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Translator: Hey guys! I will be dipping my hands into a new genre today. It’s a Wuxia themed boys’ love story which is pretty challenging since I needed to research a lot of terms.

Aside from the complexity of the terms, the plot is easier to translate as compared to Immoral Holidays so expect a chapter to be published every week. Yay!

Before you start the series, here are a couple of terms I think everyone needs to be familiarized with to lessen the confusion during reading.

The following are rankings in different levels in the cultivation world. All are stated from low to high positions.
Ordinary Cultivator Level 普通武者

Separated into Early Stage, Peak Early Stage, Middle Stage, Peak Middle Stage, Late Stage, Peak Late Stage 细分初级,初级巅峰,中级,中级巅峰,后期,后期巅

Yellow Rank 黄阶
Xuan Rank 玄阶
Earth Rank 地阶
Sky Rank 天阶

Senior Cultivator Level 高级武士级

Spirit Master 化劲宗师
Xiantian Realm 先天境界
Ningdan Realm 凝丹境界

Grandmaster Level 大师级

Zhenti Realm Cultivator 真体境修士
Zhenyuan Realm Cultivator 真元境修士

Immortal Level 神仙级

Little Golden Core Realm 小金丹境
Big Golden Core Realm 大金丹境

This glossary may or may not be complete so I might be editing this to add in more terms in the future. In addition to that, I did my best to translate most of the terms to English terms for easy remembrance but some terms have maintained their Chinese pronunciation due to the difficulty in translating so forgive me for that. If you have any better ideas, suggestions are highly welcome in the comments below.

Do feel free to check this post out whenever you’re confused about the terms.



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