ tone, as if Chu Jiao had already been returned to him.

Madame Moon gradually lifted her head and observed the human who had abducted her little niece away. However, after seeing his appearance, she exposed a rare dumbfounded look.

He Sinian continued to speak. “Can you please care to explain…..what ’caused you to get injured to that grave state back then’…….means?”

He cared too much about this particular line that he was not letting it go.

After being distracted for a moment, the black cat snapped back to her senses.

She hooked up the corners of her mouth, causing her smiling cat face to look a little cryptic. “Oh, didn’t Jiao Jiao tell you anything? How ghastly she looked when I found her back then?”

Chu Jiao soon couldn’t restrain herself and with a quick ‘poof’, she transformed back into a white ragdoll cat. Her little body pounced straight towards the black cat, yelling ‘Meowu Meowu’, and causing the black cat to be knocked down to the ground.

The two cats started fighting fiercely like this on the wooden floor and upon seeing this sight, He Sinian was at first, a little stumped for words before breaking out into laughter.

Did his little Jiao Jiao need to be this rowdy?

The black cat soon ‘suppressed’ the little white cat, so He Sinian hurriedly crouched down to pick Chu Jiao up while expressing to Madame Moon that they should sit down and talk things out.

Chu Jiao was still calling out ‘Meow Meow’ as if she were trying to use her meows to communicate with the black cat. In the beginning, it only sounded like ordinary cat calls to He Sinian’s ears. However, once he carefully concentrated his attention on the conversation, he was finally able to gradually understand what was going on!

“Auntie, please don’t say it out loud!  At that time, it was my fault for carelessly slipping. If you say it out loud, you’ll rouse Ah Nian’s grief for no good reason~”

“Oh, you were careless? To the point of almost losing your life?”

“This…..Don’t I still have another life~”

“You have nine lives! Why weren’t you more careful? Didn’t you also feed your blood to this stinky little brat without giving it much thought!”

“Aiya, that was because he was injured at that time…”

“What do you mean by ‘losing your life’? What do you mean by feeding blood?”

Chu Jiao was still busy arguing with Madame Moon in cat language when she was suddenly taken by surprise, hearing He Sinian’s questions pierce through their conversation.

“Meow meow meow?” Huh, was I still using the human language to speak??!

Chu Jiao was flummoxed.

“Hmph.” In contrast, Madame Moon immediately figured out the reason. “You guys had intercourse?”

Even though it was a question, her tone sounded extremely confident.

Chu Jiao was embarrassed while He Sinian comfortingly rubbed the little cat’s soft furry head, nodding his head in acknowledgment.


“I like Jiao Jiao and I want to be together with her, regardless of whether she’s human or cat.”

Madame Moon looked at He Sinian. The face in front of her eyes overlapped with a figure from her memories. In the past, there was a person who was just as confident and passionate as he was.

“Heh. Humans.” She sneered in contempt. “You lot always excelled at speaking flowery words and making false promises.”

“The like that you speak of. The love that you speak of.”

“Are simply all lies! They’re not worth believing!”

He Sinian’s words seemed to have grazed a horrible memory for Madame Moon, as her anger seemed to shape into an intangible form which rushed to attack the man.

Chu Jiao quickly lifted her front paw and used her demonic powers to obstruct Madame Moon’s reckless attack, her mouth still calling out Madame Moon’s name.

Even though this aunt of hers was indeed powerful, but because she was deeply hurt before, every time she encountered something that aggravated her, she would easily lose control of her actions.

Madame Moon’s wisdom was formidable, so she soon managed to catch her behavior and settle her breath. Then, in a blink of an eye, she transformed into a human dressed in an all-black romper and sat on the sofa, appearing like a mature and elegant woman.

“…..I’m sorry.” Madame Moon pinched the bridge of her nose, apologizing for the attack she made earlier. “You look too similar to someone that I used to know….”

The moment He Sinian saw Madame Moon’s human form, it was supposed to be his first time seeing her, yet he felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

However, after getting past this sense of familiarity, He Sinian then tried to hold onto the words he heard earlier and followed up closely.

“Could you please tell me what happened exactly to Jiao Jiao back then?”

He Sinian was firmly pressing Chu Jiao against his chest. When she saw that the brunt of the matter was gone, she then became listless.

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