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  • Chapter 100 [President’s Story 16] Within mouth’s reach (Slightly H)

    T/N: We just reached 100 chapters woohoo!! I can’t believe my lazy ass was able to commit this far. Now only 200+ more to go QAQ….

    This chapter is dedicated to Shirley L. and Applesauce for their donations. Thank you for your support! ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ”

    He Sinian had also finally detected the change in Chu Jiao at this moment. 

    And the reason was because the doors to the girl’s lower body were currently staring at him right in the face. The traces of glittering and translucent liquid were discernible under the lights. Coupled with the wagging of her tail, the originally covered great spring scenery(1) was completely exposed in all its glory to He Sinian’s eyes. 

    1. Spring scenery: erotic sight 

    At the behest of the supernatural, he reached two hands out and captured the girl’s restless and shaking rear.

    He Sinian had always felt this scene was somewhat familiar.

    It was as if he had previously done several obscene things in this kind of angle.

    But in reality, he had never even approached any female character before.

    Before he could ponder any longer, the sudden pleasure of having his member being wrapped around, struck He Sinian and brought him back to his senses, causing him to suck in a breath.

    This little kitten!

    Did she know what she was doing!?

    Chu Jiao naturally knew what she was doing.

    After ‘learning’ from the past two worlds, she considered this matter to be something easily within mouth’s reach(2).

    1. 口到擒來 (Within mouth’s reach): is a play on the original idiom (手到擒來: within hands’ reach) where the difference is only in the first word. This means that something is easily attainable without the need to put in any effort.

    Her nimble tongue swept across the exposed blue veins of the shaft as her little hand kept rubbing it continuously up and down. Chu Jiao licked the smidge of liquid seeping out of the man’s gl*ns clean like a little kitten. The soft and supple tongue lapped at the mushroom head once before she parted her mouth and took the entire thing in.

    He Sinian felt like he was about to go mad from being ‘tortured’ by a little kitten.

    His rationality told him that he shouldn’t take advantage of her difficulties and instead quickly push the ignorant little fool away and properly educate her on the differences between man and cat.

    However, there was a voice deep inside his heart that was enticing him, saying that this was originally his kitty cat. Even if she had transformed into a person. 

    She was still his.

    His person, his cat.

    His to do anything that he wanted. 

    Chu Jiao couldn’t care less about He Sinian’s inner struggles. She was only wholly absorbed in licking and sucking the stiff object in her mouth.

    After going through two worlds, she was already able to calmly regard this matter as her mission.

    In the previous two worlds, she was fortunate enough to have her missions completed without a hitch. Moreover, she had even encountered two men who treated her as if she were a treasure.

    Regardless of whether it was her second uncle or master, Chu Jiao thanked them wholeheartedly for teaching her what warmth was and what being pampered felt like.

    She didn’t know why she held a possessive desire towards the male leads of the two worlds when she was clearly supposed to be doing a mission, leading to her heart being captured in the end.

    At times, when she was all alone by herself, Chu Jiao would feel that she was a bit shameless.

    Was she really just a woman who would just fall in love everytime she met someone new?

    Even though she would always leave in the end, nobody would know about her past, her future, as well as what she had actually experienced.

    But Chu Jiao felt that, towards the male lead and the two men who had truly loved her, it was really unfair.

    Before she transmigrated, she had never fallen in love. 

    So she didn’t really know whether the feelings she had towards Chu Minshen and Ling Yue were of true love or not.

    Shouldn’t true love mean being with one other person for your entire life?

    She genuinely didn’t know.

    Despite having experienced the pleasures of the flesh several times, deep within Chu Jiao’s heart hid an insecure, lonely and self-deprecating soul.

    When she referred to the word “love”, she was, in fact, giving away her trust, gratitude, attachment and sincerity to them.

    She didn’t know what love was..

    But she knew that she was addicted to it.

    In fact, the system had already informed her by the time she entered the second world that she was allowed to choose the option of sealing her memories, but Chu Jiao refused.

    Even if she had to leave the body every time, even if she had to part with the other when their feelings were at their deepest, she did not want to lose her memories, forget them, and forget the joy and happiness that she had once possessed.

    These memories were the driving forces that pushed her to persevere.

    After being tempered by the two worlds, she had already grown a lot. Although Chu Jiao was still unable to rationally separate love from lust at this period, at the very least, she was no longer at a loss. 

    Faced with the mission she must carry out, she needed to hold onto her heart and let nature take its course while fulfilling her own desire.  

    In her heart, He Sinian was still the little boy who she mutually depended on for their life.

    Even if the two hadn’t seen each other for more than ten years, even if the little boy had already turned into a man.

    Chu Jiao had only mentally regarded him with an added layer of intimacy and attachment, so even if she was currently doing something intimate and lascivious, Chu Jiao didn’t feel indisposed, instead, she felt a hint of novelty and gratification.

    Her little boy had finally grown up.

    Thinking this way, her mouth sucked even harder, and at this time, He Sinian had finally finished dealing with the entanglements in his heart and lifted Chu Jiao up. 

    Author’s note: This chapter analyzes little Jiao Jiao’s inner world. Actually, I’ve always felt that, compared to the male lead, my female lead has suffered a lot moreee~~~

    T/N: I love how in every world, the general reactions of the two characters are the same.

    ML: NO ML, get a hold of yourself! This is immoral!

    Chu Jiao: Om nom nom, d*ck delicioso!

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