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  • Chapter 3.2 Beauty and the Beast (2)

    “Good, that’s it. I’ll use magic to repair your body so you won’t feel pain.”

    He placated her softly, shallowly pushing in and retreating slightly, repeating the same actions. After doing this several times, he then ferociously plundered her deep before withdrawing quickly. Continuing this motion for an unknown amount of time, Belle’s honey hole was gradually drilled deeper and deeper, and her body that had only felt pain, gradually started tasting pleasure.

    “Ahhh.. ahhhh..ohhh uhhhh……”

    The originally untouched flower cave was now being plowed by a lion’s big rod. Snowy white legs atop the table shook, the body attached to them jerking slightly. The lion root thrusted in and out, coated in crystal liquid that was the proof of the girl’s insignificant defiance towards her lust. And just like this, the pure girl gradually fell into depravity under the invasion of the beast.

    “Does it feel good?” the beast whispered in a low voice.


    The girl tried to spread her legs further apart; her white and fair small toes curled up, eager for the beast to enter her deeper. Saliva leaked out of her small mouth yet she refused to ask him such an obscene request.

    The giant root withdrew slightly, rubbing the front end of the girl’s hole gently, drawing circle after circle. This tormented her body and heart incessantly. The barbs on the giant member pricked the flower core, causing her tremble intensely. Lost in a trance, Belle’s head was only filled with thoughts of wanting to be thrusted ruthlessly. The evil giant between her legs was exactly the wicked thing she longed for.

    “Does it feel good? If you say that it is, I’ll give it to you.” The beast tempted.

    “…Ah… good… It’s… It’s good… Ahhhh” 

    The beast immediately plunged in another half of his big giant. The girl moaned, straightening her waist and accepting the wave of pleasure. She couldn’t help but kick her calf up, hoping that he would enter her in a little more.

    “How lewd. Did you want your womb to be penetrated by a lion?” The beast retreated a little again and tempted.

    “Ah…want…ahhhhh…it feels good…it’s amazing…ngghhhhhh…” 

    The beast moved its sturdy waist, piercing the girl’s slender body of the girl as he began to thrust frantically.

    Every pull brought the charming meat out of the girl’s body, and after such fierce action, he would again pound the tender lascivious meat back in. The shape of his giant root continuously formed shapes on the girl’s abdomen. His fierce actions appeared as though he wanted to f*ck the girl dry.

    The terrifying giant root originally couldn’t have played with the girl so smoothly, but under the effect of repairing magic, the girl’s flower path hadn’t had the slightest trace of damage at all. Only waves of strong and crazy pleasure continued to wash over her.

    Belle couldn’t help but ceaselessly start moaning. Her voice even provoked the beast to become more violent in his movements: “You’re obviously a virgin, yet you act so lascivious. Does it feel that good to be f*cked by a beast?”

    “…Ahhhh…good…it feels so good…Give it to meeee!”

    “Slut! I’ll f*ck you until you break!”

    The sounds of meat slapping ‘papapa’ reverberated in the hall as the beast madly violated her. Every time he went down on her, he penetrated the deepest parts of her womb and enjoyed the tight contractions of her body. This caused Belle to convulse constantly as though she was being electrified.

    At the same time, two kinky balls under the giant root also wildly smacked the girl’s petals. At times, when the beast was intense with his actions, they were even plunged inside the girl’s body. The p*bic hair of the beast’s lower body constantly brushed against the girl’s sensitive flower core, stimulating the girl’s swollen and sensitive flower lips. The overflowing honey was also grounded into a thick white liquid along with this violent action, promiscuously pulling out countless of white threads.

    “…Ah…Quickly f*ck me…f*ck me til I break……Ahhhh!” 

    The girl had completely lost all rationality as she shouted frantically but she felt that she still possessed a trace of reason as she looked coldly at herself. In the brightly lit hall amongst the food scattered about, she had actually spread her legs out like this. And under the beast’s  clutches, she begged for the beast to give it to her. How could this woman be her…She obviously hadn’t had an intimate relationship with a man before, she was clearly… 

    The beast once again penetrated the mouth of the womb, but his head was fiercely bitten by a greedy mouth. The beast and Belle both felt quivering pleasure beyond comparison simultaneously before the beast gave a low growl and released himself completely into the girl, pressing his huge upper body against the girl.

    Belle’s sense of reason was burned by this intense heat wave as she completely fell apart. She cried as she fully accepted the beast’s nefarious liquid, reached supreme climax, and entered into a state of trance from reaching peak.

    After a while, Belle had finally gathered a sliver of reason after much difficulty, and thought the matter had come to an end. Sobbing, she tried to push the beast away, but found that the giant root of the beast was still inside her body.

    “Can… you… take it out…I…”

    “My name is Leonard.”

    The beast said with some satisfaction. “Weren’t you begging me to f*ck you broken just seconds ago? Now you’re turning your cheek the other way and refusing to admit it.”

    “No…it’s not that…I’m…too full…”

    Looking at her ashamed and inconsolable appearance, the beast propped himself up out of benevolence and was about to pull his huge member away when he suddenly stiffened.

    That was all because he found his lower half stuck in her body. Belle also felt that something was not right, so she hesitantly asked: “What’s wrong?”

    “It’s stuck.” 

    The beast’s voice carried a hint of maliciousness as the giant root inside her slowly hardened again. “The barb got stuck in the mouth of your ut*rus and is sucked by your body again. I can’t get it out at all.”

    “Then what should I do.”

    Belle was so frightened, her body tightened in response, sucking in Leonard’s giant root strongly once again. Leonard bore the sudden onslaught of sensation arduously and growled lowly, “We’ll stay linked then!”

    Belle finally couldn’t hold her tears back. Her first time was taken away by the beast. Her body was degraded so much, it made her give up all hope. Now who would’ve predicted that she still needed to maintain the same posture of being connected with the beast, she had probably lost the right to be human, right?

    “Hold onto me tight.”

    Leonard lowered his head to rub his moist nose against her ear to appease her. Belle obediently grabbed onto his mane and wrapped her quivering legs around his waist. After making sure she was secure, Leonard jumped onto the table with a big leap, causing the giant root to thrust strongly, immediately stimulating Belle’s tender hole to squirt juice out.


    Because of this, she started crying again. Hanging onto the giant lion’s body, her honey hole tightly grasped onto his wicket giant. The mouth of her ut*rus sucking the giant tightly while the barbs on the shaft stimulated the mouth of the flower hole from time to time.

    Every step that Leonard took caused the two bodies to jolt. His hot body and soft fur felt like a brush, constantly caressing her sensitive skin. Even when the giant root was rendered immobile due to the intense suction, the small pricks grinded and turned, making her nearly go mad.

    Leonard strode forward with his head held high, enjoying the sucking of the beauty under him and the numbing tight pleasure rushing to his brain. As he gradually climbed the stairs, Belle’s crying became increasingly coquettish. Such violet unending pleasure felt too intense for her recently exploited area. Several times. she almost lost her grasp and fell from Leonard’s body, but fortunately, Leonard would lower his body in time, and catch her, so by the time she returned to her senses, he had stood back up and had continued walking forward.

    Belle did not know how many times she had climaxed. Amidst her daze, Leonard brought her into a luxurious room. A huge bed could be found in the center of the room, and four gorgeous bed posts were draped with beautiful gauze curtains and tassels.

    When he jumped onto the bed with her, Belle finally couldn’t stand the torment of such shaking. Letting go of her small hands and the long legs she had pinched around his strong waist, her snow-white body fell on a soft dark blue silk quilt. Her eyes were misty, her mouth slightly agape, but her waist was still raised high because the greedy honey hole still tightly clamped on the beast’s giant member.

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