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  • Chapter 115 [President’s Story 31] Not Close To Women (H)

    Even though He Sinian was tech-savvy, he rarely surfed the Internet outside of work and was mostly buried in code and programming. As such, he was completely ignorant of entertainment gossip.

    By the time the two people had reached home, it was already around 7 or 8 o’clock. He Sinian tied an apron around himself and started preparing dinner.

    Back then, he would usually have all three meals at the company. Additionally, if he had nothing to do for the night, he would work overtime to pass the time.

    But once Chu Jiao returned, he started getting off work on the dot.

    Every day when he headed off for work, he would always wonder to himself, ‘Would Jiao Jiao feel bored all alone by herself at home? Would she be squatting by the door waiting for him? Would she slip out of the windows just to look for fun?’ Just thinking about these things made He Sinian eager to quickly finish work and rush back home, placing the cat under his immediate supervision.

    Little did he know that all his worries were completely baseless. Chu Jiao was completely happy being by herself at home, acting as if she had owned the place.

    He Sinian took out the fish he had bought yesterday from the fridge and began to clean it.

    Even though the little kitty cat maintained a human form, her taste was still that of a cat’s, and she still liked to eat fish the most.

    The man busied himself in the kitchen while Chu Jiao acted like the master, laying on the sofa after he had returned and turning on He Sinian’s phone to play with it.

    She had changed into a loose nightdress with her feet upturned. And the tail she usually hid outside was released in the open, swinging lazily behind her.

    He Sinian had given her the password to his phone on the first day they had come home, 0327.

    At that time, Chu Jiao inquired what was special about the numbers. She distinctly remembered the little boy telling her that his birthday was in the midsummer of August, and these numbers surely didn’t represent his birthday.

    He Sinian gave her a heartfelt look. “It was the last day I ever saw you back then.”

    Chu Jiao choked in response, feeling slightly guilty.

    She embraced the man and gave him a soft kiss. The man took advantage of this and deepened it, bringing the girl to the bed and turning it into a satisfying full course meal.

    Swiping on the screen, Chu Jiao then pressed Weibo(1) open.

    (1) Weibo: a popular Chinese social media app

    There were no social platforms in the previous worlds she had gone to. So when she encountered it for the first time, she felt that it was extremely intriguing. This one software could connect hundreds of millions of people and the content it held was all-encompassing. It dazzled her constantly.

    He Sinian had a Weibo account and used his real name on his profile. After the company authenticated his official Weibo, they immediately gave him a verified logo. However, He Sinian had never posted anything. His fanbase consisted of company employees and zombie fans(2). But despite his account’s inactivity, there were still a couple of people he followed. Chu Jiao opened it out of curiosity and was rendered speechless.

    (2) Zombie fans: fake accounts

    “Center for Cute and Adorable Animals”, “Cute Cats Encyclopedia”, “Meow People’s Gathering”……..

    Chu Jiao really wanted to ask——President He, have you ever considered that the workers who usually saw your cold and serious appearance and follow you on Weibo, would become disillusioned once they see you following these bloggers?

    President He had never cared for other people’s opinions.

    His main feed was entirely filled with pictures and videos of white ragdoll cats.

    Chu Jiao rolled her eyes, but on the inside, it was as though she had drunken honey, for she felt it extremely sweet.

    This mensao(3) man. 

    (3) Mensao: acts cold on the outside but passionate on the inside

    She continued scrolling through Weibo and came across a video trending in first place. The blogger had even written something along with the video.

    “I went to the AMC Anime Expo today. Originally, I just wanted to watch the promotion for the new skins of ‘Everlasting Miracle’, but I didn’t expect to see a real live version of a ‘Cat Demon’ going against a vulgar man in the process! The little sister was so cool! I’ve already become a fan of ‘Cat Demon’ and I’ll definitely contract one in the game!!!”

    Chu Jiao opened the video for a look, the corners of her mouth soon turning stiff.

    She had already predicted that today’s events would have probably been recorded by the onlookers but she didn’t expect it to have spread this fast??

    She glanced at the reposted number of times again——30,000. Hasn’t it only been a few hours?

    Chu Jiao had forgotten that today was the day when the ‘Everlasting Miracle’ servers would be updated so all the players were paying close attention. When the servers had gone back up, what attracted everybody the most was the newly released hidden professions. Among them, regardless of whether it was about visual appearance or battle prowess, the ‘Cat Demon’ was considered as one of the top characters. This video spread like wildfire and had instantly caught  on among the players.

    Chu Jiao opened the comments section.

    Waiting for the lights: Wow, this little sister’s roundhouse kick is so cool!

    Thousand Grass: That vulgar man was really disgusting! It was only right for the little sister to step on him! She should’ve stepped on his liferoot(4) too!

    (4) liferoot: crotch

    June Snow: Damn. This sister’s appearance fits the ‘Cat Demon’s’ image so much. What a goddess! [attaches a picture of the game]

    Sasaki: Haha, it’s definitely just for hype. Do you dare say that this face hasn’t gone through plastic surgery? Is this little sister making her debut next month?

    Jason: The hostility from the above user is really obvious. I think the girl’s quite cute.

    Machine Emperor: After watching this video, I’ve been swiping the screen for an entire night…..BUT WHERE’S THE CAT DEMON?! Official Daddy(5), come out! I haven’t seen a single hair of that cat demon!

    (5) Official Daddy refers to the creator of the game

    tlf12: My heart goes to the user above. I heard that the drop rate of a cat demon is 0.001%. That’s all I have to say, I have to continue swiping the screen.

    Sweet little circle: Did nobody notice the handsome guy who was explaining on stage!?  Ahhhhh he’s so good-looking! I don’t want the little sister, requesting the little brother’s contact info instead!

    Watermelon bits: Above user, I give you, He Sinian. However, this president is well-known in the industry for not getting close to any women.

    ysle: Not approaching any women…. Why are all the good guys always gay?!

    Picking a girl’s little mushroom: Modern girls don’t have it easy. You don’t just have to compete against yourselves, the opposite sex could potentially be your love rivals too. However, I’m a straight man to the core so feel free to dm me if you’re interested. [attaches selfie]

    And just like this, the conversation turned into another direction and Chu Jiao snickered in amusement reading it.

    He Sinian had almost finished cooking. When he saw the girl still playing on his phone laying on her stomach, he simply took off his apron and walked towards the sofa, hugging the girl from behind.

    “What are you looking at?”

    Chu Jiao’s eyes curved.

    “Looking at why you’re not close to women.”

    President He’s big hand reached under the girl’s nightdress, holding the fullness of the girl’s chest.

    “Not close to women?”

    Skillfully pinching the young girl’s milk pearl before gently rubbing it, He Sinian shamelessly admitted. “That’s pretty accurate. “


    “I don’t want to get close to girls.”

    “I only want to get close to you.”

    Chu Jiao’s heart started pulsing wildly due to He Sinian’s unwitting words of endearment. Her little face flushed slightly and she put the phone down, turning her head to the side.

    “What a smooth talker.” She placed her little hand on the back of the man’s head and puckered her lips up. “I’ll reward you with a kiss.”

    He Sinian captured the girl’s lips and ambiguously said. “How could one be enough….”

    He knelt on the sofa and turned the girl around so that she was facing him directly.

    Tongues invaded lips as the kiss grew deeper and more inseparable. Chu Jiao closed her eyes, becoming immersed into it and feeling her heart going out of control

    He Sinian’s hands swept across her collarbone and shoulders before pulling on the thin straps of her nightdress.

    The nightdress she wore was something He Sinian had bought for her. It had a goose-yellow silk color that complimented the girl’s skin, making it appear more radiant like jade.

    When He Sinian first laid eyes on this nightdress, he immediately thought that it would surely suit his Jiao Jiao, and reality presented itself as such.

    His lips trailed down until he contained the girl’s milk bud in his mouth, separated by just a piece of clothing. The two little pearls gradually became erect, standing stiffly against the silk cloth and forming a captivating arc.

    “Ahnnn….Ah Nian….”

    Chu Jiao raised her head. The itchiness on her chest caused her to moan. Her hand unconsciously pressed the man’s head down to allow his tongue to dig deeper.

    Chu Jiao was lazy. She only changed out of her tight clothes but didn’t bother removing her black stockings. Her semi-see through stockings were glued closely to her legs, wrapping around her legs nicely and making her legs look tempting. At this moment, they were currently bent against the back of the sofa, enticing He Sinian to continuously rub her slender long legs. Its silky smooth sensation intoxicated him with each touch.

    “(Chu)….Jiao Jiao…..Do you want it?”

    He Sinian had already stretched his hand down in between the base of the girl’s legs, but his mouth still pretended to spout gentlemanly words. 

    “Uhnn….Haa…..Don’t…..Let’s do it…..later…..ah…..the food’s going to turn cold….”

    Chu Jiao refused, completely devoid of strength. Her legs rubbed back and forth, clamping the man’s big hand.

    “Ohh…..are you hungry, babe?” He Sinian secretly changed the theme of the roleplay. “Then let me feed you first…..”

    Before Chu Jiao could even comprehend what was happening, one of her legs was caught and lifted. “Wuuuuu……”

    He Sinian pressed on the girl’s flower cave, thinly separated by the panties and the stockings. “Tsk……As expected, you are hungry….. Your lewd fluids are already leaking out.”

    Chu Jiao wanted to cover her lower body in shame but couldn’t do so, because of the man’s hand.

    “I’m hungry too….”

    He Sinian’s hands reached into the stockings at her waist and slowly peeled off both the young girl’s panties and stockings together.


    Feeling her wet cave suddenly come into contact with a warm breath, Chu Jiao looked down to see the man’s head proceeding to advance downwards as she exclaimed.

    However, her refusals held no power as the man promptly stuck his tongue inside her in the next second.

    “Ahhhnnnn..don’ttt….don’t lick…..”

    The tender flesh of the intimate area was contained by his thin lips, eliciting an unbearable itch in Chu Jiao. She unconsciously tightened her little cave, inadvertently clenching onto the big tongue.

    His tongue protruded into the depths of her flesh, slowly prying apart her lips apart and digging deeper into the tunnel. The supple and tight walls had already started oozing a tiny stream of lascivious liquid so the big tongue’s invasion required no amount of effort. It even spiritedly retracted back and forth continuously inside her cave like an explorer. The tip of his tongue further explored around, seeking a sweet and tasty delicacy.

    “Ahhhh…..It feels so good….it’s so itchy….”

    Chu Jiao’s body turned limp from being orally serviced. Her legs had been spread apart and her lower body constantly spasmed. The man’s tongue had brought about such pleasure it was as if she had fallen into paradise. The itchiness inside her body continued to accumulate and soon, she became utterly defeated. The gates of her city collapsing down.

    “I’m cominggggg…unnnnn..I’m comminggggggg…….”

    Chu Jiao wanted to push the man away but the man had kept a firm grip on her buttocks. As such, when the surging pleasure arrived, the stream of s*xual secretions spurted out in the middle of He Sinian’s exploration, delivering itself completely into the man’s mouth.

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