Chapter 2.4 The Tortoise and The Rabbit Had Just Made Up (4)

However, now was not the time to be suspecting someone else’s secret affairs. Tortoise skillfully used the carrot to toy with the Little Rabbit’s body, allowing her to quickly reach her long-desired high. Then, he held the honey-soaked carrot close to his mouth and roguishly extended his tongue out to lick it. The taste of her sweet juices awakened his senses.

When the Little Rabbit saw Tortoise’s actions, she asked in bewilderment, “Are you trying to steal my carrot away from me?”

“Of course.”

Tortoise chuckled elegantly, slowly inching the used carrot into his mouth. When Little Rabbit heard ‘crunch’ sounds from the Tortoise biting off a chunk of honey-soaked carrot, her little hole clenched again, nearly sending her to another cl*max.

Little Rabbit couldn’t help but whimper quietly. ‘Hole, you really are a big disappointment. If it’s not Tortoise, nothing can push you over the top, but once Tortoise is near, whatever he does makes hole happy.’

Even if the Little Rabbit’s hungry lower mouth was disappointing, her upper mouth still refused to yield, saying, “On what grounds are you stealing my carrot?”

“On the grounds that it can’t satisfy you.”

“…..When did you arrive?”

“When you started eating the carrot with your upper mouth.”

Ahhhhh! Then, wouldn’t that mean he had seen and heard everything! Little Rabbit wailed on the inside, staring at Tortoise with her red resentful eyes.

“Why didn’t you say something when you came!”

“You were busy scolding me, so I didn’t dare come out.” Tortoise chuckled, gently sticking his thick and massive hot turtle into the Little Rabbit’s tender cave.

“Ah!” The Little Rabbit screamed, her legs involuntarily hooking around his strong waist, raising her lower body, and yearning for him to go deeper in. She thought to herself that she really must be broken since only Tortoise’s big root could satisfy her deepest desires.

Once the giant turtle progressed forward, there was no intense movement. Instead, it was a slow and steady advancement, an unhurried circling and grinding against her walls. With the Little Rabbit’s impatient nature, she wanted to move her waist on her own but just as she was about to do so, Tortoise pulled out of her and firmly held the Little Rabbit’s flailing body.

What a joke. After so many years of being provoked by this Little Rabbit for so many times, how could he let himself be manipulated by her again? Admittedly, although the Little Rabbit’s movements were quick, her brain didn’t process as quickly. Every time she was subdued by Tortoise, she could only flail her legs until they turned numb, and when she lost all her strength, she could only become the loser, who miserably lost the race.

Moreover, the Little Rabbit already fought a long and ferocious battle with the carrot today. As a result, she had toyed her body to the point of becoming incomparably sensitive and numb. Adding on to Tortoise’s thrusting, her mind became even more muddled after every push. She bit her lower lip, staring at Tortoise with tear-filled eyes and a face brimming with disagreement.

“I’ll give it to you if you behave.” Tortoise seductively blew in the rabbit’s ear, his low husky murmur made it hard for the Little Rabbit to resist, but she still ambitiously responded, “You’ve treated me so poorly, I have no reason to obey you.”

The wizard’s finger sensually drew a circle on the Little Rabbit’s fair skin, eliciting a shudder out of her. The turtle’s head grinded against the flower’s delicate petals, causing the pink cave to contract as it yearned to swallow the big Tortoise whole. Sadly, since the rabbit cave wasn’t a snake mouth, if it spat out any more slick honey, it wouldn’t be able to attack and swallow the turtle head.

“….Ahnn….Uhhh…..Come in quickly!”

Being tortured by Tortoise like this caused the Little Rabbit’s will to quickly drop, making her coquettish voice ooze out. As the Little Rabbit’s calls tempted Tortoise, he held his thick member and finally p*netrated the Little Rabbit once again. However, he didn’t stick it in deep, only pushing in one-fourth of the length. The Little Rabbit’s hole sucked the big turtle strongly, resenting that he didn’t stick it in all the way.

But how could Tortoise be so kind? He slowly retreated before slowly thrusting in again. The Little Rabbit felt that she was about to explode impatiently from the emptiness she felt. She desperately wanted Tortoise to fill her to the brim, but Tortoise obviously wanted to torture her. This went on for ten slow thrusts until Little Rabbit finally couldn’t stand it anymore and said with red eyes, “As expected, you don’t like me, you only like torturing me.”

“Why wouldn’t I like you?” Tortoise pierced her fiercely, stabbing the deepest depths of the Little Rabbit’s ut*rus. Her whole body quivered and turned numb before he aggressively pulled out and violently plunged back in. The sounds of flesh slapping ‘papapa’ echoed inside the kitchen.

The two turtle eggs and the rabbit’s sore petals were soon coated with sticky fluid, carrying strings of white from front to back. The Little Rabbit clung onto Tortoise tighter, secretly wishing that he would enter her a little deeper. Being penetrated by the person you like was such a delightful feeling. Even 10 carrots couldn’t compare to the Tortoise’s only stick.

The rabbit cave encased firmly onto the thick manhood, causing Tortoise to feel infinite pleasure. He handled her as he growled, “Little Rabbit, are you broken?”

“Ahnnnn….Little Rabbit’s broken, broken by Tortoise’s playing…..”

She moaned as if she were nearly losing consciousness as glittering saliva trickled down to the edges of her mouth. This demented expression caused Tortoise to become more aroused as he thoroughly f*cked the Little Rabbit’s most sensitive place. He would almost completely pull his root out and then he would attack her honey pot and her most sensitive place again. He continued to break into her ut*rus, f*cking her until she lost consciousness from the pleasure before f*cking her awake again.

“……No more…I’m already broken…I can’t go on any longer….uhnnn….ahnn….It feels good…. Being toyed until I’m broken by Tortoise feels good….”

Little Rabbit’s subconscious slurs were the biggest aphrodisiac for the turtle. After shooting his essence into the Little Rabbit’s womb, he placed his limp little turtle against the honey cave and grinded on it. It immediately raised its head and proudly puffed out its chest becoming a giant turtle once more.

At this moment, the Little Rabbit was already in a semi-comatose state, so she could only feebly allow Tortoise to lift her as he stuck his giant member into her again, walking on the steps of the stairs one by one. White murky liquid gently dripped down from between the rabbit’s legs, leaving behind an inconspicuous trail. And every time the turtle attacked the Little Rabbit cave’s sensitive spot, the Little Rabbit would uncontrollably twitch. She didn’t even have the strength to moan out loud and only panted lightly, allowing Tortoise to manipulate her and letting herself completely break down under Tortoise’s body.

By the time Little Rabbit awoke, she was already lying on Tortoise’s bed and Tortoise was looking at some magic scrolls at the side. She had wanted to pounce on him angrily and bite him, only to discover that the area between her legs felt incomparably sore and numb. If it weren’t for Tortoise catching her in time, she would have fallen to the ground and hurt herself.

Thinking of yesterday’s frenzy, Little Rabbit couldn’t hold back her tears and sobbed, “Wuuuuu, you scoundrel! Toying with me until I broke! What am I going to do from now on!”

Tortoise hugged her saying, “Why does that matter? We’ve always been together, even if Little Rabbit is broken, it’s not a problem at all.”

The Little Rabbit viciously slapped Tortoise with her rabbit paw. “What do you mean it’s not a problem if I’m broken? After you marry a princess, I’ll only be left with my carrots!”

“But I’m already married to you, why would I marry a princess?”

Hearing this, the Little Rabbit couldn’t help but feel embarrassed and stunned, “When did we get married?”

Tortoise planted a light kiss on her lips, answering, “During the first time we joined our bodies, we established that pledge.”

“Why…Why didn’t I have any knowledge of this?”

“I swore to you to be with you in life and death and you have also agreed to entrust your life to me. If that wasn’t a marriage vow, what else could it be?”

“When did I say that!?”

Tortoise chuckled lightly, burying his head in the crook of Little Rabbit’s neck and not answering no matter how much the Little Rabbit asked.

After their first time, he used the fluid of their union and her v*rginal blood to swear to the heavens that he would use his life to protect her, and he had asked her to respond because her voice was needed for the magic to be completed. Who would’ve expected that her answer wasn’t just randomly blurted out, but a genuine answer coming from the depths of her heart, making his one-sided offer of magic become mutual and turning into the strongest kind of contractual magic. To a wizard, this kind of contract could be said to be the holiest form of marriage.

However, Little Rabbit was never going to admit this no matter what. Furthermore, he also didn’t have any intentions to explain it to her since she was never going to leave him and he was willing to let her take revenge on him throughout her life.

Love was the greatest magic in the world and in this Tortoise and Rabbit Race, there was no losing party.

Tortoise and Rabbit Had Just Made Up [End]

T/N: Beyond the weirdness that is known as the genre ‘furry’, I found this to be a pretty cute story. Take off their beastly characteristics and it’s basically your standard love story between a kuudere guy and tsundere girl XD

And now, onwards to the most traumatic fairy tale of this series!

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