Chapter 10 Uncle, let’s watch a movie together

“Second uncle, second uncle, Jiao Jiao missed you so much!”

This wasn’t a lie. The separation this time was the longest one they’ve had in ten years. It lasted for a few months where they could only rely on Weixin to occasionally video call each other.

Chu Minshen took 10 years of his time to irrigate his own little rose, silently slipping into Chu Jiao’s heart.

These 10 years, the system also hadn’t spoken out much so Chu Jiao often forget the existence of her mission.

She thought of herself as an ordinary little lady who grew up being pampered.

She didn’t have parents but she had an uncle who loved and doted on her very much.

It’s just that, she didn’t have appropriate thoughts towards this uncle. 

Chu Minshen rubbed his stubble on Chu Jia’s tender cheeks, inciting her gurgly laugh.

He was the one who had actively taken on the mission this time.

Because, he felt that he was unable to control the wild beast inside him.

Perhaps, some time away from Jiao Jiao would make things better.

He thought this and parted with the little lady for half a year.

But he didn’t think that, even if he suppressed his own thinking, he couldn’t stop his longing. It was like wild grass growing all over his heart.

“You’re chafing me to death, stinky uncle!” Chu Jiao’s face was scratched by his stubble as she laughingly reached her hands out to touch Chu Minshen’s face, urging him. “Quickly go and clean yourself up. After just a few months without seeing each other, you’ve almost become a savage!”

Chu Minshen’s eyes smiled, using his straight nose to rub Chu Jiao’s small nose. “After a few months without seeing you, Jiao Jiao grew sharp teeth again.”

Chu Jiao bared her teeth, revealing adorable little canines and showed an expression of pretending to bite him.

Chu Minshen laughed while putting Chu Jiao down. He rubbed her soft hair. “Quickly go cook. little housewife. The soup is about to dry up from boiling.”

“Ah! Really! Why didn’t you say so earlier!”

Chu Jiao turned her head to look at the boiler and hurriedly turned the fire off.

Chu Minshen who was unjustly attacked, helplessly walked into the washroom to wash himself up.

The two people ate a bountiful dinner.

Chu Minshen leaned on the doorway, staring at Chu Jiao’s pretty figure of washing dishes in the kitchen. He thought to himself. He was originally planning to raise Jiao Jiao into a sweet little princess. How did it now become raising a wise and kind little housewife.

Since she was small, she had always cleaned up the house tidily and well. She can even cook delicious food.

“Jiao Jiao, let me wash them. You quickly do your homework.”

Chu Minshen pulled the sleeves of his shirt up, stepping forward.

“Aiya, Uncle, don’t look for trouble. I’m about to finish already.” Chu Jiao pulled her damp hand out to press against his arm, refusing his help.

She tidied up the desk while carelessly saying.

“Consider yourself lucky. Today, we coincidentally don’t have any homework! This daughter of yours can accompany you to watch a movie!”

Chu Minshen didn’t like playing games. When he occasionally had time, he would watch some military movies as a diversion, however, it wasn’t essential. On the contrary, Chu Jiao loved watching movies. When she was young she would always ask Chu Minshen to rent a bunch of animated and comedy films back. When she got older, Chu Minshen bought her a computer and every weekend, she would download a few blockbuster movies to watch.

“Alright, alright, alright. Thank you, young lady for sparing your precious time and accompanying this poor one to watch movies.”

Chu Minshen cooperated with her really well, answering in a tone adept in coaxing people. Naturally, this ability to coax people was limited to coaxing his own family’s little lady only. Usually on the outside, he was careful about laughing and smiling.

“What movie do you want to watch?” Chu Minshen turned the computer on and connected it to the TV.

“Hm. Two days ago, I heard the boys in my class say there’s a new movie that’s really good that just came out. I think it’s an anti-Japanese film~”

Chu Jiao looked for snacks, pretending to say it casually.

I’m sorry, my classmates. She apologized in her heart. I’ll use your names as an excuse this one time.

Tonight, she was preparing to seriously attack her old-fashioned second Uncle!

Every since the bathroom play 10 years ago, Chu Minshen had reverted back to the manner of being old-fashioned and abstinent.

He was like wax in her hands, and spoiled her endlessly, however he wasn’t ever provoked again. Even if he gave her many years of bathing and slept in the same bed for so long, she had never seen him lose control again.

He firmly upheld the distance between the two people and regardless of how Chu Jiao tried, he would never exceed the standard boundaries and was only willing to be a good uncle. 

This made Chu Jiao’s teeth itch a lot.

If it wasn’t for that one time she got up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet and secretly heard Chu Minshen unable to help but rub himself, blurting out “Jiao Jiao”, she would’ve almost believed that this person didn’t have an ounce of feeling for her!


Tsundere! Stone-face! Big Idiot!

You deserve to be single!

Pulling up her suspenders a bit, Chu Jiao watched her two little steamed buns perking up and inwardly pumped.

Add oil add oil, Chu Jiao Jiao! Let’s bring your shameless courage out!

Tonight, she needed to capture the person!

Little Potato

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