Chapter 1.3 The Corruption of Cinderella (3)

“Asking only after drinking. As expected, you’re not too bright.” The prince smirked. “I wouldn’t be able to stand an excessively dim-witted princess.”

“I didn’t say I was going to marry you.” Although Cinderella’s voice was a little weak, her gaze still remained firm.

The prince looked at her and without uttering another sound, he picked up the glass slippers and walked towards her legs. Donning an evil smile, he pressed the tip of the shoe against her tender core.

The ice-cold glass brought an electrifying feeling to Cinderella, making her quiver inadvertently. At the same time, the prince smiled, plunging the heel of the shoe directly into her honey hole.

Although the heel of the glass slipper was created to be smooth so as not to bruise the honey cave, it was still entirely cold; a complete contrast to the burning temperature of the tender meat. Cinderella felt as if an ice cube were stuck into her. Because the aphrodisiac had turned her honey hole sensitive, she was unable to withstand such stimulation, and immediately, her little cave started squirting juices.

Cinderella watched as the prince rammed the glass slipper inside her body and she frantically yelled out, “……Don’t…..Nooooo!”

The demon used the edge of the heel to rub against the most sensitive parts of her cave, mischievously sending her straight into heaven. Cinderella finally couldn’t resist arching her body, intending to push the man away; however, she was unable to rattle him even in the slightest.

“If you continue to flail about, I’m going to tie you up.”

Hearing him say this, Cinderella could only watch helplessly as the glass slipper slowly invaded her little hole. From time to time, the prince would even use the base of the slipper and press it against the core of her flower and its petals. Sparkling nectar coated the heel, emitting lustful ‘guchu guchu’ sounds.

It was this kind of state that made Cinderella ashamed to the point of wanting to die.

Fortunately, not long after, the heel had already adapted her body temperature and became less stimulating, but she didn’t expect the prince to change directions, sending the tip of the shoe directly into her sopping wet cave. 


The cold hard surface area of the shoe tip was much larger than the shoe heel, so the prince naughtily shoved the shoe tip into the most sensitive part of her flower walls and quickened the pace of his thrusts, plunging the glass slipper inside without end. The beautiful glass slippers that sparkled like crystal turned into an evil prop in the prince’s hands. It constantly evaded Cinderella’s body, forcing the petals between the young girl’s legs to take and spit it out. And through the glass slippers, the prince was able to see the deepest parts of Cinderella’s toyed tender hole in all its glory.

“Tsk tsk. The last time I possessed you, weren’t you a virgin? Look at your current meat hole, it’s become this promiscuous.”

The prince lowered his head to look at the obscene picture inside the glass slippers and deliberately said, “Your little hole keeps on sucking nonstop, did you want it that much? Do you feel good being f*cked by this glass slipper?”

While he spoke, the prince deliberately placed ice cubes inside the glass slipper to keep it ice-cold as he relentlessly provoked Cinderella’s succulent meat walls.

Cinderella was pushed to the brink of pleasure by the prince’s obscenity. However, the prince had suddenly loosened his grip on the glass slipper and had taken a flowery mirror, shining it against Cinderella’s honey hole, and asking her to take a good look at her current appearance.

The scarlet-red petals wrapped around the front end of the glass slipper, coating the flawless glass slipper with a lewd beauty, and the greedy hole that sucked on the shoe constantly twitched with pleasure, causing the glass slipper to move back and forth as though it wanted to swallow the entire shoe inside. Along the outline of the glass slipper, one could faintly see in the depths of the shoe tip that the tender meat was stuck closely to the sides of the shoe, causing it to quiver like a living creature.

The whole glass slipper was completely covered in sweet honey, and at the base of it, one could vaguely see the honey juices gathering and just about to drip down.

“Looks like you really like this pair of glass slippers.” The prince said softly.

“No…..I don’t……Ah!”


The prince reached out a hand and plucked the tightly sucked glass slipper out, causing the little hole to emit a licentious sound. Cinderella had finally collapsed entirely, the depths of her deep red hysterical honey cave immediately spurting out hot liquid. 

Yet, despite this, the evil prince seemingly held no intentions of letting her go. He held the glass slippers beneath her and allowed the shameful juices she spurted out to fill it before shaking it in front of her, “When the slipper is filled to the brim with your lewd juices, I’m afraid you’ll never be able to leave me again.”

A translucent gold yellowish liquid flowed inside the transparent glass shoe, appearing unfathomably lascivious. And seeing this, Cinderella trembled all over and shouted, “Demon!”

“Since you said so, I certainly shan’t let you down.” The prince elegantly picked up a peacock feather and slowly approached her.


“(Tok tok tok)”

A sudden knocking sound came from outside the door, causing the prince to furrow his brows in irritation. He pulled up the bedspread and covered her before walking over to open the door. A small conversation took place, and not long later, the prince shut the door, leaving the room with the person who had interrupted them.

Cinderella exerted her best effort to battle the waves of numbness that overcame her and struggled to put on her clothes before climbing out of the window. Right before midnight struck, she fled the palms of the demon, cutting a sorry figure.

When she returned home, Cinderella hid the jewelry, clothes, and the only remaining shoe away, swearing to herself that she would never return to that little cabin and would never wear that glass slipper laced with evil magic.

She knew what he said wasn’t wrong. Again and again, she would fall into his hands and if this continued, she feared that she would no longer have the power to escape him anymore.

However, the demon did not intend to let her go. He dispatched a minister to take the glass slipper and go around, declaring that whomever was able to fit into this slipper was to become the prince’s bride. 

When the minister arrived at Cinderella’s home, Cinderella hid in the attic; and naturally, the selfish stepmother and stepsisters also played along. They wouldn’t take the initiative to tell the minister that there was another girl in the house themselves.

After the two sisters finished trying on the shoes, and Cinderella confirmed that the minister had left, she heaved a breath of relief, thinking that her entanglement with the demon could finally come to an end. However, little did she know that three days later, led by the minister, the prince had arrived at her home and asked at the door, “Does your family have another daughter?”

How could the innocent Cinderella know that the prince not only asked the minister to find out which girl was able to fit in the glass slipper but also asked him to find a family with a stepmother, two stepsisters, and a young girl living in miserable conditions? It was true that Cinderella couldn’t try the slipper on, but all the villagers nearby knew that this family had a certain Cinderella who was often bullied and humiliated. 

And so, Cinderella had no choice but to wear the glass slipper in front of the prince. Because the slipper was tailored according to her measurements, it naturally fit her like a glove.

Cinderella couldn’t stop shuddering under everyone’s gaze. Everyone assumed that she was beyond ecstatic but only the prince and her knew that she was shaking like a leaf because, for the sake of one glass slipper, she had dipped one foot into the abyss.

Before the wedding, the prince had brought her to the tower room saying that they needed to make preparations before their marriage. Not long after, at the grand wedding, Cinderella wore a pure and flawless, gorgeous white muslin, led by the noble and handsome prince at her side.

She walked slowly, step by step, as her body trembled faintly. She appeared like a happy and prudent bride. When in reality, in between her legs was a crystal dildo that thrusted inside of her along every step she took; the belt buckled around her waist had locked the stick in place so she was unable to remove it and could only allow her little hole to clamp tightly onto the aphrodisiac-laced crystal d*ldo.  

The prince had told her that as long as she agreed to marry him during the wedding ceremony, he would help her pull the d*ldo out. But in reality, she knew that once he had taken the crystal dildo out, he would use his big thick magic wand to penetrate her.

Despite this, when Cinderella closed her eyes and recalled the moment of being pushed to orgasm with the honey-coated glass slipper back at the tower room, she could no longer maintain her rationality, and right before the altar, her face flushed in embarrassment as she answered, “I do.”

The Corruption of Cinderella [End]

T/N: What goes on in the prince’s secret playroom deep within the tower walls of the garden will come in another extra chapter 😉 For now, the first fairy tale has come to an end.

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