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  • Chapter 3.1 Beauty and the Beast (1)

    Warning: Rape, Stockholm Syndrome, Belly Inflation, Sex Slave, Bestiality, Mindbreak. 

    Once upon a time, there was a wealthy merchant who had three daughters.

    The eldest daughter was greedy and lazy. She only thought about marrying the prince all day long. However, the second and youngest daughters were kind-hearted and very beautiful. Everyone said he was very blessed.

    One time, the merchant’s caravan was robbed in the wilderness. The merchant finally escaped the robbers’ pursuit after much difficulty but lost his way in the wilderness. He was walking alone in the wild when he saw the sky getting darker and darker, fog arising around him. The temperature also plummeted, and he was hungry and thirsty, so he desperately prayed: “Can anyone please save me, can anyone please come and let me eat a meal and sleep a good night’s rest, letting me walk out of the wilderness safely. I’m willing to pay any price.”

    Not long after he prayed like this, a luxurious castle appeared in the wilderness. He walked in ecstatically and found that there was an endless amount of luxurious cuisine on the table, and he couldn’t help but start eating it.

    After eating, he found a room with a warm bed and soft quilt, and the merchant quickly laid down and soon fell fast asleep.

    The next morning, when he woke up and left the castle, he saw a road open in the thick fog.
    Vaguely seeing the main road in the wilderness, he hurried forward to depart, but heard a voice behind him saying, “Don’t forget your promise. I am going to eat one of your daughters. Transfer the mark on your hand to her, and the mark will lead her to my castle.” 

    The merchant was frightened when he heard the voice, and when he lowered his head, he saw a black mark appearing on his hand. He flicked his head back and saw that the castle had already disappeared into the fog, no longer visible in his view.

    After returning home, the merchant was very dispirited. He regarded his three daughters as his treasures, how could he be willing to send them to the castle that could disappear, and be eaten by unknown monsters. And so, he took a deep breath in extreme worry. His sorrow was soon discovered by the two younger daughters. Under their close questioning, the merchant finally told the truth.

    When the second daughter heard this, she comforted her Father and said, “Father, don’t be distressed, I’m willing to go to that castle.”

    “But if you go to that castle, you will be ravaged by monsters.”

    At this time, the younger daughter, Belle, also chimed: “Sister, let me go instead!”

    The second daughter shook her head and said, “Belle, you’re too young. Since the monster saved Father, older sister is willing to let herself be eaten by it. You have to stay at home and take good care of Father.”

    That night, the second daughter bade farewell to her beloved boyfriend, and they cried, hugging each other. When Belle saw this, she decided to sacrifice herself so as not to separate her sister from her lover. She secretly walked into her Father’s room, picked up her drunken and unconscious Father’s hand, and imprinted the mark on his hand on hers..

    Soon, a voice led her out of the house, into the wilderness, and into the unfathomable castle.

    The castle was brightly lit, the hall filled with food, but she did not see a soul in sight, Belle looked at the sumptuous meal before her and thought, she might as well fill her stomach before she died. And so, she assuredly sat down and began to pick on the food..

    “You’re very courageous.”

    A deep voice came from behind her. Belle turned her head to look, and saw a big bulky bodied lion with snow white fur, silently appear behind her, and she couldn’t help but speak in astonishment.

    “You can speak?”

    The Lion ignored her question and continued, “Drink the wine on the table.”

    Belle hesitated for a moment, but ended up drinking the purplish red wine. Soon after, she started feeling hot and dry all over; an urge to take off her clothes rising within her.

    The lion took a step closer to her, causing Belle to climb up on the table in fright and the food on the table to be pushed down, but the lion was unfazed as he said calmly: “Weren’t you willing to sacrifice yourself for your Father? Are you now regretting it and trying to escape?”

    Belle quickly turned around, facing the giant lion and answered courageously: “I would never regret it.”

    “Spread your legs.”

    The lion said, as he propped a hand on the table, placing them on both sides of Belle. The big shaggy face looked imposing; his pair of golden eyes glistened brightly as though they could capture one’s soul.

    Quivering in trepidation, Belle did as she was told and spread apart her white and slender legs. Because she had only worn a skirt, after she parted her legs, her panties were exposed to the lion without the slightest cover.

    The lion bared its sharp fangs, extended its barbed tongue, and licked the base of Belle’s legs directly.


    Belle exclaimed, wanting to close her legs, but was pressed down by two giant palms. The lion gave a low snarl, scaring Belle not to dare move again. This allowed him to lick the snow-white panties, making her lower body wet gradually.

    The nimble tongue of the lion drilled into the gap of the panties. After tearing the thin barrier apart, he threw the scrap under the table. While Belle was nearly bursting into tears, he reached out another paw and ran it down her body. Although the girl was unharmed, the clothes had been torn apart and had slipped down her soft and fair body.


    The girl’s moan reverberated in the gorgeous hall. The sight of her helplessly lying on the long table with her legs spread apart, and a white furred lion who was beautiful beyond compare, burying his furry head between her legs, licking her most sensitive parts without end, could be seen.

    The barbs on the beast’s tongue stimulated the girl’s v*rginal senses. Her pink petals shuddered slightly as the tingling pleasure gathered in her tender flower core, and waves of the aftermath came crashing down on every part of the girl’s body like waves. Belle felt that her body had become so strange, as if it was burning. The area between her legs had turned inexplicably moist, constantly spitting out honey as the huge tongue dithered back and forth, eliciting a feeling of hollowness inside her body.


    When the lion’s big hot tongue penetrated the honey hole, it immediately caused the girl to feel a burst of tingling. The tongue worked on every inch of detail in the honey hole, tightly sucking in the meat wall and causing Belle’s legs to tremor.  A stream of hot liquid rushed forth from the depths of her body, licked and cleaned by a giant tongue.

    “Sensitive little thing,” 

    The lion said. At this moment, he had two paws resting on the table while he stood on his hind limbs, the angry giant root on his cr*tch exposed in all its glory.

    Generally, a cat’s g*nitals weren’t big, but their s*x organs were thick and long. Even though they were shaped like that of human men, they still had the barbs of a cat’s, and the length of a  horse’s, looking exceptionally terrifying.

    After carefully moistening the hole, he pulled Belle’s lower body down, allowed the girl’s slender legs to hang down the table.

    The meat hole that was leaking crystal honey faced his terrifying weapon. After giving a low snarl, the beast started to grind its giant root against the petals.


    The girl hadn’t had the slightest idea what was going and could only helplessly spread her legs, allowing the giant object to tease the seam in her lower body. She felt as though there was lava stirring within her seams, longing for something to be stuffed inside her. And amidst her trance, the beast spoke again.

    “Do you want it?”

    “…I don’t know…Ahhh…” 

    The beast’s waist moved, allowing the thick head to completely invade Belle’s unexplored cave.

    “It hurts!”

    Even though she was already moist enough, Belle still could not bear such a giant invasion. She wailed, tears bursting into her clear and beautiful eyes. At the same time, she bent her waist and found that her lower body had actually joined together with the beast’s fearful looking root.

    Belle’s mind turned blank. She couldn’t seem to think of anything. The lion was going to have s*x with her and had taken away her v*rginity. Her body had actually been tarnished by a beast… The giant lion covered the light of the crystal lamp above with his strong body, casting a shadow on her body. She tried to push him away desperately, but couldn’t even manage to shake him. Helpless, Belle could only start wailing.

    “Take it out…I beg you… take it out…”

    “Are you now regretting it and trying to run away?” 

    The lion sneered, continuing the actions of his lower body, Belle’s helplessly exposed honey cave allowed the proof of her chastity to flow down her legs. With a tear-stained face, her struggles soon came to a stop.

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    Translation Status of Advanced Chapters: Completed

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