Chapter 2.1 The Tortoise and The Rabbit Had Just Made Up (1)

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The first meeting the Little Tortoise and the Little Rabbit had could have been described as earth-shattering and tragic. Earth-shattering for the Little Rabbit and simultaneously, tragic for that same Little Rabbit, due to it sending a mighty flying-kick to the Tortoise and powerfully yelling, “I’m going to avenge my father!”

Tortoise could only avoid the Little Rabbit’s thunder-like attack by dodging to the side, causing her to fall pathetically on the ground. A bruise quickly appeared on her cute rabbit legs as she miserably laid in place, wailing, “How could you avoid that, you big meanie!?”

At the same time, while standing at the side, Tortoise was thinking to himself, ‘What a silly Little Rabbit this one is. Someone has certainly got to teach her a good lesson. Otherwise, at this rate, she was definitely going to harm someone soon.’ Perhaps, this was the moment when Tortoise’s and Rabbit’s fates were decided.

Tortoise’s and Little Rabbit’s fathers were the main protagonists of the legendary ‘Tortoise and Rabbit’ race. Since their fathers repeatedly competed with each other, a friendship had eventually formed between them. After each of them got married and had their own children, they coincidentally brought their houses together, turning their ill-fated relationship into that of neighbors.

During the very first day they became happy neighbors, the Little Rabbit staged what had happened at the start of this story. Consequently, her mother beat her up on that same day and gravely warned her not to repeat this same foolish mistake. But, how could her restless heart accept her mother’s crass words? Since the so-called son repaid his father’s debts, there would come a day when she would exact her revenge on Tortoise and let him pay the price for her father’s embarrassment. The Little Rabbit heavily clenched her fists while secretly swearing this towards a beautiful and peaceful sunset.

At this time, Tortoise was slowly passing by and approached the Little Rabbit from behind, amiably holding out a carrot to her, “Do you want to have a snack?”

Little Rabbit briefly considered, ‘Eating the other party’s food until he was broke was also a form of revenge,’ and so, she gladly bit on the carrot and brought it home with her.

From then on, to eat the Tortoise bankrupt, the Little Rabbit would quickly munch on his carrots and obediently follow Tortoise home.

Although Tortoise and Little Rabbit were studying in the same school, the two animal’s performances were as different as heaven and earth.

On one hand, Tortoise was a gifted student and was deemed a genius in the art of Magic, whereas the Little Rabbit, on the other hand, would run around and fight everyone all day. Despite the academy attaching great importance to the art of Swordsmanship, she stubbornly refused to learn it properly and instead, swung her white fluffy rabbit fist around recklessly, beating people up until they were covered with blood and bruises, appearing rather terrifying to others.

However, when Tortoise skipped grades for being academically advanced, and was being bullied by his older classmates. Without the slightest hesitation, Little Rabbit suddenly leapt out in a surprise attack, raising her small rabbit fists and hitting the bullies viciously. Even though her body would be fully covered in bruises, the others assessed the Little Rabbit’s power and cowered back in fear, shamelessly escaping to live another day.

Tortoise cautiously asked, “Little Rabbit! Why did you suddenly jump out?”

“Aside from me, nobody else is allowed to beat you up! I still haven’t avenged my father yet!” The Little Rabbit heroically said, while secretly adding on another sentence in her heart. “I still haven’t eaten all of your carrots yet too.”

From that point forward, Tortoise started earnestly practicing swordsmanship in silence. He wasn’t afraid of being avenged by the Little Rabbit at all. On the contrary, he was really afraid that the Little Rabbit would impulsively fight others for his sake and let her delicate body get hurt.

Later on, Tortoise got accepted into the prestigious Royal Magic Academy but sadly, could no longer study in the same school as Little Rabbit. However, when he returned home from his dorm to visit his family, he would always remember to especially bring a bunch of carrots to give to her.

Among the numerous carrots that Tortoise had brought back with him, there were blue, purple, and pink-colored ones. There were also special carrots that gave the consumer a rich strawberry and chocolate experience when eating them. But, no matter what the Little Rabbit ate from Tortoise’s wide assortment, she always felt that the carrot-flavored carrots were her all-time favorites.

When she languidly chewed on the carrot-flavored carrot, Tortoise calmly asked the Little Rabbit, “What do you want to do in the future?”

“I want to be a miner and dig out lots of carrots from carrot mines!”

“There’s no such thing as that….”

The Little Rabbit hesitantly inhaled a cold breath, “Then, what do you think I should do in the future?”

“….Weren’t you going to exact your revenge on me? I’m surely going to become a great and magnificent wizard in the future, so I would need a strong bodyguard to always protect me. Why don’t you pretend to be my bodyguard, so you can stay by my side at all times? This way, you can also have the chance to deal with me when you’re ready.”

“That sounds like a great plan! What’s the salary?”

“All-you-can-eat carrots.”


The day Tortoise became the kingdom’s youngest and most promising wizard, the Little Rabbit also became the Tortoise’s official bodyguard.

The Great Wizard’s bodyguard proudly donned a sleek-looking cloak and secretly fluttered around the Great Wizard in excitement. The Little Rabbit felt so cool and so mysterious with her awesome new job, not to mention, the unlimited number of carrots she was allowed to eat every single day.

On that quiet night, Tortoise instructed the Little Rabbit to remove all of her clothes after she took a nice bath and lay on the bed. Although the Little Rabbit was crude in many ways, she was still a normal girl, and so she fiercely asked, “Why do I have to take all my clothes off, when you don’t?”

Tortoise heaved a sigh and reluctantly said, “Fine, I’ll also get naked as well.”

“What are you going to do when you’re naked though?”

“I’m going to draw a magic circle on your body and cast magic onto it. This will be our magic contract for our agreement.”

Tortoise used his thumb to gently rub the Little Rabbit’s tender cherry lips before he smiled softly and whispered, “Later on, you can’t bite me. I’m going to cast a spell on you.”

All of a sudden, the Little Rabbit found her lungs out of air and breathing became difficult to do. After so many years, the Tortoise had become this attractive youth with picturesque brows, long and toned limbs, and mild temperament. There were several girls from school, who were secretly in love with him before. But in Little Rabbit’s case, as long as the Little Rabbit was able to call him ‘Tortoise,’ she would immediately feel at ease. She always had this indistinct fear that if she didn’t call him ‘Tortoise,’ he would suddenly pack up and go somewhere far away. Someplace where she couldn’t reach him no matter what and couldn’t execute her revenge on him.

So no matter how handsome he was and no matter how amazing he was, he was always going to be Tortoise, and she was forever going to be Little Rabbit.

Tortoise sensually pressed his lips against the Little Rabbit’s and slowly slipped his tongue into her small rabbit mouth, sipping the sickly-sweet honey from within and causing the Little Rabbit to turn lightheaded. After a dreadfully long time, the Little Rabbit was quickly running out of breath, so the Tortoise finally released the Little Rabbit’s slightly swollen lips, playfully teasing, “Little Rabbit, you taste really sweet.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m just chanting.”

“Then, what were you doing in my mouth?”

“Drawing an array.”

Little Rabbit silently nodded, not fully comprehending what Tortoise had meant. She then lessened the gap between them, their heavy breaths stimulating each other’s sensitive lips, and timidly said, “I also want to do your magic. Teach me the array you did on me earlier.”

Tortoise slightly nodded and kissed her again without hesitation. The Little Rabbit thought to herself in a dazed state, ‘As expected, the art of magic was such a profound skill. But if drawing a complicated array made it difficult for her to breathe, wouldn’t she have lost consciousness by the time the magic activated? And if she did lose consciousness, would the magic still be activated?’

After letting go of the Little Rabbit’s supple lips, the Tortoise shifted his kisses down bit by bit, mischievously biting her long neck and slender shoulders, passionately kissing her dainty clavicle, and gently caressing her fair skin. He finally reached the pair of little jade bunnies on her chest and licked them roughly. Little Rabbit felt frustrated at the magic being cast upon her body, making her quickly short of breath, so she randomly started gnawing and scratching on Tortoise’s sturdy body, trying to increase the difficulty of his spellcasting.

Tortoise’s steady breaths had become heavier and even more unstable due to the Little Rabbit’s messing around. However, for the honor of his Great Wizard status, he rapidly increased his speed, deeply burying his head between the rabbit’s fluffy white legs and started licking on the girl’s pink petals as if pressed for time, causing the Little Rabbit’s fine legs to squirm uncomfortably as she breathlessly yelled out loud, “Stop!”

Tortoise gradually lifted his head from between her legs and with a silk-like gaze, replied, “Magic can’t be abruptly stopped at any given moment.”

“I want to change positions!”

The Little Rabbit’s soft and heavy breaths became erratic due to the Tortoise’s constant teasing, nevertheless, her will remained firm. Under the Tortoise’s perplexed stare, the Little Rabbit sluggishly twisted her small frame and positioned her little bum towards Tortoise’s face while her head faced Turtoises’s little turtle.

T/N: Did you see the puns I made there? Little Rabbit’s jade bunnies and Turtoise’s little turtle 👀 ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) Kek

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