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  • Chapter 105 [President’s Story 21] A serious man is the most handsome

    Chu Jiao was feeling tired and fatigued at this moment.

    She was originally always on the move to find He Sinian. After they had finally reunited, she had experienced yet another rigorous ‘exercise’, rendering her completely out of strength.

    Her entire body was soft and limp, lying on the bed with half-closed eyes like a languid cat.

    No, she was most certainly a cat.

    In contrast, He Sinian was in a spirited mood.

    He worked hard without complaint and brought the young girl into the bathroom, washing away the traces of their passionate lovemaking while at the same time, washing away the impurities left inside the girl’s body.

    During the entire process, Chu Jiao was extremely obedient, lazily laying her little head on top of the man’s shoulders and allowing him to wash her from top to bottom.

    Although He Sinian’s arousal was once again provoked by the girl’s satiny skin, he reminded himself that he had just fooled around. How could he bear to take action again when he already felt distressed for taking the young girl’s first time?

    As long as his kitty cat didn’t take the initiative to tease him, he was still able to control himself. 

    Chu Jiao had already fallen into deep slumber, her breathing slow and unhurried.  He Sinian carried the young girl who had curled up into a ball, back to bed and continued to wipe her clean. Then, he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

    Welcome back, my kitty cat.


    The early spring weather was always cold and chilly during the mornings and evenings, but was warm during the day. 

    Chu Jiao had a long peaceful sleep but was feeling a bit hot. She poked her little head out of the feathery quilt as she rubbed her eyes. The sunlight coming in from the windows was dazzling. Despite the curtain concealing most of it, it still made her feel refreshed.

    The lounge door had been closed but Chu Jiao could still faintly hear the sound of people talking outside.

    She pulled the quilt aside and saw that she was dressed in a loose white shirt.

    Lifting her hand, her long sleeves had completely covered both her arms. When she stood up, the shirt hung down covering the middle of her thighs.

    Needless to say, it was easy to guess whose shirt this belonged to.

    Placing her bare feet on the floor, Chu Jiao walked slowly towards the door, silently cracking a small gap for a short peek.

    “President He, regarding the planning department’s specific proposal that was discussed in the previous meeting. the planning department has submitted a revised version right here.”

    “Alright. I’ll take a look at it today. If there are no problems, proceed according to schedule tomorrow.”

    “President He, the reactions for the mobile game’s internal testing that began a few days ago weren’t bad. The data gathered from the testing are all here.”

    “Alright. Make a report on it.”

    “President He….”

    There were two people sitting with their backs facing Chu Jiao. They ought to be from the company’s managerial level and were currently giving their work report to He Sinian.

    The man who had changed back into a suit had reverted back to his cold and ascetic appearance. His handsome face was expressionless as he knit his brows while browsing through the documents in his hand. Every order and response he gave, was simple but full of authority, carrying the prestige of an elite.

    Chu Jiao felt that this He Sinian was unfamiliar yet fascinating. There was a saying that serious men were considered the most handsome. As expected, these words were not the slightest bit wrong.

    He Sinian neatly placed the documents he was holding to the side to meticulously examine them later. Out of the corner of his eye, he suddenly noticed that a tiny crack of less than 1 chi(less than 30 cm) had been unknowingly opened from the lounge doors. But, it was enough for him to clearly see the expression of the young girl that was trying to peek into the room.

    He randomly picked out a white shirt for her to wear as pajamas but didn’t expect the girl to be too petite. The undone buttons revealed the girl’s exquisite collarbones. while the wide collar draped seamlessly along her smooth and silky skin, hanging on the edge of the girl’s shoulder and revealing half of the young girl’s round and delicate shoulder.

    The fluttery piece of clothing covered the body’s erotic areas but it couldn’t cover the young girl’s slender long legs. Her two lovely feet were shown, standing perfectly on the furry carpet. 

    The operation team’s head was just about to continue reporting work matters and didn’t expect to catch a glimpse of his boss’s dark and deep expression.

    His heart tightened as he quickly tried to recall whether he had misworded something earlier. Being familiar with discerning someone’s thoughts from their actions, he soon realized that the president’s gaze was directed past his shoulder, to a place located behind him. Itching with interest, he wanted to turn around and see what it was but was quickly called out by the president at the next second. The president pressed him, asking about another project, so he stopped his head from turning around.

    Chu Jiao saw that she had almost been found out and hurriedly stuck out her tongue, secretly shutting the door.

    Her big cat eyes wandered around for 2 seconds before she spotted the leash she was wearing previously. From the bedside cabinet, Chu Jiao retrieved the leash and put it on once again.

    He Sinian who was keeping a close eye on any signs of her movements, saw the lounge doors open once again. 

    This time, his gaze was too apparent. The two people sitting in front of him both curiously turned their heads around, wanting to know just what it was, that attracted the president’s attention. But, they were only able to see the lounge door open slowly, revealing an empty bedroom inside.

    “Cough.” He Sinian faked a cough and called his two subordinate’s attention. “It must be the wind that blew it open. Let’s continue.”

    Underneath the office table where the two people’s line of vision couldn’t access, a white figure had just scurried over, jumping onto the sitting man’s lap.

    T/N: Hehe you know ‘something’ is about to happen again

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