Chapter 23 Seeing the Guests Out

While Su Xiaoqian had already ‘admitted defeat,’  the knocks still persisted, much to Boss Zhao’s displeasure.

He waited for the door to open and was shocked as he saw the person from the other side. He couldn’t help but ask with disbelief, “Madame Gu, what are you doing here this late at night?”

Madame Gu didn’t utter a reply.

With her hair all scattered, she popped the door open and slowly walked towards the bed, step by step.

Without a word, Madame Gu entered the room. On the other hand, Boss Zhao assumed that she and Old Gu had a disagreement, and so while her husband was sleeping soundly, she quietly sneaked off to find him to relieve her loneliness.

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Madame Gu was a beautiful middle-aged woman. Gazing at her aged yet attractive face, Boss Zhao couldn’t help but indulge in his wild fantasies, seeming to be somewhat pleased with himself.

But as more time passed by, Madame Gu didn’t say anything, making Boss Zhao gradually realize that something was amiss.

He quietly stared at the slowly-approaching woman and suddenly found a frightening discovery—— The woman wore her exposing nighttime clothes with her beautiful mane loosely draping down her face. But as he looked closer, something was wrong with her neck, it had a sinister-looking gash on it.

Ordinary people would think that the cut was sewn together, but under his keen eyes which have seen countless beheadings, there was no way a person would still be alive after that nasty slit.

Is the Madame Gu in front of him still alive?

During this creepy situation, Boss Zhao unconsciously retreated his hand resting on Su Xiaoqian’s body and anxiously moved away.

“Don’t… Don’t come near me!”

The silent woman still drew near.

She finally reached the bedside and extended her ice-cold hand, grabbing Boss Zhao’s head from above.

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Boss Zhao’s heart beat wildly as he fearfully closed his eyes, waiting for the woman to take his life.


Boss Zhao suddenly felt a wave of dizziness.

Fortunately, a few seconds had passed and nothing strange happened.

He slowly opened his eyes and saw that Madame Gu was no longer in front of him.

What the hell was happening?

Boss Zhao was terrified. So terrified that he wanted to quickly leave this horrid villa but couldn’t do so since his legs wouldn’t listen to him.

He was so scared that he couldn’t feel his legs.

In the end, he decided to cry for help, but no matter how much he tried, a sound wouldn’t come out.

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Boss Zhao desperately screamed in his head, shrieking until he calmed himself down. He then tried to shift his eyes with great difficulty, only to find out that his view had shifted a 180°.

He saw the maid lying on the bed, her plump breasts leaning over to one side as if she were already asleep for a long time.

His thick rear sat closely to the maid’s youthful body with his palms full of sweat, consequently soaking the bed sheet underneath.

Ha, luckily he was still alive.

Though, when could he turn his head this far?

Boss Zhao harbored some suspicions in his heart and felt his heart thump louder and louder. He slowly shifted his eyes higher… and higher… until he finally saw his headless neck.

It was headless…

He then realized that his head… was already cut off.

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In the garden, Miss Liu was still struggling to dig up the Chinese rose.

After Li Hao gladly handed over the shovel, he quickly ran back to the villa with a wisp of smoke trailing behind and hid inside the villa to watch from afar, not having any intentions of assisting her.

As a result, although Miss Liu partially regretted digging it up, it was foolish of her to think that she could unearth the head alone, but since there wasn’t anyone near her and she didn’t feel like calling for someone, she might as well rest for a bit and continue digging up the Chinese rose later.

Not long after tiredly digging, Miss Liu finally reached the bottom of the Chinese rose.

Besides the brown soil, her shovel suddenly hit a hard object. She already shoveled off the flower’s roots and dug down a few more times. Sure enough, she unexpectedly saw a plump human head.

“A head… A human head… He really didn’t lie to me…”

Miss Liu was emotionally moved and threw the Chinese rose aside, engrossing herself in uncovering the head. But as she dug the soil near the head, she found that the head was securely connected to something else, making it harder for her to dig it up.

“What could possibly be under the head?”

Miss Liu was unwilling to give up and continued to vigorously dig up the soil around the head, only to see that the head was still connected to the body all along.

The head’s owner was deep in the soil, buried upright after he died, only slightly rotting away.

“How convenient for a corpse to be buried here. This Boss Gu is really careless.”

Having a hard time uprooting the head, Miss Liu couldn’t help but complain. She then used the shovel to violently sever the head, but the head didn’t budge and was still firmly attached to the body. It seemed to refuse to obediently be dug up by Miss Liu and let her play with it.

With a lack of a better option, Miss Liu was forced to continue shoveling.

The head’s stubbornness finally evoked the Miss’s fiery passion in her heart. She didn’t care about digging up the head anymore and focused on unearthing the entire corpse.

Without the Chinese rose getting in her way, she used all her strength and moved the shovel to dig some more.

She exhaustedly heaved her breaths as she dug down to half a meter tiredly yet to no avail. She only found a single head with a long long neck.

“How come even after digging so much it still won’t come out? I can’t believe this. I won’t be able to play with it tonight!”

Miss Liu dug until her eyes turned red from fatigue and at this moment, she completely forgot the purpose of digging out the Chinese flower, only desperately shoveling non-stop.

One after another, the pile of soil grew with Miss Liu’s every movement, and finally, she dug herself into a pit and had soil surrounding her. With her heart set on it, she persisted to dig, throwing the soil upwards.

“This neck, why is it still the neck? Why is this man’s neck so long!”

Miss Liu cursed frustratingly but then abruptly froze. That’s right, why was this neck ridiculously long?

Eventually realizing something was wrong, Miss Liu suddenly felt a cold breeze that sent shivers down her spine.

She finally noticed that her surroundings were completely dark due to her incessant shoveling, managing to trap herself in this dark hole.

The atmosphere was eerily quiet, not even hearing the soft chirps of a small bird. Miss Liu tried to call for help but no one showed up.

After waiting for two lengthy minutes, Miss Liu, who couldn’t wait for anyone to come to her rescue, decided to save herself.

She used the shovel and mounted a pile of dirt to create a foothold.

But before that, she planned to turn around and find a suitable position for it. As soon as she moved her foot, she felt that something was pulling on her feet.

Something gripped her ankles.

Miss Liu turned around and suddenly found another face touching hers. Under these creepy circumstances, she couldn’t bear to like this head anymore, only fearing it greatly.

Why was this corpse’s neck so long?

Why didn’t she notice that something was wrong when she started digging?

Miss Liu stiffly lowered her head to look at her feet and saw a pair of cold-dead hands grabbing her ankles. Without waiting for her to scream, the ghost’s hands pulled her into the ground. Along with the long neck, Miss Liu’s body ominously disappeared…

Bai Yan patiently waited for half an hour, not for Miss Liu’s triumphant return, but Li Hao’s message.

[She’s dead. ]

After receiving the wonderful news of Miss Liu’s death, Bai Yan happily deleted the two text messages. At long last, his heart was at ease and he could peacefully rest for the night.

He didn’t feel the slightest remorse towards Miss Liu’s death.

In the game, are NPCs not considered as humans?

After a dreamless slumber, Bai Yan woke up in high spirits the next day and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast as usual but ran into the master seeing Teacher Wang out.

“Did you have a pleasant stay last night?”

“Yes, I had a good night’s rest.”

The scholarly-looking man’s shoes were badly stained with blood while a defined bite mark could be seen in his hands. The master didn’t react to these apparent wrong signs, still maintaining a wholehearted smile as he saw the scholarly man off and watching him as he departed the villa.

Upon seeing this, Bai Yan asked but already knew the answer to his question, “Sir, will the other two guests be leaving? Should I also prepare breakfast for them as well?”

“No need. They already left.” The master asked in confusion, “Did you not see them leave? They were with Mr. Wang when they left. Your entertaining skills are good. Mr. Wang even highly praised you three when he was with me.”

Bai Yan was sure that he didn’t hear wrong. The only person standing there earlier was Teacher Wang. The master clearly said that the three guests were all there just now, but he didn’t want to disagree with the master.

Bai Yan silently took note of this and continued his way to the kitchen to chop some rat meat.

After the master finished his breakfast, the remaining players in the villa gathered. Much to everyone’s shock, Yang Qi was nowhere to be found.

“This isn’t right. Li Kui’s dead. Old Zhu’s dead. Aren’t we supposed to be six? Where’s Yang Qi?”

“Yang Qi and the two of us entertained the guests last night. How could she not come back yet?” Su Xiaoqian said with surprise, “It’s okay. All the guests must be humans. Last night, the vulgar man I was with wanted to conveniently take advantage of me. I didn’t hit him and he almost got his way, but fortunately, the door-knocking ghost came at midnight, which the wicked man curiously addressed as Madame Gu. Though in the end, I didn’t know what happened to him afterward.”

Su Xiaoqian quickly added, “Anyway, when I woke up this morning, there were no traces of that wretched man. There were only some specks of blood on the bed sheets. I guess he was slaughtered by the door-knocking ghost, which is such a huge relief.”

“Boss Zhao is also dead? But this morning, the master said that he left with Teacher Wang and Miss Liu. I was also present at the time but only saw Teacher Wang leaving alone. I am certain that didn’t see the other two.” Bai Yan said, “The master didn’t think he remembered it wrong. Instead, he was puzzled on why I didn’t see the other two leave. Maybe he thought I saw wrong.”

“Miss Liu is still here? Last night, she became my replacement for digging up the Chinese rose. I watched from a distance and vigilantly tracked for any signs of movements in the hole, but there weren’t any. This morning, I even secretly went to where the flower was located, expecting to find a large pit, but it wasn’t there. Is it possible that she’s still alive? “Li Hao was also confused, “What do you guys think is going on?”

The room fell into dead silence as everyone thought about it for a moment, but An Qing hesitantly said, “I have a rough guess, but I don’t know if I should tell you guys.”

“Say it.” Li Hao urged.

“I think Yang Qi… is already dead.” An Qing anxiously played with her fingers while organizing her thoughts on what to say next, “During last night’s meal, Teacher Wang’s table manners were barbaric. Looking carefully, his actions were practically the same with the younger master. Even if the master and madam didn’t eat savagely like they did, it was all for the sake of saving face. Moreover, like Bai Yan said earlier, the master seems to have some trouble processing what had happened. Maybe he truly thought that last night’s meal was farmed penguin meat.”

“That’s why I think that Teacher Wang was also a ghost, like the younger master, and that Yang Qi encountered some bad luck.”

After An Qing finished talking, Bai Yan suddenly remembered what Teacher Wang looked like this morning. Teacher Wang had teeth marks on his hand. At that time, he also felt something was wrong but didn’t give it much thought since he was busy with work. Now that he thought about it, maybe what had happened last night was as An Qing speculated. Without a doubt, Teacher Wang murdered Yang Qi last night.

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