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  • Chapter 112 [President’s story 28] Anime Expo

    He Sinian pinched the bridge of his nose in aggravation, feeling a headache coming on.

    This Cheng Rui’an was good at everything else. However, there were times where his thoughts would go wild and he would become a chatterbox.

    “Stop overthinking. She’s not a cosplayer so go find your own person.”

    He Sinian seized the matching purple magic robe adorned with stars from Cheng Rui’an’s hands and draped it around Chu Jiao, covering her beautiful body and exposed fair skin.

    “No! You can’t do this to me!” Cheng Rui’an anxiously went around in circles. “How could you give me false hope? Boss, you’re too cruel!”

    “After seeing such a perfect ‘cat demon’ cosplayer, how can you ask me to find another person to play her?! “

    “That’s your problem.” He Sinian gently tied Chu Jiao’s robe while answering Cheng Rui’an, his tone extremely firm and especially cold. “I pay you your salary for you to do your job.”

    Cheng Rui’an choked up in response and was unable to argue back. He then rushed out the door eyed by He Sinian’s contempt-filled gaze. In all likelihood, that wasn’t the first time he was subjected to such cruel treatment.

    Chu Jiao felt a little happy seeing the two’s interaction. Cheng Rui’an’s words still lingered in her head. Her ears twitched before she earnestly grabbed onto the hem of the man’s suit with her little hands.

    “I want to go.”

    He Sinian seemed to have figured out her thoughts. “To help me?”

    Chu Jiao nodded.

    If her image perfectly matched the character, she was willing to do such a thing. Back then, when she had left without saying goodbye, she felt extremely guilty, so now, she wanted to help him to the best of her abilities.

    He Sinian’s heart softened. Ahh, his little kitty cat.

    Despite having been separated for so long, she was still as considerate and as lovely as she was back then.

    He pinched Chu Jiao’s nose endearingly but did not dismiss the girl’s enthusiasm. For him, it wasn’t that big of a deal. Even though he didn’t want other people to see his little cat’s beauty, if she wanted to do so, there was no harm in letting her cosplay. As long as his kitty cat was by his side, he was willing to do anything to satisfy her.

    Unbeknownst to He Sinian, this kind of mentality simply screamed the words ‘Cat Slave’.

    AMC Anime Expo Day.

    The exhibition center was packed with people. These attendees came from all over the world to share their love for manga and anime. To them, this was their most highly anticipated event that only happened once a year.

    At the same time, because AMC was the country’s top and largest anime expo, several gaming and animation companies used this amazing opportunity to promote their projects and products, and He Sinian’s company was no different.

    ‘Everlasting Miracle’ had already been online for more than half a year and had already established a considerably large fan base, so the early official announcement about the new world piqued the curiosity of several players. The day when the expo was held was also when the server was updated and as such, the operations and planning team took advantage of this and collaborated to create a publicity strategy, intending to maximize its popularity and exposure to the very peak.

    He Sinian was currently backstage, restlessly fixing Chu Jiao’s clothes. He exhorted worriedly, “If you get tired from standing, then don’t hesitate to come back. Don’t try to force yourself either. Understood?”

    Chu Jiao obediently nodded. “I know, I know.”

    At the side, Cheng Rui’an tried to cover his smile, appearing as if he were unable to look in front.

    Who would’ve thought that the grim King of Hell that was President He, would have such an affectionate side to him!? In any case, he had never seen this side of him before, and it made him cringe, his mouth turning sour.

    Ahhh~ The sour and pungent smell of love was pervading the air~

    “That’s enough. That’s enough. It’s time to get on stage!” Seeing them wasting time and He Sinian’s unwillingness to let her go, Cheng Rui’an had no choice but to be the villain and urged Chu Jiao to get on stage.

    Chu Jiao fixed the fake cat ears on her head and the fake tail behind her.

    A few days ago, Chu Jiao was able to transform into a normal human and completely retract her cat features. This was a telltale sign that she had matured once again. He Sinian felt slightly disappointed with this development. However, Chu Jiao did not tell him that this was all due to the ‘contributions’ that he made.

    Stepping out in her deadly high heels, Chu Jiao puffed out her chest and stepped onto the stage.

    ‘Everlasting Miracle’ was the most popular game as of the moment, so the organizer was very accommodating to them, having prepared the best location on stage for them, situated at the center of the venue.

    The host was enthusiastically introducing the new additions in the latest update, which were the new professions and new gameplay. Amidst the song build-up, cosplayers dressed as characters in the game——stepped into the limelight.

    Most of the audience were devoted players of ‘Everlasting Miracle’, so it was needless to say that seeing a 2D character come to life in front of their eyes caused the crowd to go wild. When the cosplayers came onto the stage, their gorgeous attires, exquisite weapons, and aesthetically pleasing poses painted a picture of a fashion runway, inciting the pleasant surprise of the crowd again and again. Their hands were constantly pressing on the shutter button of their cameras, trying to capture and record every single moment of this eye candy.

    Chu Jiao was dressed in a cat demon’s costume and was standing at the southwest side of the stage.

    The world and background of this game were extensive and the characters and its professions were aplenty. There were around 20 to 30 performers on stage and each one of them had their own standing position. Their job was simple, to cooperate with the host, interact and take pictures with the players which, to Chu Jiao, required no technical skills.

    Because she only needed to act pretty.

    Chu Jiao stood at the edge of the stage, posing confidently and freely under the stage lights.

    She almost couldn’t remember her appearance before she transmigrated, where she carried a birthmark on her face.

    The ‘her’ back then, rarely looked at the mirror.

    Although she was strong-willed, having worked hard and succeeded academically as well as getting a job without a hitch, in her heart, she still felt that she wasn’t enough.

    The inferiority complex did not only stem from her appearance, but also from the strange gazes coming from people around her. Ever since she was young, she had never been acknowledged nor loved, merely living by herself in solitude.

    But now.

    She had changed.

    Chu Jiao turned her head and looked at the person standing behind the curtains, it was He Sinian who was focused on her the entire time.

    A big smile bloomed on her face.

    She should thank her male leads.

    Because they made her better. They made her more confident, more peaceful, and more capable of facing the hardships of life without losing composure. Even if she were all alone in this world, she would still be able to stand confidently and independently.

    Chu Jiao’s smile not only dazzled He Sinian, she also bewitched the otaku players who were attentively watching her at the front.

    Ever since this ‘cat demon’ stepped onto the stage, the venue had gone into a frenzy.

    Several guys raised their cameras and snapped endless pictures of the gorgeously dressed Chu Jiao. Only a handful of people could pull off such a believable and attractive looking cat-eared cute girl. It was a rare sight to behold!

    Chu Jiao’s figure was petite. Her originally tender face had fine whiskers, which was expertly drawn on by a makeup artist. On her delicate noise, a smidge of cinnabar was added, making her appearance extremely stunning. Her big cat eyes blinked, making the red mole at the end of her eyes appear alluring. Two pointy cat ears stuck out of her soft hair, and, behind her tight leather skirt was a long tail. Every single one of her features appealed to an otaku’s moe heart.

    Although the majority of the guys present became short of breath from being smitten by the appearance of the cat demon, they still maintained a proper etiquette. They stood below the stage and took pictures to commemorate and preserve this moment forever.

    However, there were also those who harbored sinister intentions. They planned to take advantage of the current uproar caused by the crowd and take advantage of the girls.

    T/N: Get your pitchforks ready. A perv about to come out.


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