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  • Chapter 110 [President’s Story 26] Using the tail to discipline (HH)

    On the wide table laid a cat-eared girl.

    The young girl’s blouse was spread wide open, revealing her perfect white body.

    The man before her still wore a well-ironed suit, but the zippers on his pants were wide open, exposing his untamed giant object into the air.

    The man was not in a hurry to enjoy this flawless body in front of him. Instead, he grabbed the girl’s long cat tail that extended from the seams of her derriere.

    With her tail in his hands, the young girl’s lower body had no other choice but to stick forward, following the man’s strength and showing its contents. Her tender flower spread wide open, its lips constantly twitching as if it were inviting and waiting for someone to come visit it.

    “This lustful body….” He Sinian slowly stroked the cat tail, softly kneading its fine and slender tip… “This thirsty little hole….” He gripped the tail in his hand and forcefully swept it across the flower cave.

    “Wuuuu……Don’t….Ah Nian….Ahnn….it’s so itchy….”

    The tip of the cat tail moved across the little hole. Chu Jiao’s sensitive privates immediately felt aroused and itchy from being streaked across by thousands of fine hair.  

    “You finally know what it feels to have an itch? Hm?”

    “Then did you know… how tortured I was?“

    He Sinian didn’t intend to easily let go of this naughty little cat. He had to properly make her remember for a long time.

    He held onto the little cat’s struggling tail with one hand while using his other hand to probe down farther to the lower part of the girl’s body. Two fingers slipped into her soaked hole and pried apart the two lips, slithering smoothly inside the cave.

    “Haaaahh….” Chu Jiao moved as if she knew what was about to come next because she hurriedly reached out a hand to resist. Her little hole clenched tightly. “Don’t….ahh….I don’t want….”

    He Sinian turned a deaf ear. His arms kept the young girl’s little hands captive as he continued his actions.

    His right hand moved forward while still holding onto the cat tail. The fine hairs that had stuck onto the lips were soaked in sticky fluid, causing itself to bunch up. With his left hand, he impatiently explored the little cave with two fingers.

    “Ahnnn…..Haaa…’s so itchy…don’t….ahhhhh…..”

    The pliable yet tough tail was not even half as thick as an actual meat stick, so the newly opened passage was able to smoothly accept it, the fine hair providing her sensitive walls with more stimulation.

    “Nnn….it’s so itchy…Nghhh….It feels weird…” Chu Jiao bashfully called out.

    He Sinian watched the lewd scene in front of him, enraptured. His breathing gradually became heavier as he became more aroused.

    “Does it feel good….baby….being f*cked by your own tail….. Do you like it?”

    He gripped the young girl’s long tail and pumped it back and forth, soaking the fine hairs of the tail with the girl’s erotic fluids and making squelching sounds. The scene in front of him had brought out a distorted sense of beauty.

    “It…it feels weird..wuuu….it feels itchy….I don’t want it….”

    Chu Jiao felt extremely embarrassed this time. The experience of having her own tail entering her, not only made her feel tingly but also made her heart beat wildly, her face flushing scarlet. She covered her red face as her little hole continued to contract relentlessly, causing the fine hair inside her passage to move everywhere, bringing her a numbing sensation that intensified her breathing.

    “Ah Niannnn…..uhhhh…..Ah Niannn…….”

    As if she were pleading for him to let go of her, Chu Jiao’s big glossy eyes earnestly stared at He Sinian, asking him to discipline her with another method.

    Sure enough, He Sinian’s heart softened at the sight.

    He couldn’t stand seeing his kitty cat shed tears of sadness.

    “Do you know what you did wrong?”

    He gently took out the tail that had already lost all resistance.

    “Wuuuuuu……I know…..”

    Chu Jiao anxiously nodded.

    “Are you going to act as unruly as you did today in the future?”

    “Wuuuuu…I-….I’m not going to anymore….” Chu Jiao immediately promised. “Wuuuu….Ah Nian….don’t want my tail…..Jiao Jiao…..wants Ah Nian…..wants Ah Nian to enter…..”

    “Tsk. You really are hopeless.”

    He Sinian put on a compromising face. Yet on the inside, he significantly enjoyed the young kitten’s desire and attachment towards him.

    “Today, your master will fill you up.” As if he were carrying out an act of great mercy, He Sinian pulled out the tail that had been torturing the young girl’s walls entirely. “I’ll make it so that you won’t have the energy to be unruly anymore…” He positioned his body and slowly inserted his cock that had been waiting for some action, into the girl’s honey-flooded cave.

    “Ahnnnnn…..” Chu Jiao sat up on the table and hooked her arms around the man’s neck.

    “Jiao Jiao… do you know what we’re doing?”

    He Sinian was trying to review their previous ‘lesson’. 

    “Ahh….I……know…..” Chu Jiao matched him perfectly. “Ah Nian…is….f*cking Jiao Jiao…ohhh….”

    “Very clever.” As a reward, He Sinian kissed the young girl’s lips.

    “I’m f*cking you…f*cking my kitty cat…fucking my baby…..” He said as he passionately licked the girl’s clavicle and her milk bud. His mouth made sucking noises, creating strawberry-colored marks on the girl’s fair and tender skin, “Does it feel good? Kitty cat?”

    “Ahhhh Hnnnn….It….It feels good….haahh….Master f*cks kitty cat so good….mmmm….Ah Nian f*cks Jiao Jiao….so good…..”

    The young girl’s cave was firmly opened up by his member, his back and forth penetration continuously brought forth a flow of sweet nectar from Chu Jiao’s flower. The area where the two were connected became a dirty mess, soaking half of the table wet. So much that even the documents stacked underneath her were completely seeped in her lewd fluids.

    “Oohhhhh…..It’s so bigg….and so thickkk…” Chu Jiao couldn’t help but constantly shake and scream from being diligently f*cked by the man. “I can’t….ahhhhh…Ah Nian….it’s too deepppppppp…..”

    He Sinian grabbed the girl’s slender waist with both hands and fiercely rammed his pistol into her gaping hole. Yet, he still felt that this position wasn’t deep enough. And so, he lifted Chu Jiao off the table, turned around, and placed the bare girl on his wide and flexible chair. The young girl’s slender long legs were pompously spread apart and propped against the chair’s armrests.

    He crouched down, placing his hand against the back of the chair and the other on the girl, and started violently rocking his waist again. The captivating dog waist started to reveal its persistence and endurance at this moment, emitting ‘papapa’ sounds as he continued making nine shallow thrusts and one deep plunge(1), persistently hitting the girl’s ample rear. 

    1. Nine shallow thrusts and one deep plunge: a sex technique where the dick enters shallowly nine times, making the girl aroused and horny, then suddenly making one deep plunge. This allows the girl to immediately sink into an extremely excited state where her loins would continuously expand and contract. Because of this, the girl would then experience the pleasures of sex towards the man’s thrusts. (Thank you Baidu for the information, I’m pretty sure the name was not self-explanatory enough)

    “Ohhhhh..ahhh..It’s so deep…nnn..I can’t….I’m about to come….ahhhhhhh……”

    Chu Jiao was tirelessly done by He Sinian’s thick rod till her eyes rolled over. His swollen gl*ns continuously rubbed against her flower core, and finally, under his repeated caresses, she once again reached orgasm.

    At this time, outside the office, a knocking sound rang out. 

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