Chapter 11.1 Uncle, eat this stick (1)

Chu Minshen turned the TV on and clicked on the movie Chu Jiao had downloaded when the phone in the bedroom rang.

He set the remote control down and walked into the bedroom to receive the call.

“Hi, how are you…”

Chu Jiao, on the other hand, stepped into the living room holding a bag of snacks. The movie had already started playing. 

Very good.

Chu Jiao slowly unwrapped an ice pop.

She did indeed download an anti-Japanese film——

A resist “fucking” film

(T/N: 抗“日”片: the middle word is a slang for fucking so basically it’s a play on words since the first two words mean anti-Japanese.)

As a person who hasn’t eaten pork but has seen pig run(1), she didn’t find it difficult to find the resources.

  1.  hasn’t eaten pork but has seen pig run: Someone who has no real experience but has heard or seen it and has little understanding.

She filtered out this film after some effort as it really suited today’s screening.

Chu Jiao thought while licking up the ice pop. Although the air conditioning was turned on in the house, she didn’t know why but she felt hot. It must be from thinking about what’s to come right?

Chu Jiao was still a bit out of it, her mouth unconsciously licking up the side of the ice pop.

Chu Minshen had just finished his phone call and under the bright yellow lights, he saw his family’s little Jiao Jiao naive innocent profile.

The tip of Chu Jiao’s tongue was turned tender red by the ice cold, in contrast to the pure white ice pop, it was simply captivating.

Chu Minshen’s pupils darkened a bit as he walked over and sat beside Chu Jiao.

“Girls shouldn’t eat a lot of cold foods.”

He said sincerely and with earnest wishes. To become a qualified and good uncle, he had brushed up on his knowledge.

The little lady had her first menstruation last year. And he read in a book that eating too many cold things was not good for a girl’s body. When the time came, her period would be extremely painful.

Chu Jiao pursed her lips and threw a tantrum. “I understand, master~ then eat this one, alright~”

Her second uncle was nice. He was just too much of a worrywart.

Chu Minshen dropped the subject. 

While the two people spoke, the film had already started.

The film started with a firearm sound, however, it was of shoddy quality, and you could only see a moment of smoke and random bits of explosion.

Chu Minshen knit his brows and criticized. “This production group is really rubbish.”

Chu Jiao stifled her laughter. This wasn’t even a big production film, Having a small porno film even replicate the exact happenings was already very difficult, ok?

After that, the camera moved to the male lead. The male lead was wearing a military uniform. He looked like a commander. His head was bleeding, probably due to getting hit with a stray bullet or a stone, and had already lost consciousness.

When the fire of war stopped burning, the defeated party retreated like water and the male lead was forgotten at a corner.

Not a moment later, the Japanese army swept the field and discovered the male lead. They took out an announcement from the pockets of their chest and compared for a moment before lifting him up and going back. The camera moved again, this time it was at a white hospital.

The male lead muddily heard two people debating using lousy Chinese.

“Admiral’s sickness is already very grave. She needs to immediately get an antidote!”

“Even though he was the spy that slipped the poison in, we aren’t sure if he still has antibodies within him! We can’t be too careless!”

The male lead listened up to here, his face becoming more pale.

The camera turned again, this time it seemed like it was the male lead’s memories. 

He was intimately hugging a military uniformed Japanese woman and took advantage of her inattention to put poisoned wine into both of their bowls. But prior to this, he had already taken an antidote. Without a change in his complexion, he finished the entire poisoned dinner with the woman.

This poison was a newly developed slow-acting poison. The person wouldn’t die immediately but would slowly become younger.

The only medicine was eaten by him.

Now that he was captured. If they wanted to obtain the antidote, they only needed to eat his meat and drink his blood.

At this time, footsteps from afar sounded nearer.

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