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  • Chapter 18 A Doubtful Point

    Among the villa’s family of four, only the younger son had exhibited the most normal behavior.

    Although the younger son was fond of reading horror novels and didn’t like talking at all, compared to the Gu couple, who enjoyed eating rotten mice meat, and the older son, who acted as a basket case, this is a relatively melancholic child.

    Not to mention that yesterday afternoon, the younger son had asked An Qing to read him the horror story of a ‘Door-Knocking Ghost’ as if this was him discreetly giving them a tip.

    Originally, Bai Yan thought that it was merely an information-giving NPC, but now, it seemed that this was not the case.

    Based on the bitter lessons by the older players in the forum, no matter how cute and harmless the ghosts looked, they wouldn’t think twice when they started violently killing people. Therefore, when the younger son asked An Qing to tell the ghost story, it was not a chance to give them a hint, but it was just a clever ruse for a cat-and-mouse chase.

    When Bai Yan and Lu Tianyi attentively pricked their ears up to gather more information, Liu  Kui was trapped all alone and panicking in the props storage room.

    In addition to the master’s ax, this props room also held the club members’ beloved decapitating tools, including sharp saws, glistening iron chains, used one-sided knives… Looking at these, one by one, Liu Kui felt slightly lightheaded, his heart uttering a never-ending stream of curses.

    Among these horrifying murder weapons, Liu Kui easily found a dazzling ax. This sharp ax was what the master had wanted him to find. Liu Kui quickly picked up the ax and turned to leave immediately, but as he was about to go out, he found that the door was unexpectedly closed shut.

    The shocked Liu Kui hurriedly pulled on the door handle with all his strength, but unfortunately, the door was tightly shut. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t pull it open.

    Ominously trapped alone in the creepy props room, Liu Kui was so terrified that he wanted to violently split the door open with the master’s ax and quickly escape from this place. But this is the club’s territory, so he couldn’t do things without thinking it through. He was worried that if he had done this, the master would become even more furious and use this as an excuse to fire him and so, he quietly stood there and weighed the pros and cons. He didn’t dare split the door open, but instead, he sat cross-legged and waited patiently for Bai Yan and Lu Tianyi to find him.

    Since he hasn’t returned for a while, they will surely go and search for him.

    It was, however, unfortunate for Liu Kui that no matter how long he quietly waited, no one arrived.

    He anxiously glanced at his phone and only saw that five measly minutes had passed on the bright phone screen. Liu Kui became distraught as he stared at the flashy equipment inside the room. Hints of blood were splattered across them as if they were already used before.

    His hands fumbled around as he tried to call the other two, however, this lousy room did not have any signal to make a call.

    After another five long minutes have painfully gone by, Liu Kui felt more flustered by the second, so he clenched the ax, ready to break the door open.

    But before he swung the ax, the door suddenly burst open.


    “I wanted you to come back quickly. How come you didn’t come back after finding it? Anyway, give me the ax quickly.”

    “Yes.” Liu Kui meekly responded. He remained on guard but still obediently handed over the ax to the master.

    He tried to explain himself as he saw the master’s unchanging displeased look, “Sir, I found the ax as per your request but this door isn’t functioning correctly, and when it closed suddenly, I couldn’t open it from the inside. So in the end, I was trapped in here with no way out.”

    “Oh.” The master felt the weight of the ax in his hand and as he turned around and raised his hand to the door.

    Now, both of them were trapped like mice.

    “Sir, what are you doing?” Seeing the master abruptly close the door, Liu Kui finally realized that something was amiss. He cautiously took a step back, subsequently bringing himself closer to a sickle lying on the ground, ready to pick it up to defend himself at a moment’s notice.

    The master did not react to Liu Kui’s alarmed and frightened question.

    As a matter of fact, he felt strange at the moment. With an ax in his hand, a strange yet nostalgic sensation flowed into his whole body. As he reminisced about the familiar touch of his faithful ax, his hand started to tingle with excitement. His body clearly yearned to chop a person up and cut down his head. Chopping off a head again would’ve been a wonderful experience.

    He missed the marvelous feeling of beheading someone.

    But since he joined the club, he had never personally cut someone up?

    The master was still a little confused but deep down, he always felt that he had forgotten something important. But in any case, he stared at the driver as if he were a delectable plate of rat meat and thought that it wouldn’t be so wrong for him to chop the driver up into tiny pieces.

    As a result, the master gradually raised his ax and swung it powerfully at Liu Kui.

    Liu Kui was ready for this and immediately picked up the sickle he was close to, smoothly blocking the master’s swinging ax and quickly kicking him to the wall in one fluid motion.

    Seeing that the master was weaker than him, Liu Kui’s eyes flashed brightly, brimming with cruelty. Since the master decided to kill him and the two would have already shown their true colors by now, no matter what he did now, he would be fired.

    Rather than being miserably chopped up by the master, he would prefer for the game to kill him instead. Liu Kui evilly raised his sickle and wanted to grab this opportunity to kill the master while he was still down so that he won’t be able to cut his head off.

    However, as soon as he drew near the sickle, his face suddenly morphed into incessant dread——the sickle stuck on the master’s body had no traces of blood in it!

    In front of Liu Kui’s fearful eyes, the master’s eyes eerily turned white. It slowly pulled out the sickle stuck on its body and with an ax at hand, it started brutally chopping up Liu Kui…

    More than 10 minutes had passed but there were still no signs of the master and Liu Kui.

    Lu Tianyi and Bai Yan quietly exchanged a few words, thinking that something might have happened to them.

    And so, they immediately left the screening room together and quickly found the room following the master’s instructions, finally standing in front of the door with a painting of a saw.

    The club was situated in an old-fashioned building, so as a result, the wall’s sound insulation was not very good. Through the iron door, the two could hear weird sounds of meat being chopped up.

    Meat chopping?

    Upon hearing this sinister sound, Lu Tianyi instantly thought of something terrible.

    Bai Yan knocked on the door but there was no reply from the other side. He urgently tried to pull the door open but the door was tightly bolt shut. Even if he put all of his strength to it, the door still wouldn’t budge, which most probably meant that the door was locked from the inside.

    Coming up with this conclusion, Bai Yan and Lu Tianyi stared at each other wide-eyed and promptly started to ram the door open.

    “Clang! Clang!”

    The iron door reverberated loudly.

    Bai Yan together with Lu Tianyi tackled the door several times, but it still wouldn’t open. They planned to attack it more, but after a hit, the door suddenly opened from the inside

    What met their eyes next was an extremely terrifying scene.

    Inside, the master wielded an ax, savagely chopping Liu Kui’s body up and desperately trying to chop Liu Kui’s stubborn head off his neck.

    When he saw Bai Yan and Lu Tianyi coming in, the master remained calm as if nothing alarming had just happened. He nonchalantly kicked Liu Kui’s body away with one foot and grabbed Liu Kui’s severed head by its hair, saying, “Let them wait restlessly? Let’s go.”

    Go? Where were they going?

    Lu Tianyi had never seen such an aggressive style of murder.

    However, the world in the games never made much sense. Regardless of how upset he was, he still couldn’t save Liu Kui and his teammates from his previous games.

    Lu Tianyi’s body tensed up but his face remained expressionless. His eyes were painted with rage, but he still silently walked beside Bai Yan, obediently following their master from behind.

    As the master held Liu Kui’s head in one hand, droplets of blood poured like rain as he walked down the hall, leaving a chilling trail of blood behind him.

    Once the master along with his two servants finally returned to the screening room, everyone was frozen from shock. They instantly stopped chatting and stopped watching movies because everyone’s eyes were all directed to the master’s hand.

    To be more precise, they were all eyeing the head in the master’s grasp.

    Whilst the master said that he will go fetch his ax, club members have already had some guesses on what he’d do next, but never in their wildest imaginations did they think that the master would carry back a severed head.

    Upon closer inspection, the head formerly belonged to the master’s driver for sure. These extremely obsessed decapitating aficionados were not afraid of decapitation. They even admired Boss Zhao when he personally hacked off the girl’s head, but chopping a girl up in a cold dark basement was quite different from beheading his driver in a public place with numerous people.

    The former was just a hobby, but the latter may be a mental case acting out. Considering the situation of Boss Gu’s older son, everyone couldn’t say for sure if his family carried a hereditary mental disorder in his blood.

    Following this train of thought, many club members stood on guard as they carefully watched Boss Gu’s expression, and even Boss Zhao, who had personally chopped up his niece, was completely convinced that this Boss Gu was to be more revered than he had originally thought.

    This Boss Gu… He truly was incomparable.

    Although Boss Gu brought back a decapitated head that everyone should be interested in, even bringing a fresh and warm one at that, as Boss Gu approached the others, they instantly had their hairs stand on end, feeling uneasiness in their entire body.

    These club members, they gladly watched a beheading video earlier and even cheerfully discussed it. They didn’t sympathize over a person’s death, but rather, acted fanatically about it. Yet, when he chopped someone up, everyone was petrified and seemed like deer caught in headlights. Finally, with a normal face, the club members found excuses to leave the club one after another and go home as soon as possible.

    In the end, there were only three people left in the club, the scholarly-looking man, Miss Liu, and the naturally gutsy Boss Zhao.

    The scholarly-looking man was the founder of the club and was casually chatting with the master.

    At this time, the master had already handed off Liu Kui’s severed head for Bai Yan to hold on to.

    Even though he had cursed the master a million times in his heart, Bai Yan still dutifully took the head and stood straight and stiff as a tree. He carried the head straightly and exhaustedly did his best to not let the blood from the head drip into his body.

    The game’s world was currently in its autumn season, which meant that the evenings were extremely cold. To make matters worse, there was no hot water in the bathroom of the servant’s quarters. To keep his body from smelling, taking a bath every day could be the cause of his death, and being drenched in blood again, Bai Yan would freely go down and accompany Wang Ze just to escape this torture.

    Seeing Bai Yan holding the decapitated head with a look of disgust on his face, Miss Liu suddenly came over with a knowing smile. She didn’t care at all and gently rubbed Bai Yan’s arm, holding his hand while saying, “Butler Bai, Boss Gu beheaded the driver. How will you explain that when you get back?”

    “Please do not worry about it.” Bai Yan replied with a professional smile, “If he died, then he died. Our sir will take care of it.”

    “That Boss Gu is truly remarkable.” Miss Liu poked around Liu Kui’s disgusting head with her bare finger. When she saw Bai Yan tremble from fear of getting blood on himself, her smile grew even wider, “To be honest, I am really envious of Boss Gu. His actions exude power. If he wants to chop a head off, then he will chop off a head. Moreover, he also has these two faithful servants, Little Butler Bai. Or, how about you think it over? How about you don’t concern yourself with Boss Gu anymore and follow me instead?”

    “It depends on my master’s decision.” Bai Yan remained calm and collected and pushed Miss Liu aside. When she saw his dull response, she then moved on to disturb Lu Tianyi to change jobs.

    Not to say that because it was the game’s fault, but Lu Tianyi did not have a good impression of everyone in this club and wished that he could spit on them. Naturally, he would also not agree to Miss Liu’s extended olive branch.

    After staying in the club until the afternoon, the master finally had intentions of going back home.

    Because the driver had died, Bai Yan was responsible for driving on their way back while Lu Tianyi was at the back sitting with the master to protect him, even if both of them were well aware that he didn’t need any protection at all.

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