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  • Chapter 102 [President’s Story 18] The consequences of provoking the man (H)

    Chu Jiao’s tongue hadn’t left the man’s skin.

    Just as before, her movements were graceful, like a cat that was enjoying a fine meal. Her tongue swept across every inch of the man’s neck until it slowly reached his quivering throat.

    Chu Jiao parted her mouth slightly, gently nibbling on the man’s throat twice as if she were grinding her teeth. However, this only made He Sinian’s throat bob faster as if he were gulping down saliva, or rather, gulping down his desires. 

    Continuing further down, Chu Jiao followed the arc of He Sinian’s raised head and licked his clavicle, the hollow of his collarbone, his bulging pecs as well as his undulating and captivating waist.

    A person’s tongue was naturally soft and slippery, but He Sinian only felt the places where Chu Jiao had streaked across on his body, become itchy and numb. It was as if a small brush with thick bristles was slowly sweeping across, gently and moistly, tickling his heart incessantly.  

    He couldn’t move at all. So, he could only do his best to maintain a clear head and even attempted to talk rationality with Chu Jiao.

    “Jiao Jiao, quickly get up.” He huskily panted. “You are currently human right now, not a cat. You can’t just casually do these kinds of stuff.”

    Chu Jiao thought to herself, it wasn’t done with the slightest casualness at all.

    The towel previously wrapped around her body had already come undone earlier due to her constant shifting about. Chu Jiao simply pulled it open and allowed her wet little hole to stick onto the man’s lower body and impatiently grinded against him.

    She could feel that her own body was hot and dry. Back when she had the leash to suppress it, it wasn’t easy to detect. After having it taken off her now and touching the stark naked He Sinian, it was simply as if a matchstick had encountered a raging inferno, burning brightly.

    The little hole had already started leaking spring water. She propped one hand against He Sinian’s strong chest while the other hand probed further below, carefully grabbing the man’s erect cock. Then, she positioned it towards her butt and slowly sat down, swallowing him in bit by bit.

    This room had its window curtains pulled, leaving only the white light in the ceiling to illuminate the entire room.

    Amid their trance, Chu Jiao seemingly felt that she had gone back to that dark locker room(1). The man’s expression below her was filled with forbearance, his eyes brimming with deep affections.

    1. Referring to one of the sexy times in World 1

    The piercing pain she felt from her lower body pulled her back to reality. Chu Jiao stared blankly at the completely different face in front of her and ridiculed herself in her heart. She must’ve really gone insane.

    As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Although her body was still unskilled,  in the matters of lovemaking, Chu Jiao had already reached a level of proficiency from being taught.

    She slowly twisted her soft waist. The small tunnel of her lower body continued contracting and relaxing in interchanging light and heavy turns, gobbling up He Sinian’s big thick rod. Half of her expression was that of pain and the other half was of joy. 

    The last strand of He Sinian’s reasoning broke at this moment.

    To say that the amount of stimulation he had received today was a lot would be an understatement.  First, he had finally found the little kitten he had lost for more than ten years. Then, he witnessed the kitten turning into a human with his own eyes. And, without having even realized the pounding of his heart, his little kitty was about to ride him? 

    The girl’s face in front of him was flushed. Her small mouth had parted slightly, and her long eyelashes trembled like a pair of butterfly wings.

    If it weren’t for the girl’s two pointed ears and the fluffy sensation he felt in his hand to remind him, He Sinian would’ve quickly forgotten that she was originally a cat.

    But now, He Sinian had completely lost all sense of rationality to even understand what she really was.

    He only wanted to ruthlessly press the girl beneath him, and teach her the consequences of provoking a man.

    However, before He Sinian could put his thoughts into action, the meat stick that was buried deeply in the girl’s body betrayed his desire. Since it was his first time touching a woman’s captivating and tight place, it was difficult for him to hold back the surging pleasure and the instinct to ej*culate, so years worth of essence stored in the body started spurting out. 

    Author’s note:

    Hahahahahahahaha My male lead became a 1-second shooter! 

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Actually, the male lead of this world is very innocent, so don’t laugh at his first time.

    This is really for the development of the plot, I didn’t deliberately cut the meat!

    Small theater:

    At a certain pet forum:

    Subject: Shock! The pet that I had lost for many years came onto me once we got home!

    Original Poster (my family’s cat is the best in the world): Dear forum friends, I wanted to tell everyone a piece of good news! My baby is finally home!! However, there was a big change in her temperament when she came back! She isn’t the shy and bashful cat that she was in the past anymore!!! She actually directly pounced onto me!! A majestic man like me actually got pounced on!

    It’s so embarrassing!!!!

    Asking everyone, how do I restore my former glory!!

    1st reply (Dog-Loving Fool): shameless, abusing us single dogs again.

    2nd reply(fold my ears 123): reply #1, OP is really putting on a public display of affection.

    3rd reply (kill all the heartless dogs in the world): Looks like spring has come. Seeing OP’s name, it was clear to see that he’s a cat slave, so I know that his v*rginity is going to be hard to keep intact. As a fellow sufferer, I’ll feel sorry for you for a second. My dog has also been like this recently. Sometimes I think of putting him on a leash.

    4th reply (I’m proud of my hairlessness): Reply 666, put him/her on a leash and wait until you get dumped!

    5th reply (Bone): Woof Woof, Master, you’re so heartless!

    6th reply (Passing BC):: A thread actually about bragging PDA, I don’t think I can live any longer. [insert hand gif bye bye]

    7th reply (Cat Chu): Embarrassing? Very good. It seems that a certain someone is going to sleep on the sofa tonight then. 

    8th reply (Dog-Loving Fool): The original owner has come! Hahaha! Let’s go let’s go, OP’s going to be in big trouble. lololol

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