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  • Chapter 107 [President’s Story 23] Zipper

    Chu Jiao was lazily laying down when she felt the comforting feeling on her suddenly disappear. She lifted her head and saw that the man was completely focused on browsing through the information in his hand. It looked so important that he was too preoccupied to attend to her.

    Chu Jiao opened her two front paws and stretched her body. She seemed to have recovered her spirit. 

    The man’s legs were covered in his western-style pants. When Chu Jiao’s fleshy cat paws pressed down, she could feel the strong sturdy muscles underneath her. 

    Chu Jiao playfully stomped in her place, forgetting that the thighs weren’t a flat area. A careless move caused her to slip and land with the man’s thighs on her sides. This caused He Sinian to lower his head and cast her a glance. The evident amusement in his gaze made Chu Jiao feel foolish!

    She was actually unable to maintain her balance! How shameful for her! No, it was shameful for a cat! (1) 

    1. 丟人 means shameful but the last word 人 means person, so the author makes a play on words by using 丟貓 in which 貓 means cat. 

    She didn’t notice it at first. But when she fell to her side, her body had just coincidentally landed in between the man’s legs. When she lifted her head, she came face to face with the man’s full and bulging area.

    It was said that cats were extremely inquisitive creatures. They would curiously touch and pet everything they would encounter. Chu Jiao was originally bored, so she turned her eyes and suddenly thought of testing her claw’s nimbleness.

    She reached out her front paw.

    And underneath the white fluffy fur was a fleshy pink paw pad which felt extremely plush and soft like an adorable tangyuan.(1)

    1. Tangyuans are boiled balls of glutinous rice flour

    Although cats had sharp claws, they weren’t used for hunting. The claws would usually be retracted back into their toes, making them completely harmless. Chu Jiao had been in control of this body for several years now, so she naturally had a fluent command of it. Just as she thought of it, her claws began to poke out of her soft pads.

    The man was still in the middle of a serious discussion with his two subordinates, completely unaware that he was about to suffer a sweet torment.

    The little claws reached out towards the man’s zippers. 

    Despite the zippers being hidden inside the lapels of the pants, Chu Jiao was able to effortlessly find it and used her claws to pry it open. She reached out to pull the zipper, her sharp claws hooking onto the hole of his zipper and she slowly and carefully exerted force, pulling the zipper to the base bit by bit.

    He Sinian had just changed into a new pair of underwear after their previous ‘exercise’. Yet it was still the same black color he wore before.

    Chu Jiao pressed on it with her pads. En. It was soft and quite comfortable too.

    The top of the man’s western bottoms was fastened with a button. Chu Jiao racked her brain, studying it for a long time. She started poking it left and right, trying to come up with a way to tackle the high difficulty mission of unbuttoning his pants. 

    Thinking that the man who had just finished having his way with her was completely unaware of what was about to happen, Chu Jiao took delight that he wouldn’t be able to freely control the reaction of his body.

    A soft claw recklessly and continuously harassed the deeply sleeping dragon and soon, the huge dragon had awakened.

    Chu Jiao fiddled with it for a long time. As a result, she felt a stiff object suddenly poking her belly. However, much to her disappointment, she was still unable to undo the button in front of her. The originally loose seams slowly became taut, making it harder for her cat claws to open it.


    If she couldn’t open it, then she’ll just have to use another way! Chu Jiao fumed as she came up with a genius idea and her claws glinted. In an instant, the button immediately got separated from the head of the trousers. 


    And fell on the ground.

    “Yi. What fell?”

    Old Li’s ears were very sharp. When he heard this sound, he suddenly stopped speaking and blurted this question out. 

    He Sinian lowered his head to take a look and saw the little cat on his lap, blinking her innocent eyes at him.

    His pupils quickly grew dark and deep, as a little flame in him had ignited.

    “It’s nothing. Continue speaking.”

    He Sinian raised his head and spoke to his two subordinates. He took a deep breath, trying his best to press down on his desire as his left hand kneaded the soft flesh around Chu Jiao’s neck, hinting at her to stop making trouble. 

    Chu Jiao stuck her tongue out.

    At this moment, the man’s pants were wide open and the massive object hidden inside his underwear was gallantly and spiritedly standing erected before her. 

    T/N: HEHEHHEHHEHEH ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ(

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