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  • Chapter 109 [President’s Story 25] How should I discipline you (H)

    Chu Jiao seemed to be completely unaware of how torturous her teasing was, for the man.

    If she were the person she was before she transmigrated, she would have never done such a thing like this in her entire life. In this world, possessing the body of a cat demon had influenced Chu Jiao’s behavior to imitate that of a cat’s natural habits despite her soul having not gone through change at all. She became more straightforward and more animal-like, the curiosity and mischief in her heart unconsciously let loose, causing her personality to become more direct and sincere.

    Since she wanted to do this, she did as she desired.

    Her little mouth worked hard on sucking and licking, servicing the erect c*ck until it gradually became bigger and livelier. 

    From He Sinian’s perspective, the girl’s body was mostly hidden underneath the table by the shadows, exposing solely her face. The sun’s reflection gently swept across it, making it appear tender and glossy. Her big cat eyes were slightly misty and her little mouth had formed into an O shape as it diligently took in his stiff object, a translucent liquid escaping from her lips.

    A sight like this was enough to make any man go crazy.

    Old Li and Wang Gong who were both sitting in front of He Sinian, exchanged glances.

    There was something odd with the president today.

    The two people exchanged another glance.

    This gloomy atmosphere, that grave expression, those tightly knit brows, these red eyes…it looked like they had picked the wrong time to give the president their report. Who was it that provoked the president’s fury?!

    Needless to say, the two people’s suspicions were correct, that is, if this were to be seen from that certain point of view.


    The pen broke.

    He Sinian set the broken pen aside and casually reached out for the teacup to gulp water to clear his throat.

    “Alright. That should be enough for today. After I go through the plans, I’ll send you an OA(1). We’ll discuss the new project proposal for the conference meeting.”

    1. OA: Office Automation is something that helps enterprises to achieve the electronic approval process, standardized process, communication and cooperation, attendance, and other business activities, to achieve a paperless office. 

    Old Li, who originally wanted to continue discussing the plan, was kicked in the leg by Old Wang, causing him to shut his mouth.

    The boss wasn’t in a good mood right now. If they continued to annoy him further, they would probably be used as scapegoats.

    When the two people gathered their materials, stood up, and were about to withdraw, He Sinian seemed to have recalled something and called out to Old Li.

    “Has the planning department finished the character clothing for ‘Everlasting Miracle’?”

    “They have. However, the design department has currently taken it for further revisions since the AMC Anime Expo is going to be held next month. By then, the server would have been finished updating and we could start promoting it.”

    “En….Ask someone to send the cat girl’s clothing design here later.”

    Needless to say, He Sinian’s ability to resist his desires was impressive. He was still able to direct his attention elsewhere at this moment for the sake of safeguarding the revelation that Chu Jiao had into a human and was wearing his clothes inside his office.

    “Understood, President.”

    Old Li had a dumbfounded look. He didn’t know why the president wanted that particular clothing design. However, there was no need for him to think about it anymore as he quickly acquiesced it in his mind, leaving He Sinian’s office together with his colleague Old Wang.

    Once the door was shut, He Sinian tore off his previously grave expression, leaning his head back on his chair and taking a deep breath.

    With both hands, he stroked Chu Jiao’s lowered head and cupped her glossy cheeks. He couldn’t restrain himself any longer and started moving his waist, forcefully thrusting his painfully swollen c*ck into Chu Jiao’s little mouth.

    “(Hiss)——Jiao Jiao——“ He Sinian could finally fully immerse himself in the pleasure the young girl’s mouth brought to him. “You are really such a tortuous little minx…”

    The wetness and warmth of her mouth were tightly wrapped around his c*ck. The girl’s continuously squirming throat made him feel bursts of excitement like never before. It aroused him to the point where he wanted to thrust harder until he reached the deepest parts of the young girl’s throat and had her fully take him in. 

    “Did you really want your master’s c*ck that much? Hm?” He Sinian’s calm expression had already faded away. “Have I not fed you full earlier, my little kitty?”

    “Nmmmghh….” Chu Jiao’s mouth was so stuffed that she had no way of responding, so she could only whimper in response. The tightening of her meat walls caused He Sinian’s sensitive spots to be assaulted with pleasure.

    “Jiao Jiao…you’re too naughty…” He Sinian rocked his waist as he said. “Disturbing your master while he works….Say, how do you think I should discipline you?”

    Chu Jiao used her teeth and gently grinded them on the man’s shaft.

    This Ah Nian still dared to play the tune of a master at this moment! Even though she was a cat, she still didn’t want to be treated as just a pet!

    Moreover, although she did interfere with the man’s halfhearted work hour, wasn’t he also taking delight in it?!

    What a two-faced man! Hmph!


    Being bitten in his most vulnerable place caused intense pain and bouts of numbness to overcome him. He Sinian thought that with this kitty cat’s attitude, she was probably unaware of how unruly and bewitching her behavior was. So, he simply withdrew his c*ck from her mouth and held back his desire, lifting the girl onto the table. 

    He Sinian looked at the young girl in front of him, wearing his large white shirt and his eyes deepened.

    “Jiao Jiao.” He unbuttoned the shirt one by one until the young girl’s naked body had finally emerged in front of him.

    His fingers streaked across her perfectly erect n*pples to her flat waist until it reached her lower body that looked to be glued onto the desk.

    The sun rays bounced off the desk, reflecting light onto different parts of the surface. 

    “What a sinful body.” Following the direction of the rays, He Sinian’s finger gently pried the flower petals open, dipping inside the place that had already been soaked with her lewd fluids. 

    Placing his finger back onto his mouth for a taste, he then smirked. “How should I discipline you?”

    T/N: *takes paper bag and breathes profusely into it

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