Chapter 20 A Scarlet Red Car

“Bai Yan, do you want one too?”

Zhu Fugui was not in a good mood right now, so the two quietly sat on the steps to smoke with him. Although Bai Yan had never smoked a cigarette before, he still took one and tried to inhale two puffs of smoke, leading him to cough uncontrollably.

Bai Yan didn’t like the taste that cigarettes left in his mouth.

But, smoking had its benefits too. The non-stop coughing from the smoke helped stop his smile from forming on his lips. The expression on Zhu Fugui’s face was extremely bitter and unpleasant, making Bai Yan afraid that if he stared at him too much, he would let out a chuckle unexpectedly.

It was said that smoking could help relieve stress, but Bai Yan couldn’t feel its calming effects. On the other hand, Zhu Fugui and Lu Tianyi continuously smoked cigarettes one after another, making the air around them unpleasant to the nose.

As Zhu Fugui smoked his cigarette, tears started rolling down his cheeks, “If… if I die in this game, could you guys do me a favor? My daughter is only five years old this year, and her mother left us early. Now, I’ll soon go and find her. What will happen to her if she’s all alone?”

“Where do you live?” Lu Tianyi slowly extinguished an old cigarette and instantly lit another one.

“Luya Village, Huangfeng City. Go to the only restaurant in the village.” Zhu Fugui blew his nose as he woefully said, “Brother, please tell my little daughter that I have gone to find her mother and won’t be able to come back. Tell her to go and live at her uncle’s house and listen well to her uncle and aunt’s words. Tell her to not miss her mommy and daddy too much. From here on out, her daddy won’t be able to take care of her anymore. If she misbehaves, she might be kicked out of the house, so I can’t help her.”

“Very well. If you die, I’ll go find your daughter.” Lu Tianyi promised, “Old Zhu, you shouldn’t be too pessimistic. We still have three more hours until it’s midnight. As long as we find a way out of this within three hours, you won’t die.”

“Not die…Can I really avoid death?” Zhu Fugui stomped on the cigarette a bit more energetically, “Then, we should go. Where should we find some clues?”

“I can go to the cellar and look for the older young master. I’ll ask if he knows anything.” Bai Yan quickly got up and waved the two of them good-bye, “You two can ask the madam if the payment will collect money.”

Lu Tianyi and Zhu Fugui promptly went away. Meanwhile, Bai Yan kindly asked Su Xiaoqian for the location of the cellar and followed her instructions to reach the cellar.

In all honesty, Bai Yan wasn’t optimistic about this plan. The dark-skinned driver clearly stated that if he had used his phone to contact the company, he would surely reach a dead end.

If Zhu Fugui had borrowed a phone from the madam or had used someone else’s phone, there still might be a bit of a way out of this. However, the mistake had already happened. Once stepping on the route to death, his fate was almost inevitable.

Bai Yan felt that Zhu Fugui’s chances of finding a solution to this were next to nothing. His real objective from visiting the cellar was to ask some questions for the young master that was locked inside.

As he finally reached the bottom of the stairs leading to the dark cellar, a series of strange digging noises resounded from the young master’s room. 

Hearing someone’s footsteps slowly come closer, the mad man trapped inside the room abruptly started screaming and shouting nonsense, saying that he wasn’t crazy.

To stop his loud devil-like noise, Bai Yan firmly kicked the door and made the iron door produce a deafening rattle, stopping the incessant roaring of the young master.

“Master, can you hear me? If you do, then say something.”

The person inside didn’t answer. Bai Yan had anticipated this response earlier, so he ignored it and asked out loud, “I won’t repeat what I’m about to say. I know that if I ask about your parent’s circumstances, you would claim that you aren’t the insane one, but your parents are. Then, I’ll ask something else. Do you still have a younger brother? He is currently residing inside the villa as we speak.”

“Not true! Not true! I don’t have a younger brother anymore!” The trapped person desperately yelled out, “My younger brother’s dead! What rubbish are you talking about my brother being back? You’re all crazy!”

Using the younger brother as bait to provoke the elder son was extremely effective. Through the new contents of the roars, Bai Yan was able to confirm his hypothesis.

Combining the information he had gathered in the club, the abnormal activities all occurred six months ago.

On a certain day, half a year ago, the husband and wife somehow came across a living version of their dead younger son and as the couple was brimming with joy, they didn’t think twice to bring the child home, compelling the oldest son to go mad.

As time passed by, the master and madam became unhealthily obsessed with ‘decapitating’ and ‘eating rotten meat.’ During this period, they may have carelessly died, only leaving the eldest son that was trapped in the cellar to narrowly survive. All this time, he had been thinking of ways to prove that he’s not insane, but what he doesn’t know was that his parents were already murdered by the ghosts that inconspicuously snuck into the villa.

Bai Yan knew well that ghosts have all kinds of abilities, so even humans couldn’t defend themselves against them.

The master and the madam took their long-dead son home without a second thought, indicating that the ghost must have altered their memories.

Moreover, he wasn’t sure if the youngest son was indeed the ghost because the ghost could easily change people’s memories. Since the couple’s memories of their youngest son were already manipulated, the two people’s perception of normal matters would be surely distorted.

Bai Yan had already gotten the information he wanted to know, so he wanted to quickly leave the foul-smelling cellar.

According to his theory, only the eldest son in the whole villa was still a real living person. But since he was already half-mad, it would be difficult to talk to him.

Before he left, Bai Yan casually asked, “Master, I’m an employee here and would like to ask you something work-related. The cook made a call today with his personal phone. He wants to peacefully pay back the owed sum to the delivery company. Is there a way for him to escape death tonight?”

“Ingredients, eat, food…” The person inside mumbled endlessly. Mentioning the ingredients caused him to miserably recall his previous meals, making him sink into a mad frenzy.

“Eat…don’t eat, I don’t want to eat! Dead, they are all dead!”

“Mom! Don’t feed me, I don’t want to eat these… Get lost! All of you get lost!”

Knowing that there was nothing more to ask the young master, Bai Yan indifferently shrugged his shoulders and quickly went back to his room.

Anyway, he knew that Zhu Fugui’s situation was a lost cause.

After Liu Kui died, only two people were sleeping in their room.

Because Lu Tianyi was busy helping Zhu Fugui find a way to live, Li Hao didn’t dare wander around the garden alone at night.

Liu Kui’s death was a lesson for all of them. Not wanting to follow Liu Kui’s path, Li Hao swiftly washed up and slept early.

As the clock stroke 10, Lu Tianyi and the pale-faced Zhu Fugui came back disappointed. They returned empty-handed and simply smoked inside the room, inhaling one stick after another.

The duo’s eyes flashed a glimmer of hope when they saw Bai Yan walking towards them but seeing his head shake discouragingly, Zhu Fugui completely gave up.

He sadly wiped away his tears with his hand and dried them on the bed, saying with a strong and stern voice, “Brothers, thank you. I thought about it for a bit and I want to be alone when I go. Don’t accompany me. I should be responsible for my actions and shouldn’t involve you two. If you have the time, please send the message to my daughter. Tell her to not wait for me anymore since I won’t be coming back.”

Lu Tianyi nodded grimly as he smoked a puff of his cigarette, “Old Zhu, how about you not go. Just stay in the room tonight, I’ll keep you company. If you don’t go, I don’t think that the ghost will come in here and pull you away!”

“Brother…” Zhu Fugui was grateful and was at a loss for words, saying anything now would be meaningless.

The two quietly smoked their cigarettes. Considering that Bai Yan wanted to know what would happen later, he stayed with them a little longer but sat beside a window, distancing himself from them.

After breathing in the scent of smoke all night long, the two’s smell was no longer unpleasant.

They seemed to want to drive the ghost away using the smoke, which was especially thick, and with a click of a lighter, time seemed to speed by them.


Zhu Fugui gloomily sat on the bed and stared at the clock with a face as white as a ghost.

Suddenly, the sound of a car breaks came from outside the door. When Zhu Fugui heard this sound, he involuntarily stood up, slowly inching to the door, opening it, and then walking straight towards the villa’s gates…

“Old Zhu, what are you doing!”

Upon seeing what Zhu Fugui was doing, Lu Tianyi immediately went out to stop him. Bai Yan followed suit and helped pull on Zhu Fugui’s waist with all his strength.

However, Zhu Fugui was several times stronger than they were and easily, and ruthlessly threw the two of them to the ground. The two couldn’t get up and helplessly watched as Zhu Fugui exited the villa in a daze, walking towards a scarlet red car glowing under the bright moonlight.

From afar, they couldn’t see if someone was riding in the dark front seat.

But as Zhu Fugui came closer, the car’s trunk suddenly popped open with a snap.

The ghost’s slender black arms gradually reached out of the trunk.

After Zhu Fugui’s thick fat body was chillingly dragged into the trunk by ghost’s hands, the hood suddenly closed and the car began to shake violently.

It took a while for the car to finally return to its calm state and promptly left, leaving a wisp of smoke trailing behind.

Seeing the red car furiously drive away, the two finally dared to approach the scene and unhurriedly walked to the spot where Zhu Fugui was taken.

“Old Zhu…”

Real men don’t cry. But knowing that the so-called debt had finally been repaid, Lu Tianyi’s tears started streaming down.

However, the hardships they will face were far from over.

They still had to receive a group of guests the day after tomorrow.

They would have to entertain guests who were as dreadful as the master and madam.

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