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  • Chapter 104 [President’s Story 20] I’m f*cking you (HH)

    The man who held back his desire for a long time was unable to withstand being provoked the most. If these words were said to He Sinian before today, he would’ve definitely snorted disdainfully. After so many years, especially after he founded his company, he had encountered many beauties who threw themselves at him countless of times. But to him, these women weren’t even as attractive as a string of data on the computer. 

    However, now, he realized the error of his thoughts.

    He had coincidentally come across that person.

    Nothing was more dazzling, more eye-catching, or more captivating than her. It was as if his soul was enamored. 

    When Chu Jiao’s two milky white pearls turned into a captivating red from being sucked. He Sinian lifted his head. Both of his hands held onto Chu Jiao’s sides as he stared deeply into her faint purple eyes.

    “Jiao Jiao…” He started to rock his robust waist. “Do you know…what I’m doing?”

    He asked while slowly delving, pushing himself deeper into the girl’s body. Then, he slowly withdrew himself out. And every time he stirred, it felt as if he were about to hit Chu Jiao’s deepest parts.

    “Meowuu………..ahnn….what….what are you doing…” Chu Jiao hooked her hands around his neck. raising his head and accepting the man’s attacks. Her tight passage had already adapted to his girth. Every time it rubbed her insides, it felt like the itch in her restless body had been appeased yet it also felt as if the itch had started to billow forth.

    He Sinian smiled delightfully, enunciating each word he said. “I’m. F*cking. You.”

    “Baby, do you understand? I’m f*cking you.”

    “Ahnnnn…..Ah Nian….what…does…ahhh….f*ck mean…..”

    He Sinian wanted to pretend to be a teacher, and Chu Jiao was also willing to partake in the little fun, pretending to be a good and naive student who didn’t understand anything.

    He Sinian did not answer this question. Instead, he unceasingly rocked his lower body as his response.

    “Huff… do you see this…this is called ‘f*cking’…..”

    Chu Jiao’s little legs clasped the man’s waist. While she moaned, she continued to ‘eagerly’ ask. “Mmm haah…then….what’s…..bulging….inside….Jiao Jiao’s stomach….meowwwuuu…’s so thick….and so big…..”

    There was no man who didn’t like being flattered, especially when it concerned that particular area. The young girl’s innocent words were like a sex booster, provoking desire to surge into He Sinian’s lower body. He deliberately thrusted upwards. “What does….Jiao Jiao think it is?

    “Wuu…..” Chu Jiao was f*cked to the point where her body shook with pleasure. “It’s…’s a stick….Ah Nian’s big stick…..Meowwuuu….Ah Nian…. Gen-…Gentler…..Your stick’s too….too thick…..”

    He Sinian evidently enjoyed Chu Jiao’s quick wit, but he still carried a strict attitude and corrected it. “This isn’t a stick…….It’s a c*ck….Do you understand….This c*ck….is currently thrusting into your little hole…Jiao Jiao….can you feel it….”

    “Ahnnnn…” Chu Jiao was already f*cked into a befuddled state, so she carelessly nodded. “Wuuu…..I can feel it….Meowwuuu…Ah Nian….Ah Nian’s big c*ck…is thrusting into Jiao Jiao’s little hole…’s so big… little hole is so full…haahhhh…..”

    Back then, He Sinian felt that picking up his little kitty was like picking up a treasure. But now, he deeply realized how lucky he was to be able to come across such an adorable and tempting treasure. Her every move and action made his heart pound. And her every word tickled the depths of his heart.

    His thick and erect manhood was strongly sucked by her tight flower cave, turning sore and numb. He Sinian lifted the little girl and turned around, taking a few steps before placing her body down on the soft bed.

    He stood at the side and started to lift the young girl’s thighs up high, propping it on top of his strong arms. He Sinian’s two hands then clasped Chu Jiao’s slender waist as he quickly and heavily pounded her. This time, it was as if he was proving that the speed he came at before, was a mistake. He locked the gates of his essence tightly shut, and like a pile driver that was on full power,  he rocked his waist powerfully. The union of their two naked bodies resounded in their ears ‘papapa’, like a piece of joyous and exciting dance music, reverberating in the silent bedroom.

    Chu Jiao had already lost the heart to tease He Sinian. She  clenched tightly onto the sheets, feeling solely pleasure and exhaustion. The man on top of her didn’t know how to stop for rest. He continued f*cking her till she could only have the energy to pant for breath, turning completely limp.

    Her little butt was suspended mid-air above the bed while her legs were hooked on the man’s arms. Chu Jiao’s tail was left free so it waggled around. It was like a modern benchmark that constantly expressed the fluctuation in its master’s feelings. And this time, its master was evidently sinking deeper into the abyss of lust. Her long tail swished around bewitchingly and mellifluously. Under He Sinian’s eyelids, the tail moved around tantalizingly. 

    He Sinian moved skillfully, having grasped the rhythm. When he saw this enticing little tail at this moment, he simply grabbed it with his hand.

    Just like her ears, this tail had also made his heart feel itchy.

    He curled his hand into a ball, gripping the slender long cat tail. Then, he slowly slid his hand upwards starting from the tip of the cat tail in exploration until he finally reached Chu Jiao’s tailbone. The place was where the tail had grown out from. He curiously reached his fingers out and kneaded around her coccyx, half in a probing manner and the other half in an erotic fashion. 

    “Meowwuuu!!~~Ahhn Haaah~~”

    He completely didn’t expect that due to his caresses, the girl suddenly flopped up like a carp, arching her body up. Her little tail started resisting, as if it wanted to evade the man’s evil clutches, yet it found itself unexpectedly going closer towards the man’s body.

    “Wuuuuuahhhh……Ah Nian….Don’t…. Don’t touch my tail! ~Meowwuuuu…..”

    The little hole clenched deadly tight on the man’s c*ck. He Sinian took a deep breath, he was nearly about to ejaculate from the sudden onslaught of tightness.

    “Looks like….” He didn’t release the violently swishing tail but instead, wrapped it around his wrist a few times with the tip of the tail secured firmly between his fingers. “This is Jiao Jiao’s….sensitive point ah…”

    He Sinian laughed. His usual solemn face was now smiling like spring mountains. The sight of his handsome looks caused Chu Jiao’s heart to quiver.

    “Does Jiao Jiao…. Feel good?”

    He once again rocked his lower body while his left elbow was propped against the bed. As he stroked the girl’s cat ears, his right hand held her buttocks, his fingers continuously kneading the soft and smooth cat tail. Under triple the stimulation, Chu Jiao’s entire body felt as if it were dropping down from the highest clouds. The satisfaction she felt, caused her to narrow her big cat eyes and captivating moans to keep spilling out of her mouth incessantly.

    “Meowwuu…Ah…..Ah Nian…it’s….it’s so good….Mmmm…..Ah……Ah Nian f*cks Jiao Jiao… good…..”

    He Sinian panted heavily as he strongly rammed into her until he finally violently shot his essence into the deepest parts of Chu Jiao’s flower cave. At the same time, the girl’s body also shot out a liquid, soaking his front end and inciting a quiver out of He Sinian’s body. 

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