Chapter 116 [President’s Story 32] Recollection

He Sinian used his body to let Chu Jiao understand what he painfully meant by ‘not getting close to girls and only getting close to you.’ Chu Jiao idly laid on the sofa, regretting her gloating from earlier.

By the time the two people had finished dallying around, the food had already turned too cold for consumption. He Sinian reheated the dishes without complaint and the two people cleared dinner.

After the meal, He Sinian was finally able to enjoy his leisure time. He fondly held Chu Jiao in his arms and casually scrolled through Weibo.

“There are too many keyboard warriors and trolls on the Internet.”

He Sinian looked disdainfully at the malicious comments that slandered Chu Jiao for ‘trying to create hype,’ furrowing his brows.

In contrast, Chu Jiao did not seem to mind at all, using her small index finger to ease the wrinkles forming between the man’s brows. “Whatever kind of person they are, is the same way they’ll view the world.”

He Sinian nodded in agreement. His kitty cat truly understood these things.

“Jiao Jiao…..who….taught you this type of reasoning?”

How have you lived during these past few years?

Chu Jiao’s body turned slightly rigid. However, deep in her heart, she knew that this conversation was going to come up sooner or later.

“At that time….” Chu Jiao tenderly held onto He Sinian’s firm hand and slowly started reminiscing her past.

She had originally intended to wait outside the hospital until He Sinian had fully recovered. But soon, his parents came to pick him up and he returned home together with them.

Every night, she would sneak into the hospital and secretly feed him her blood in the hopes of him being able to recover quicker, even if it were just a little bit.

The fact that her blood had the power to heal injuries was one of the memories she had obtained after awakening to the truth.

However, that was not the only time the truth had dawned upon her.

According to the standard growth of a cat demon, she could only transform into a human after her third awakening.

However, Chu Jiao’s soul did not belong to this world. After going through two world transmigrations, her soul had already become much more powerful than any ordinary demon’s. This was why she was able to transform directly just after her first awakening.

Nevertheless, every time she used this power, it would consume the demonic qi in her body, resulting in her already innately weak spiritual powers to become much more depleted when giving him her blood.

Whenever she transformed, her body would become even more petite than before. In the beginning, she looked like a woman in her twenties but after transforming too much, her body turned into that of a little girl’s, who looked to be about 7 or 8 years old.

On a certain night, when she was trying to stealthily leave through the window, she suddenly felt light-headed, causing her whole body to plunge down from the window.

As her blood started seeping and spreading out of her weak little body, she could feel her bones shattering into pieces.

Chu Jiao fuzzily thought to herself that there was no doubt she was going to die right then and there. But amid the darkness, a graceful figure slowly emerged and lifted her up.

“At that time…I had sustained some slight injuries.” Chu Jiao did not mention the matter of her rescuing He Sinian, for she was afraid that He Sinian would start looking into it and would feel guilty.  “Fortunately, I was discovered by my aunt who brought me back to her home.”

The person who had saved her was Madame Moon, the last few remaining elders of the cat demon clan. Madame Moon’s human form was that of an alluring and gorgeous woman, yet the aura around her was dark and lifeless. She was akin to a queen who had all the cats in the entire M City beneath her feet so naturally, the actions of a small little cat demon like Chu Jiao, were also within her grasp.

[Even though a cat is said to have nine lives, you shouldn’t unnecessarily take this life for granted.]

[Your tail has not fully grown yet you’ve behaved so recklessly, to the extent of using your blood to rescue a mere human.]

[If I hadn’t rescued you, you would have lost your life. And, there would be nothing else left of you.]

Chu Jiao did not lament over not having nine lives. He Sinian couldn’t die, and she also wasn’t willing to let him.

So for her, her life was worth the price, and she harbored no regrets.             

“After that, I started living in my aunt’s house.” Madame Moon could originally be considered to be Chu Jiao’s old ancestor. However, she didn’t like to be referred to as old. Besides that, judging from the blood coursing through Chu Jiao’s veins, she shared a faint connection with her; hence, she allowed Chu Jiao to call her aunt. “Aunt….doesn’t like humans….so, I’ve never had any opportunities to come out and look for you all these years.”

She had been carefully nursing her injuries for several years, yet her body had not grown any bigger as if it were stuck in its youth. Even the spiritual powers she had were pitifully weak.

Madame Moon had raised her for so many years, making her naturally regard Chu Jiao as her family. However, she detested human men to an extreme. She wouldn’t allow Chu Jiao to leave the territory she set up around the manor and head over to the human world.

Chu Jiao secretly suspected that she must’ve been emotionally hurt before.

“In the end…..In the end, I finally managed to train myself and become a little bit better, so I secretly snuck out to find you.”

Chu Jiao took advantage of Madame Moon’s going into seclusion and secretly broke out of the territory to escape. She could only hope that the old ancestor wouldn’t find this place so soon.

“Oh no!”

Chu Jiao hit her leg, recalling the trending page she saw on Weibo.

Even though her aunt hated human men, because cat demons had such long lifespans, they always needed to find a source of entertainment. And weren’t the entertainment gossips of the human world much more amusing than that of a cat’s?

That was why it was wrong to say that her aunt’s social life was dry. Even this interesting thing called Weibo was something her aunt had taught her.

“Oh no oh no, she must have seen it!”

Chu Jiao quickly sat up with a face that looked like she had nothing left to live for.

“What’s wrong? Who saw what?” He Sinian tried to keep up with the little cat’s thought process. “Are you saying that your aunt saw the video?”

Chu Jiao nodded. “Sh-sh-sh-She’s surely going to come and commit murder!”

“Ah Nian Ah Nian, you should hide quickly.” Chu Jiao pushed He Sinian into the bedroom. “If she saw you together with me, you’re going to die! Aiya, I need to think of a way to save your little life!”

It was at this moment that the living room windows were blown open by a strong invisible force, and a black shadow had entered the room.

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