EBPW Extra 2.2

Extra 2.2 No Responsibilities (He Feng and Qin Zhao) (2)

Joy flashed through Qin Zhao’s face, but the little apprentice put on a tiger face, “However, Master said. Once you step through this door, you will have to listen to Master’s every word. If Master wants you to go east, you cannot go west. If Master says one, you can’t say two. Well, that ’s more or less what he means anyway, do you understand?”

Without even thinking twice, Qin Zhao had already placed one foot inside the courtyard.

He originally thought that he would be able to see He Feng everyday once he entered the villa, but reality proved him wrong, Qin Zhao had already spent five months in the villa and apart from listening to the disciple’s pratter, he couldn’t do anything else, he couldn’t even see He Feng’s face.

“Master has taken a few orders, so he has been very busy lately. If you are bored, you can leave this place.” The little disciple consoled him when he saw his distraught expression.

How could Qin Zhao do that? If he really left, then he might not even be able to approach the courtyard gate in the future! He was going to wait right here!

By the tenth month, He Feng had finally come out of seclusion.

Qin Zhao didn’t know this yet until he saw the little apprentice going over to greet him with joy. He snapped out of his senses and followed him to see He Feng.

He Feng’s face was slightly pale. These ten months must have taken a great deal of effort for him, and it showed because his steps were a little unstable when he walked out. The little disciple wanted to help him out at first, but was bested by Qin Zhao who rushed up without much care, gently holding He Feng’s wrist.

He Feng cast him an indifferent glance, and said to the disciple, “Go and give the finished product to the client. I am going back to my room to rest for a while.”

The disciple acceded to his instructions but before he left, he took a second look at them.

“How…..are you feeling?” Qin Zhao didn’t dare to use too much strength. He also didn’t dare to look at He Feng, asking in a low tone.

He Feng pushed his hand away, “I won’t die from this.” He replied, before he slowly returned to his room. Perhaps because he was too tired that he wasn’t paying attention, or because of acquiescence, but he did not stop Qin Zhao from following him into his room.

Once He Feng’s head hit the pillow, he fell asleep and even forgot to cover himself with the quilt. Although it didn’t matter to have a quilt covered or not thanks to their cultivation, Qin Zhao still carefully pulled it up for him, then he sat by the bed and watched He Feng’s sleeping countenance ——It was only at this moment that he dared to look at him openly.

He Feng had slept for five days and five nights, and right when he woke up, he smelled something fragrant. It was the scent of food that he had not smelled for a long time.

As cultivators, although they didn’t necessarily need to eat anymore, their taste buds still craved for it. To have something to chow down on after getting a full rest was one of life’s greatest things! However, if he recalled correctly, the young disciples did not have such good craftsmanship. Could he possibly have invited a chef over? That was impossible. Outsiders weren’t allowed to enter the villa without his permission.

While he was pondering, a tall figure had appeared at the door of his room holding a tray with a few dishes in his hand, and the fragrance immediately assailed his nostrils.

“Are you awake?” A smile hung on Qin Zhao’s handsome face. He then walked towards the bed and placed the food down. “Would you like to have some soup first?”

Although he couldn’t believe it, He Feng still asked: “Who made these?”

The man’s eyes became a little shifty. “I just made it out of boredom. If it doesn’t suit your taste, I will change it immediately!” He Feng thought to himself. When had Qin Zhao ever learnt to cook? But in the past 50 years, unbeknownst to him, Qin Zhao had been changing himself for He Feng, and when he heard that the way to a man’s heart was through his belly, this sparked him to learn how to cook.

He Feng gazed at him for a long while, and could not find the original domineering and coldness on his face, so he couldn’t help but chuckle and said, “How about I try the soup first?”

Qin Zhao heard this, and hurriedly handed him a bowl. Seeing him take a sip, he asked nervously: “How is it?”

In order to scare him, he deliberately lost his smile and stayed quiet for a while: “It needs to be improved.”

Qin Zhao didn’t feel disappointed at this, instead, he thought it was a great start!

In the following days, the dignified Demonic Sect Leader really carried out all the odd jobs around the place. As long as it was related to He Feng, he would undertake the whole task, which made the little disciple feel a sense of crisis, and because of that, the apprentice looked for an opportunity to complain tearfully to He Feng.

He Feng’s response was: “If he wants to do it, let him do it. This means that, at least, you have more time to learn from me.”

The gloom on the little disciple’s face immediately cleared up after hearing this.

With the increasing in He Feng’s fame, his workload has also increased exponentially, but the excessive workload has squeezed out his cultivation time, and his cultivation had hindered his progress in refining weapons.

This was quite a complicated matter.

But taking on a smaller number of orders would not be able to give him enough experience, and he could not do without having both cultivation and experience.

Ever since the last time he attended He Xu’s coming of age ceremony, He Feng and He Zhou had resumed contact. In one of their calls, He Feng revealed the hurdle he was facing, and He Zhou chuckled mysteriously in response. “I remember that Sect Leader Qin’s cultivation was good. Isn’t letting him merely do some chores a waste of natural resources? “

He Feng:” … “

He Zhou was right, however, his past experience still made him somewhat conflicted. He knew that Brother Zhou and Wen Renyi had always had a harmonious dual cultivation. Was his resistance the reason why he felt that dual cultivation was so painful back then?

Once a person had figured out the solution to his problem, everything else would fall into place. He Feng was no longer the inexperienced youth he was back then. After decades had passed, he had already firmly grasped how to gain the upper hand.

On this day, Qin Zhao had cooked some dishes that He Feng liked. He Feng who was in an evidently good mood asked casually: “In the beginning, I had nothing and I also didn’t have any ability at all. Why did you do such a thing?”

Qin Zhao thought that he was still angry and immediately explained: “It’s all my fault. I just-, I just fancied you. I have never liked anyone before, so I didn’t know how to treat you properly, and instead I did a lot of things that hurt you which I’m really sorry for. I’m really really sorry, He Feng.” When he called the memories back when he forced He Feng, he wanted to strangle himself from that time!

He Feng didn’t listen earnestly to his confession and reached his hand out to stop him instead. “But it was not as if I didn’t benefit from it. Speaking about it, I should actually thank you.”

Qin Zhao heard this, and his heart turned cold for a moment. He knew that these kinds of ‘rational’ words or explanations were telltale signs of an imminent break up.

“Is there … really no way you could forgive me?” He silently gazed at He Feng’s handsome countenance, and asked in a hoarse tone.

He Feng furrowed his brows. What was this man talking about?

“Stay here or be the leader of the Demonic Sect, which would you choose?” If he really regarded Qin Zhao as a furnace, then Qin Zhao could no longer become the sect leader anymore.

“Of course, I’m staying!” He didn’t even need to think twice about it. Qin Zhao answered very quickly, afraid that He Feng would regret giving him a choice.

“Well, we’ll talk again after you resign from the position.” He Feng then went to the refining room after throwing this sentence out.

Six months later, he had come out of his seclusion again, feeling a lot weaker and less capable than before.

Qin Zhao carried him back to the room, and said in distress, “Have a good rest.” but before he could leave, He Feng tugged the hem of his clothes.

“Have you resigned from your position?”

Qin Zhao stared into his pair of clear and serene eyes, a myriad of tender feelings arose in his heart. “Don’t worry, I’ve already resigned.”

He Feng smiled gently, and circling his arms around Qin Zhao’s neck. and pressing him down close to him, leaning close to the man’s ears, “Then, shall we dual-cultivate?”

Qin Zhao suddenly felt his body stiffen, he wondered whether he had heard it wrongly, “He Feng?”

Seeing his foolish expression, He Feng felt a lot better and he quickly closed his eyes, pressed his lips against his. It was soft, tender and slippery. En, well what do you know, it did feel pretty good.

Qin Zhao’s heart shook, and he remained dumbstruck for a while and by the time he snapped to his senses, he immediately took the reigns.

The little disciple was intending to find Master, but when he heard the sounds coming from outside the door, for some reason, he felt his face turn hot.

Aiya, it looked like spring really had come.

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