Chapter 114 [President’s Story 30] Settlement

He Sinian took the microphone away from the host’s hand.

The man’s low voice sounded steady and calm, quickly gaining control over the rowdy crowd.

The exhibition on the stage was temporarily paused and the man who Chu Jiao had injured was instructed to sit at the side. He Sinian promised the crowd that he would give everyone a reasonable explanation.

This drama-like development was much more interesting than any show so soon, word of it had spread like wildfire, causing more and more people to arrive and surround the booth.

Chu Jiao bit her lip, standing behind the stage backdrop. She quickly explained the course of events that happened to He Sinian who then nodded, having already come up with a solution.

He was standing backstage earlier so he had no way of controlling the situation’s development. But now, after hearing Chu Jiao’s recount, he immediately knew how to settle the situation. 

He told Chu Jiao to obediently stay where she was and not head anywhere else. He turned around and called over Cheng Rui’an, instructing him to do some things.

Not much time had passed when He Sinian went onto the stage again.

His handsome face surpassed the looks of the male cosplayers. So much so, that half of the girls below the stage had been attracted by his appearance earlier and came over.

“Hi everybody. I’m President He Sinian of Simiao Corporation and the COO for ‘Everlasting Miracle’.”

“First of all, let me apologize for the sudden outburst that has affected everyone’s expo experience.”

“To make up for the loss of everyone’s time, all players of ‘Everlasting Miracle’ here can head over to the ticket registration later and receive a limited edition legendary item for the New World.”

He Sinian was proficient in understanding the crowd’s heart as he was able to soothe the discontentment of the majority.

“There must be a lot of people who are unaware of how the whole situation developed, leading to this outburst.”

“One of our workers expressed that she had been sexually harassed and this gentleman over here countered that he had just touched her body inadvertently.”

“I personally didn’t witness the entire situation so I am incapable of judging whoever is right or wrong between the two.”

“But, as the manager of a company, I am determined to strongly safeguard my employee’s well-being.”

In just a few words, He Sinian had managed to declare what was happening in simple terms and also established his stance. 

Just when the audience was wondering how he was going to solve such a messy and complicated case, the vulgar man on stage was secretly thinking of ways to extort compensation when the projector on stage suddenly lit up, casting on the pure white curtains.

“Fortunately.” He Sinian insincerely smiled and glanced at the wretched man. The laser pointer in his hand aimed at the round ornament that was hanging on the top of the booth. “Our Simiao’s newly developed nano drone with a 360-degree omnidirectional camera has already recorded everything that has happened around the booth.

The audience followed the direction of where he pointed and exclaimed in astonishment. That drone had been noiselessly suspended above the booth the entire time. They all assumed it was only for decoration. Who could’ve expected that it was actually a technological product!


The contemptuous man on stage appeared as if he did not expect this kind of development, his eyes growing bigger.

However, He Sinian did not spare him a chance for another fluke. A video started to broadcast on the screen in front of the audience.

The drone was nothing short of amazing. Not only was it able to capture all of its surroundings, but it was also able to enlarge them. As the video continued to play, every move of the wretched man gradually emerged on the screen.

The crowd went into an uproar.

The sun had set in the west and the group of people who had strolled around the exhibition eventually left. Security had handed over the culprit and the video to the police for them to deal with, and the companies partaking in the event had also started to pack up their equipment and tidy the venue. 

Backstage, Chu Jiao who had insisted on working for the entire day guiltily looked at He Sinian, her hands unconsciously tugging the tassels of her clothes.

“Ah Nian…I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry for being too impulsive and messing up your event.”

He Sinian rubbed her head. “Silly cat.”

From beginning until the end, he had already chosen to believe in her.

That was why he didn’t even bother to check the video beforehand and merely asked Cheng Rui’an to play it.

Although he acted calmly during the whole ordeal, in reality, when he saw the vile man’s obscene acts in the video, He Sinian nearly couldn’t restrain himself from teaching him a lesson himself. 

He didn’t blame her at all.

Rather, he was quite glad that she was capable of defending herself. 

“The next time you encounter a similar situation. If I’m not by your side, don’t let them off so easily, understand?”

“If you encounter a bad person and you’re no match for him, just revert back to your original form and escape. Do you understand?”

He Sinian couldn’t let go of his worries and continued to teach her.

“I’m really amazing.” Chu Jiao pouted in a tsundere manner. “There’s no one who I can’t defeat! I can even protect you!”

He Sinian laughed, nodding his head, having not taken the girl’s words into heart.

The two people laughed and bantered as they returned home. At that moment, they were unaware that a busybody had posted the ‘face-slapping’ incident from earlier on the Internet.

And thanks to that, both of them became viral. 

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