Chapter 108 [President’s Story 24] Want to f*ck this mouth to mush (H)

Although the pants were unbuttoned, Chu Jiao couldn’t carry out the following actions in her cat form.

And so, she lithely leapt off of He Sinian’s lap and nimbly landed by his feet.

He Sinian’s office table was humongous and was an integral part of the room. Above it, laid stacks of work documents and materials in an ordered fashion. The designer had taken the space underneath in consideration so he especially made the bottom of the table hollow. Apart from the drawer partitions, the middle part of the table was empty, allowing He Sinian’s long legs to freely stretch out unobscured.

Chu Jiao clawed at her neck for a moment, tugging the buckled leash down.

At this time, He Sinian was currently talking to his subordinate. He seamlessly rolled his chair forward to cover up the embarrassing state of his pants after feeling the breeze in that area.

When he lowered his head down to take a look, blue veins started popping out of his neck.

Chu Jiao had transformed into a young girl once again, wearing his white shirt and kneeling in front of his legs.

Due to the limited amount of space, Chu Jiao had no choice but to bend her waist. Her upper body stuck close to the man’s thighs while her soft and tender br*asts were pressed against the man’s legs.

He Sinian felt that the number of stimulations his heart and body had received today was far more than the previous year’s! Why was this little girl such a troublemaker?!

He took a long deep breath. There were two people present at the office right now. Meaning, he couldn’t get angry at the little kitten. Hence, he merely tried his best to mask her existence by acting as if nothing were wrong.

He Sinian rolled the chair forward once again and changed his sitting posture. His upper body leaned forward with his abdomen pressed against the edge of the desk, blocking the view of the lower part of his body. His elbows were propped on top of the table with both hands underneath his jaw, giving him an earnest and attentive appearance.

The two subordinates in front saw the change in the president’s appearance, and their spines straightened a bit more as a result, becoming more prudent in stating their work proposals.

Under the mahogany table, Chu Jiao adjusted her sitting posture. Both of her hands were placed on top of He Sinian’s thighs, her fingers covering the tent that had already been formed by the man’s underwear.

This time, Chu Jiao’s fingers nimbly pulled down the underwear, grabbing the thick large manroot firmly in her hand.

He Sinian’s hand, which was holding a pen, exerted more force than usual, enduring the onslaught of thrill that came from having his c*ck grabbed by a soft pair of small hands.

Chu Jiao poked at He Sinian’s swollen head, her finger becoming sticky with liquid.

She licked her lips, inching her head forward and as her upper body went along, her bosoms started to press against the base of He Sinian’s thighs. She parted her small mouth and softly wrapped it around the man’s stiff c*ck.

On one hand, Chu Jiao was slightly nervous. She was afraid that He Sinian would have a strong reaction, catching the other two people’s attention. If they were to discover what she was currently doing at this moment, she would be ashamed to death.

On the other hand, because she was doing such a lewd thing in a somewhat public place, she felt a surge of incredible excitement, an itch billowing from her lower body again.

He Sinian felt the same way. His attention was currently divided in half. The first half was listening attentively to the report whereas the other half was focused on the stimulating sensations he was feeling with his lower body. He could sense the young girl’s warm oral cavity as well as her soft yet nimble little tongue playing with him.

Chu Jiao’s tongue hungrily trailed along his c*ck up and down, as if she were sampling a chocolate stick. Her fingers playfully rubbed the outer skin while her tongue and fingers worked together to teasingly dally with the shaft of the c*ck. The tip of her tongue streaked across the ravine on top. Her fingers didn’t forget to also eagerly toy with the two pearls below his member, working on kneading it softly and leisurely.

As his breathing also became heavier, the pen almost became slightly bent from the force He Sinian exerted with his hand.

The young girl’s secret bl*wjob caused his lower body’s lust to surge. He held no other thoughts but to start thrusting into her mouth, and f*ck her naughty and h*rny little mouth into mush.

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