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  • Chapter 11.2 Uncle, eat this stick (2)

    A girl who appeared to be 13 or 14 years of tender age appeared in the middle of the hospital room.



    The two people in the hospital room bowed in respect.

    “En.” The young lady waved them off, signalling them to leave. “I’ve come to personally retrieve my antidote.”

    “But Admiral ….”

    “There’s no need to talk anymore. Leave.”


    The male lead’s entire body was tied to the hospital bed. His eyes looking blankly at the person approaching him and caressing his cheeks slowly.

    “Zhou Jun, you’re really heartless.”

    “I love you so much yet you still actually made a move against me.”

    The young girl’s voice was full of hidden bitterness.

    “You Xiang…you…” The man looked at the 30 year old lady in his memories who now had a 10+ years old’s face. There was shock in his eyes, That drug really did have an effect.

    Although he was only a spy, in the process, he gradually fell in love with her who was from the enemy side. He couldn’t stand to watch her die so he slipped in this newly developed poison.

    “It’s fine, Zhou Jun. I’ll eat my antidote first, we can slowly… reminisce later.”

    The young girl’s soft skin glided across the man’s face and chest as she whispered.

    “Since I’ve been captured, just kill me. Drink my blood and perhaps you might still be saved.” The man closed his eyes, putting on a heroic face.

    “Hehe.” The young girl chuckled. “How could I do that.”

    “There still another way to dissolve the poison.”

    It’s coming. It’s coming.

    Chu Jiao licked the ice pop with her eyes shining.

    This director really knew how to tease, she sighed in her heart.

    She only saw the little girl take out a knife from the tray placed at the side and gently lifted up the thin medical cotton sheet covering the man’s body. At the place that covered the man’s lower body, she cut out a hole.

    The man realized that his clothes were being peeled off, his body exposed.

    And then he stared blankly at the little girl who extended her wrist inside the hole, taking out the object of his lower body.

    At this moment, Chu Jiao secretly glanced sideways at Chu Minshen.

    She was afraid he would react quickly and turn the TV off and the later parts of the film wouldn’t get to shine. 

    She didn’t think that what she saw was Chu Minshen’s sleeping face.

    Months of training, standing off against the Honglan army, deploying strategies and armies had stretched Chu Minshen’s strand of spirit taut.

    Now that his work had finished and he had returned to the warm house, his spirit had immediately relaxed.

    This was home, the natural harbor. There was even a clever and sensible little lady waiting for him here.

    Now that he has returned to her side, His longing for several months had manifested.

    Smelling the light fragrance beside him, Chu Mingshen’s elegant and grave face softened a lot and he unwittingly fell asleep.

    Chu Jiao looked at the dark shadow his eyelashes had cast and somewhat distressingly stroked the man’s sunken cheeks.

    The house had air-conditioning and Chu Minshen only wore a tight tank top through which you could faintly see his defined abdominal muscles.

    Chu Jiao retrieved a small blanket from a side stool. She was afraid he was gonna catch a cold so she gently covered Chu Minshen with it.

    In the TV, the villain little girl reached her hand out to grip the man’s soft meat stick before gently pumping it up and down.

    The entire hospital bed was covered by a blue bed sheet. The man had his eyes closed and had his flesh colored big member exposed in the air. Not a moment later, it stood erect pointing towards the ceiling.

    Chu Minshen was reclining on the sofa at this moment. He closed his eyes, relaxing his entire body. He long legs parted wide open and extended under the coffee table.

    Chu Jiao glanced at the TV and imitated the female lead’s movements. She crouched down with little butt sticking out and gently unbuckled Chu Minshen’s belt.

    Then bit by bit, she slowly pulled down the zipper of his pants.

    A huge bulging object lay there exposed before Chu Jiao’s eyes.

    Little play:
    Chu Jiao: Hehe, uncle, don’t you like watching anti-Japanese films the most?
    Chu Minshen: En, Uncle likes watching Jiao Jiao resisting “fucking” films more….

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