Chapter 1.2 The Corruption of Cinderella (2)

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During the night, she was forced to stop being an innocent girl and became a woman; and after attaining climax, she had lost her magic.

After the wind and rain had passed, and dawn arose from a distance, she felt liquid seeping out of her legs; and with listless eyes, she watched the man put on his clothes. The man casually told her, “Become my mistress and I’ll give you the best life, send you the most beautiful pearls that even fairies can’t even dream of possessing, and make everyone envy the life you live.”

Cinderella didn’t respond and merely stared at him blankly. The man didn’t seem to mind as well as he continued speaking, “Meet me here tomorrow night and you’ll be able to wear the most beautiful clothes and live majestically.” 

But Cinderella never returned to the little cabin, because she thought that the man was the devil.

Even though she had had a hard time and could never eat her fill, she was still happy the majority of the time. As long as she still had her mouse and bird friends, she could still put on a cheerful smile. After being sullied by that man, even if her little mouse and bird friends were beside her, she would often shed tears involuntarily; what made her feel more miserable was that her virginity had clearly been forcefully taken away, yet she couldn’t forget the pleasure that he had brought her. 

Every night in her dreams, Cinderella would always dream of that man pressing against her and rocking his waist, the indescribable thrill nearly suffocating her. By the time she woke up, the part between her legs would always become wet, and every time this happened, she would quickly rush to kneel beside her bed and earnestly pray, hoping that she could quickly forget him.  

However, as soon as the curtain of the nights fell, she would sink back into her depraved dreamland. The ‘her’ inside the dream would leave bleeding scratch marks on his back, moaning zealously underneath his body, and shamelessly yearning for him to give her more. 

A few months later, the king’s castle issued an announcement, saying that the prince was going to hold a ball and that all the ladies in the city must participate. After getting to know this matter, all the girls secretly rejoiced. The prince’s identity was of high nobility. In the past, it was impossible for him to marry a common civilian, but now, he had extended an invite to all of the city’s ladies. Didn’t this imply that everybody had the opportunity of turning from a sparrow into a phoenix?

All the girls in the entire city were elated as well as excited, continuously going shopping and adding on to their wardrobe in an attempt to be the best dressed, harboring hopes of catching the prince’s attention during the ball. Naturally, this included Cinderella’s two older sisters; under this kind of ardent atmosphere, the only girl who wasn’t moved was probably Cinderella.

After her two older sisters got onto a carriage and left for the castle, Cinderella returned to the narrow attic all by herself, covering her face and bursting into tears. She didn’t want to marry the prince. She only wished she could forget the demon, but no matter what she did, she could never forget him. And so, in the end, she couldn’t help herself from running back to the cabin she went to that day.  

Naturally, there was nobody that was waiting in the cabin; however, a big beautiful box laid inside, painting an inharmonious picture with the dilapidated cabin.

Cinderella timidly opened the box and discovered a gorgeous dress along with jewelry placed inside. When she took the clothes out, she suddenly found an incomparably beautiful pair of glass slippers sitting at the bottom of the box.

The glass slippers were clear and transparent. Amidst the dark little cabin, it appeared to emit a glow of its own, looking beautiful as if it carried magic within. Cinderella couldn’t resist putting it on and found that the pair of slippers fit her feet perfectly as if they were tailored just for her. It made her completely unwilling to take it off.

She looked at the glass slippers on her feet and decided to indulge herself for once. Wearing beautiful clothes and donning luxurious jewelry, she’ll arrive at the castle, participate in the ball, and with this pair of slippers, she’ll dance the night away, completely forgetting the demon of a man who had robbed her chastity away.

Fortunately, after she had gotten dressed up, she encountered some kind-hearted people on her way to the castle. They allowed her to ride with them on a gorgeous carriage and brought her into the castle. When she stepped into the sumptuous hall, everybody instantly fell quiet. It was only after a long time had elapsed that the sounds of marvel rang out.  

“Which family’s lady is she? She looks breathtaking.”  

“Look at the clothes she’s wearing, the jewelry she’s donning, and those slippers on her feet. These are obviously things ordinary people can’t dream to obtain. Moreover, adding on to such an elegant temperament, she’s probably a princess from some country right?”  

“How despicable. I really want to tear off her clothes.”  

“Where has such a drop-dead gorgeous woman been hiding before?”  

“Can I go and trip her over?”  

However, Cinderella did not hear of any of these comments, because the master of the ball, who was also the noble prince, walked towards her with a grand smile.  

He wore a black suit, his posture peerlessly refined, and with his black hair and blue-green eyes, he appeared matchlessly handsome; he was the same demon who possessed her that day.

She wanted to scream and turn around to run for her life, but the prince had already captured her hand, sealing off her chances of escape. At this time, music started playing and he brought her into his arms, dancing the waltz with her.  

“You’re much smarter than I thought.”

The prince whispered hotly into her ear. His expression appeared perfectly gentle and polite; however, his voice was immeasurably cold. “Did you know I fell in love with you that night and I’ve decided not to let you become my mistress anymore. Do you want to take this opportunity to fly up the branches(1) and become my wife?”   

  1. Fly up the branches and become a phoenix: to rise into a high position 

Her bright eyes grew wide as she gawked at him. Snapping out of it, she finally said the same sentence she had said to him countless times in her dreams, “You demon! Who wants to be together with you!” However, Cinderella had forgotten that every time she spat these nasty words out in her dreams, the demon would firmly press her down beneath him and ruthlessly ravage her again and again.  

Reality was no exception. Once they had finished dancing, the prince cruelly dragged her away to the garden at the rear of the castle. He pulled up the hem Cinderella’s dress and tore off her panties, and without any foreplay, the demon entered her directly. 


In an instant, the two people both cried out, filled to the brim with pain and pleasure, the electrifying feeling from their union transmitting directly to their brains.

The elegant prince from the lavish hall had now turned into a beast in the dark depths of the garden, unleashing his desires onto the girl. The girl’s initial cries of refusal gradually morphed into soft moans, and under the demon’s coaxing, she started emitting licentious screams.

“Ahhh uhnnnn ummm…please give it to me! I beg you, give it to me!”  

The demon pulled out his giant root that was already soaked in honey and evilly teased, “Give you what?”  

“Your…..magic wand.”  

He chuckled and wickedly streaked across the girl’s hot little hole, pressing and grinding on it intermittently, “Do you like this?” 

“I like it…..uhnnn ahhnnn….”  

Cinderella’s tears started flowing out as she stared at the starless black sky in a daze. She didn’t expect that she would turn out like this. She had fallen in love with the demon’s everything, fallen in love with his cruelty, fallen in love with his obscenity, and fallen in love with this sinful pleasure that he was bringing to her.

The prince lifted her up, allowing her snow-white legs to clamp tightly around his waist, and used his huge c*ck to thrust into the soft depths of her tender hole while walking into the deeper parts of the garden.

“……Mmmm….Where are you……taking me?”  

Cinderella was nearly f*cked to unconsciousness by him, yet she could feel that aside from his meat stick invading her lower body, she was only wearing the pair of glass slippers. Originally, she wore these heels intending to dance with someone else. Who would’ve thought that she had sent herself to the demon instead.

“I’m taking you to the demon’s bedroom.”  

The prince said sinisterly, carrying and fucking her at the same time as they arrived at the tower’s bedroom residing deep inside the garden.  

The room had a massive snow-white bed with romantic curtains hanging from above. At the side laid plenty of beautiful things, exquisite peacock tail feathers, weird-looking leather belt locks, transparent crystal d*ldos, shiny crystal bottles, and a few bottles of wine placed neatly inside an ice bucket. On the side of the bed, there was a snow-white wooden horse that had a peculiar shape but was crafted exquisitely; and on top of it, there were even fluffy mouse playthings.

What was odd was that around the bed were several metal chains and leather rings. Even if these objects had fine workmanship with beautiful gauze decorations on top, Cindrella still felt that they all looked a little out of place.

The prince laid her on the bed and rammed into her a few more times, shooting his essence into her body completely before exiting her. For a while, she felt a little empty. The murky liquid dripped out of her honey cave, staining the pure white sheets. As the originally pure and alluring Cinderella laid on top of the bed, the feeling of corruption was further enhanced by the contrast in picture.

The prince raised one of her feet and slowly and gently licked her slender ankle, asking, “Do you like this pair of glass slippers? Back when I forced the craftsman to quickly make them, it was all for the sake of pleasing you. Who would’ve thought that you wouldn’t appear? Do you know how long I’ve waited for you that night?”

Cinderella’s face flushed, unwilling to respond. The prince gently took off her glass slippers, opening a wine bottle at the side and pouring the liquid over the slipper to wash the dust away. Then, he took the crystal bottle containing lustrous green liquid inside, and took a sip, feeding it into Cinderella’s mouth.

The liquid carried a faint sweet taste, so she naturally swallowed it without realization, and not long after, a light and airy feeling overwhelmed her entirety. Cinderella couldn’t help but ask.

“…….What was that?”


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