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  • Chapter 4 Clues

    Seeing Bai Yan carry forth a pile of women’s clothes, Chu Fu was extremely surprised.

    When the man was bullying the junior high student, she couldn’t utter a word because she was afraid that she’ll suffer the consequences for meddling. She was worried that the man would snatch away her puzzle, so she didn’t say make a peep. But in her heart, she strongly admired this kind of person that stood up for others.

    The youth had a head of dyed pale golden hair. At first, she assumed that he was a delinquent, but she didn’t think that he wasn’t as he appeared. This person’s heart was good and honest, despite being a little cowardly.

    However, his standing up for the student clearly showed that he was a good person.

    Because of Bai Yan’s brave actions, Chu Fu was sure that he was a hot-blooded youth who was not afraid of losing his puzzle. She tilted her head and asked in a small voice, “Hello, these women’s clothes are probably from the wardrobe, right? May I ask why you brought them over here?”

    “I’m guessing that they may come in handy.”

    Bai Yan glanced at Chu Fu’s way. He saw that the size of Chu Fu’s puzzle was filled with snacks, which was retrieved from the food table.

    Back then, he knew there was a bunch of food placed on the food table, but since it was located too far away, he couldn’t see the things on the table. However, right now, Chu Fu was sitting right beside him, and so, he had a clear view of what those things were. At Chu Fu’s side were pieces of chocolate, some miscellaneous candies, and packs of fattening chips.

    He already knew the contents of the man’s and the student’s puzzles from earlier, so disregarding his jigsaw, only the ‘father’ was left from the family of four.

    The diary’s logs said that the ‘father’ had an eating disorder, so despite eating all day, he wasn’t satisfied at all. Even if he possessed the diary of clues in his hands, the fact that Chu Fu brought back these snacks must mean that she was able to find another clue at the food table.

    This was what Bai Yan had speculated, but in the next second, he was unexpectedly smacked in the face.

    Because what he saw was the picture of Chu Fu ripping open a piece of chocolate from its packaging and eating it!

    What the hell! Wasn’t she going to feed this to the ghost? How could she eat them herself?

    The image of Chu Fu fiercely taking a big bite of the chocolate made Bai Yan start doubting if he had misinterpreted the clues.

    Chu Fu’s current appearance didn’t seem to look like she had found a new clue. Instead, the more he watched her, the more she looked like she was possessed by an evil spirit. As it so happens, the family’s ‘father’ was a starving ghost and Chu Fu happened to acquire the father’s puzzle, and as such, Bai Yan found it hard to believe that this was just a mere coincidence.

    To find out whether Chu Fu was truly possessed by a ghost or not, Bai Yan asked out probingly, “Miss, are you starving? This place is very strange, but you still dare to eat things from this game’s world?”

    “Why? Are these food poisonous?” Bai Yan’s question led Chu Fu to see his point. “I saw that the food seemed to be packaged well and they hadn’t passed their expiration dates, so I reckoned that eating them wasn’t a big deal. The worst I could get is a stomachache. There wouldn’t really be a problem right?”

    Seeing Bai Yan’s face filled with remorse, Chu Fu’s face suddenly turned pale. “Shit! I knew that this place was weird, but ever since I was small, I would eat food whenever I felt nervous. I really can’t help myself. Also, I’ve always felt that there’s something off with this game. It can’t be this easy to complete the level. I know I’m not that bright, so… I’m scared that I might die here today. Thinking of the possibility that I was going to die, I might as well die as a well fed ghost, so I started eating. But how could the food be poisonous!”

    Chu Fu’s tears started streaming down her face. She didn’t appear to be lying.

    As Chu Fu lifted her hand to wipe her tears, Bai Yan saw a scar on the back of Chu Fu’s hand. His face changed slightly, and he finally believed Chu Fu’s love for eating.

    Chu Fu cried miserably. It was easy to see that she had a hard life in the real world, so this made Bai Yan feel excited. His brain couldn’t resist coming up with a plan to make this originally unfortunate girl even more unfortunate.

    Of course, to be excited under these conditions was like looking for death. Bai Yan repeatedly pinched his thigh, forcefully calming himself down.

    As he calmed down, Bai Yan’s heated head finally cooled down. He knew that he couldn’t let all the others die.

    This game was extremely odd. Even if he didn’t want to die in vain, there still had to be a scapegoat for this control group.

    As such, he softly comforted her, “It’s not that it’s poisonous, but it’s best that you shouldn’t eat the food here.”

    Seeing Chu Fu’s unconvinced look, Bai Yan explained, “I found a clue at the desk. Your puzzle has a starving ghost on it, so the food on the table may have been ghost offerings…”


    So, she ate a starving ghost’s offerings?

    Chu Fu’s complexion suddenly became even more unsightly.

    She quickly placed the half-eaten piece of chocolate down and couldn’t continue to speak to Bai Yan. After drying her tears, she started concentrating on the puzzle.

    After pointing it out to Chu Fu, Bai Yan had also decided to start working on his puzzle.

    He pulled out his phone to take a look at the time, there were still 13 minutes left in the game.

    Fortunately, the puzzle in his hand had a reference. Every time he was unsure, he would just turn his head around and look at the wardrobe to be able to continue piecing the puzzle.

    While he was piecing the puzzle, Bai Yan specifically avoided the pieces that contained the ghost, starting from the outside in.

    Since he started a bit late, by the time he was almost finished with the outer parts, Chu Fu was almost done with the center of her puzzle.

    While Bai Yan was moving his hands, he was also observing the other’s progress.

    Even though the junior high student was the youngest, his solving speed was the fastest. When Bai Yan was paying attention to him, he had already finished piecing the majority of the background and the top part of the chandelier.

    Bai Yan remembered that there was a white shadow in the chandelier, so he subconsciously looked towards it.

    As soon as he looked up, his whole body froze.

    A pale-faced boy was sitting down on the chandelier, firmly staring below.

    Sensing Bai Yan’s gaze, the youth sharply turned his eyes as if it were searching for the human who had seen him. Upon seeing this, Bai Yan immediately lowered his head, pretending that he didn’t see anything.

    As Bai Yan bowed his head, the youth’s eyes drew back to where they were. One of his eyes protruded from its socket, yet he remained looking bitterly at the boy who was trying to solve the puzzle.

    However, the junior high student was ignorant about all of this. His face filled with sweat, trying to complete the puzzle as soon as possible. However, he failed to notice that with every piece he joined, the little boy’s neck became longer and longer.

    As the student put together the white puzzle pieces, ‘its’ long neck hung down from the chandelier, silently reaching his back and slowly closing in on the back of his head.

    By this moment, the student’s puzzle was nearly reaching its end….

    (Pa ta)!

    When the final piece was laid down.

    The lights had suddenly gone out.

    Immediately, the room was submerged into deathly still darkness.

    With no windows and the door nailed shut to its plank, there was no source of light in the entire room.

    In this dark environment, all of them gave up solving their puzzles. The sound of panicked breathing was the only thing that could be heard in the silent room.

    “What the fuck is going on? Why did the lights suddenly go out?!”

    In the middle of the darkness, the man’s curses rang out, but nobody gave him a reply.

    Before going through this torture, everyone knew in their hearts that this game certainly had ghosts.

    Now that they were suddenly thrown into darkness, the man started to anxiously swear as if trying to appease his frightened state. A fumbling sound could be heard from Chu Fu. She most likely grabbed something and took a bite out of it. After a moment had passed, she ultimately put the thing down.

    To be honest, the junior high student hated the man who had forcefully taken away his puzzle and struck him.

    He was even spat on while being on the ground. He had never suffered this kind of humiliation before.

    However, at this moment, the man’s curses made him feel a sliver of ease. Even if he was yelling disgusting profanities, he also hoped that he would speak a lot more to get rid of this uncomfortable silence.

    But, despite there being a clear voice, why did he still feel unease?

    He kept feeling that something was looking at him from behind.

    Don’t be overly suspicious. It is dark right now. Even if you turn your head, you can’t see anything.

    The student comforted himself, but he felt the hairs in his body standing up as though there was a cold gust of wind that lightly brushed across his nape.

    They were indoors, so how could there be wind? Besides, it was currently summer right now, and there were neither air conditioner nor fans here.

    …Hold on a moment, where did this gust of wind come from?

    As if having realized something, the student’s forehead started emitting beads of sweat. He quiveringly reached out a hand to search for his phone on the table, but when he finally came into contact with his phone, the blood in his entire body had turned cold.

    “Whose….Whose hand is on top of my phone?”

    Nobody said a word.

    Realizing that something was wrong, even the man who kept swearing finally shut his mouth.

    “Who is it? It doesn’t matter who, just quickly say something!”

    “Don’t joke around, just quickly speak up!!”

    “Are you… Are you guys still alive?”

    The junior high student’s teeth started chattering. His fingers twitched for a while, not knowing if he should continue to open his cell phone.

    Stuck in a motionless deadlock, he finally felt something.

    On top of his phone, was a pair of hands. A very small pair of hands.

    During this long silence, the student heard a burst of gurgling laughter from behind.

    He had finally become aware that all of this wasn’t a figment of his imagination.

    A ghost had found him!

    Without a trace of light in the room, he could only rely on his phone.

    The junior high student’s heart thumped violently, his head drawing a blank. He couldn’t control his fingers but he still tried to overcome the fear in his heart. He pressed on the phone’s power button and using this faint light it emitted, he slowly turned his head and looked behind…

    Locking eyes with an extremely terrifying pair of pupils that stared dead straight at him. The boy had an upturned head and a very long neck.


    The phone’s light cut off.

    And what followed after was the sound of a continuous blood-curdling screech.

    However, this time, all of them remained like zombies in the dark, quietly and silently listening without moving a muscle.

    After around a dozen or more seconds had passed, 

    The light had come back on.

    The room had recovered its brightness, but the junior high student and his phone had vanished altogether, leaving behind only a pool of sinister blood in his seat.

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