Chapter 22 Chinese Rose

“Our line of work also includes this kind of service?” Bai Yan asked with a bit of surprise in his voice.

“Oh? Otherwise, how do you expect to earn such a high salary for only working for seven days? The wind doesn’t simply blow me my money you know.” The master retorted coldly, “Before signing a contract, everything should be clear to you. Besides that, Miss Liu is a beautiful woman, it won’t be so bad for you to accompany her for the night.”

Good… He asked the right question this time and got new information.

Knowing that the master’s mind has already been decided, Bai Yan respectfully bowed and promptly left to notify Su Xiaoqian and Yang Qi of this unfortunate situation.

When they learned that they wouldn’t be able to rest for the night and also be on night duty, the two girl’s expressions instantly fell, especially Yang Qi, who couldn’t help but complain, “This game is too much! We not only listen to that pervert’s orders but now we have to keep these perverted guests company for the night?”

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“Compared to the concern of losing our chastity, we also need to be worried about the possibility of the guests being ghosts.” Su Xiaoqian sneered angrily, “If it’s losing your virginity to a person, we still have a chance to resist, but going to bed with a ghost, you wouldn’t be sure if your head would still be on your neck once you fall asleep.”

After a while, both women knew that it was useless to drag this argument on any longer, so the three reluctantly headed to the guest’s room.

Since there were two male guests and the master didn’t explicitly say who should accompany who, the two girls had the problem of choosing between the two male guests.

But they both knew that making the guests wait would bring about unbridled consequences. Finally, after an aggressive back and forth, Su Xiaoqian was the one to concede and took a step back. She completely understood that if the guests were indeed ghosts, she wouldn’t be able to resist them at all, but if they were humans, the worst thing she could get was sexual harassment. She was already dealing with the madam and the crazy son, why should she be scared of some trifling male NPC?

In the end, Su Xiaoqian chose the five big and three thick (1) one, which was non-other than the upright Boss Zhao. On the other hand, Yang Qi went to the scholarly-looking man’s room, who was called Teacher Wang by the master.

  1. Five big and three thick is a Chinese idiom that describes someone as tall, stout, and burly. Five big refers to big hands, big feet, big ears, large shoulders, and a fat gut, while the three thick are thick waist, thick legs, and a thick neck.   

Watching the two ladies enter their respective rooms without a half-hearted attitude, Bai Yan heaved a sigh and proceeded to go to Miss Liu’s room, slowly pushing the door open.

As he went in, he saw that Miss Liu was done washing up and was sitting on the bed, quietly reading the master’s book.

Miss Liu saw him enter and patted the spot beside her, motioning to Bai Yan to come and sit.

“Butler Bai, what a coincidence. Have you already thought over the matter we discussed the other day?”

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“What matter are you referring to? What did you say to me back then?” Bai Yan acted dumb.

“My, you sure are forgetful.” Miss Liu showed a faint smile and teased Bai Yan’s terrible memory, “Have you thought about it yet?”

“No, it’s out of the question. The master had recognized my abilities and took me in. I can’t easily betray him.” Although he was just a temporary worker for a few days, Bai Yan still devotedly refused her offer.

In the past two days, Bai Yan noticed that the master was a small-minded man who wanted to save face. Liu Kui became the chosen “winner” and to avoid his early demise, he must stay firm with his answer.

“Forget it.” Miss Liu suddenly blurted out as if not expecting to succeed, “Since that’s the case, then you should accompany just for tonight.”

After speaking, Miss Liu suggestively hooked her thick cherry-red lips, implying something obvious.

Bai Yan didn’t move an inch, and with coquettish eyes, Miss Liu impatiently grabbed Bai Yan’s collar, pressing him down the bed with ease. Her hands started unbuttoning his shirt mischievously, her movements demonstrating dexterity.

It seemed like she wasn’t short on experience when it came to this kind of thing.

Miss Liu’s bold and unconstrained manner inadvertently made Bai Yan stiff. Seeing his young and inexperienced reaction, Miss Liu couldn’t help but let out a laugh as her hands’ movements remained unapologetic. 

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Amid Miss Liu’s restless fondling, the gears inside Bai Yan’s head also began to move. Should he follow through this to avoid any conflict?

Regardless if Miss Liu was extremely beautiful, in this dangerous game, abandoning your integrity or selling your kidney wasn’t such a big deal, but as he thought about it, he felt that he couldn’t go through with selling his kidney.

If by chance Miss Liu got her way and did whatever she wanted with him tonight, during the middle of their act, if the door-knocking ghost came, would having his eyes closed still be useful?

Being pressed roughly on the bed, it looked as if he had no other choice but to sell his kidneys, so Bai Yan violently racked his brain for a long while to think of a reliable plan.

As a result, he grabbed Miss Liu’s naughty little hands and used a moderate amount of force to entrap her. With him turning into the dominant one, he sat up and embraced Miss Liu, softly whispering into her ear.

Seeing his big act of “rebellion,” Miss Liu, the usually aggressive one, wasn’t really mad at his sudden behavior. Instead, she took this golden opportunity to nuzzle into Bai Yan’s chest, ambiguously saying, “Butler Bai, did you figure it out?”

“I did. A beautiful woman, such as Miss Liu, wouldn’t be missing a man’s touch.”

Ms. Liu chuckled slightly, her round eyes filled with eagerness, “Then Butler Bai, shall we start?”

“Let’s not be in a hurry.” Bai Yan’s hand instinctively moved away from hers as he saw she didn’t back down.

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“What do you mean? Do you want to back out?” Miss Liu’s face instantly mirrored displeasure. It was very much like Bai Yan to dare stir some trouble regardless of the position he was in.

“Before we start, how about I tell you something interesting to liven things up?”

Bai Yan said mysteriously, successfully capturing Miss Liu’s interest when she raised a brow.

Not wanting to lose, she pretended to look unconvinced and said, “Okay, I’ll listen to what you want to say first. If what you say isn’t interesting at all, I for sure won’t let you go tonight.”

“I promise that it will be very interesting.” Bai Yan gently caressed her soft hair, his face looking sincere, “I know Miss Liu likes my master’s books and has a taste for beheading. Right now, somewhere in this villa, there’s a hidden decapitated head. Do you want to know where it is?”

Miss Liu was a known severed head-loving aficionado and upon hearing these words, she said with her voice full of excitement, “Where? Where is it hidden? It turns out that the head Old Gu chopped up in the club was not his first one! I was saying that he was so daring, even being this skillful at chopping heads!”

Miss Liu saw Bai Yan’s eyes narrow from smiling and pushed closer to him, anxiously saying, “Don’t leave me hanging. Tell me quickly, where is it hidden? Don’t play with me!”

“How could I do that? The master absolutely commanded to take care of you. How could I dare trick you.” Bai Yan tenderly held Miss Liu’s hand and affectionately said, “The head that’s in the villa is buried in the garden. The master particularly planted a Chinese rose on top of it. You still haven’t seen this place’s magnificent Chinese rose?”

“Is it?” Miss Liu was still skeptical of his words, “Who knows if you’re tricking me. A severed head that’s buried under a Chinese rose? I haven’t seen it and there’s no basis for it other than your colorful mouth weaving this story.”

“I’m not making this up.” Bai Yan solemnly vowed, “Today, the madam even asked the gardener to dig up the fourth rose later at midnight, and underneath it, there’s a head buried. The gardener and I have a good relationship, I can ask him to not come tonight. Do you want to see it for yourself?”

“Is that okay?” In the end, since she was a guest staying at someone else’s home, Miss Liu was a bit hesitant, but her glistening and shining eyes told a different story, “I’ll try it then. With my relationship with Old Gu, he wouldn’t care if it were me. After all, we’re from the same club and everyone knows that I wouldn’t betray him easily.”

After talking, Miss Liu was already impatient.

Miss Liu felt anxious when it came to digging up the head, but Bai Yan couldn’t let her get away so easily.

Seeing that there was still a lot of time before midnight, Bai Yan suddenly seized Miss Liu’s waist, wrapping his arm tightly on her, and sweet-talked her to stall for time, even using his sex appeal at that. He waited a few more minutes for the clock to near midnight and instantly acted as if he were reluctant to part with her, sadly letting go of her hand in the process. Bai Yan then conveniently found a reason for him not to go with Miss Liu and unearth the head.

“Well, that’s alright. You can take a shower first and wait for me on the bed after.”

Thinking that she would find a new decapitated head and have an attractive hunk patiently waiting for her in bed, Miss Liu merrily went to dig up the Chinese rose.

As Miss Liu went on her way, Bai Yan also happily pulled out his phone from his pocket and texted Li Hao a heads up.

[One of our guests volunteered to help you dig out the Chinese rose. You can give her the shovel and leave immediately. ]

After sending a text, Bai Yan went to the bathroom and washed up, just as he promised. Since there were no other players in the room, he didn’t need to reapply his cosmetics and just lazily laid flat on the bed, blankly staring at the ceiling and waiting for his seeds to bear fruit.

Only ghosts could deal with ghosts. If Ms. Liu came back alive and well, then what was the use of him resisting a powerful female ghost? It was better to obediently lie flat and die quickly.

But, if she didn’t come back, he would certainly have a pleasant night ahead of him. Miss Liu was indeed a very beautiful woman, but no matter how big the bed was, it was obviously more comfortable to sleep alone, rather than having two people share the bed. During the past few nights, Li Hao’s tormented sleeptalking was never-ending, so Bai Yan wholeheartedly hoped that Miss Liu wouldn’t come back.

As Miss Liu grabbed the shovel and huffed and puffed while unearthing the Chinese rose, the next-door neighbor, Su Xiaoqian, also encountered a mishap.

Like the inappropriate Miss Liu, after chatting with Su Xiaoqian for a while, Boss Zhao also lacked basic decency and distastefully groped Su Xiaoqian.

Su Xiaoqian had a fiery temper, so no one dared disrespect her like that. Even if it were a ghost, she would still violently slap it.

So, she furiously resisted her urges and sharply scratched Boss Zhao’s face, leaving a bright red mark across his face and causing him to burn with rage.

“You smelly old fart, don’t you have any shame! Carelessly touching a pure maiden in front of you! Do you think I don’t know? When you’re all doing this, aren’t you seeking something else?” Boss Zhao angrily took out his wallet and grabbed a wad of cash, ruthlessly throwing it in Su Xiaoqian’s face, “Old Gu asked you to come here to accompany me for the night. Serve this father well and money you can’t even imagine will be yours by tomorrow. Father isn’t a stingy person!”

“Go to hell, you lowlife!”

Su Xiaoqian shook the money off of her head and face and continued to struggle out of the situation desperately. Seeing that the insubordinate maid was still ununderstanding, Boss Zhao grew more enraged. He no longer sympathized with the girl and prepared to touch her, but as he forcefully grabbed her, they heard a banging echo from the other side of the door.

“Boom boom boom!”

“Boom boom boom!”

“Who’s bothering us this late at night?” Boss Zhao released Su Xiaoqian and turned his head towards the door irritatedly. But as he stared at the door, no one from the other side answered back.

Su Xiaoqian’s heart came into a jolt when she heard the successive knocks from the door.

Now, she didn’t care if Boss Zhao would feel her up. Instead, she immediately steadied her breaths, lying motionless on the bed and pretending to be dead. Even though Boss Zhao thought that she admitted her defeat and started taking advantage of her, she endured it as if her life depended on it and acted as if she were already dead.

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