EBPW Extra 2.1

Extra 2.1 No Responsibilities (He Feng and Qin Zhao) (1)

“Sir, there is someone outside looking for you.” The youth opened the door and informed the handsome young man sitting in the room.

The youth had grown up in the mountains, but later on, he went to pursue his studies outside. His Chinese name was Zhang Yuan. He spoke Mandarin with an accent, had a tall and thin figure, and wore ethnic clothes.

He Feng looked away from the book, shifting his black eyes onto him, “I’m not seeing him.”

Zhang Yuan scratched his head. He was only an ordinary person, so he was unaware that He Feng could sense who was standing outside just by using his godly sense. This was why he was nonplussed when the young man had directly refused without even asking who it was.

“Understood.” Although he was puzzled, in the end, he was only an employee, so he naturally had to put his employer’s orders first.

After he left, he returned again wearing a complicated expression. “Sir, the gentleman outside said that he wanted a weapon.”

He Feng didn’t lift his head, and coldly responded, “You know my rules.”

Zhang Yuan nodded,” I know, but, the man said he has the rare material that the sir wanted, so…. ” After he trailed off, he secretly glanced at He Feng.

He Feng’s expression turned slightly stiff. Although his eyes remained stuck on the book, it had slackened, and after a while, he responded. “In the future, no matter what he says, do not bother with this person.”

Zhang Yuan opened his mouth. He wanted to ask He Feng. Hadn’t he longed for the rare material for a long time? However, when he noticed the slight frown on He Feng’s face, he swallowed his words and exited the room, obediently closing the door. 

A month later, Zhang Yuan accepted a job with He Feng’s consent, and fortunately, the remuneration was the rare material that the sir had always wanted! How weird. Everybody said that rare materials were hard to find. Why did it appear in such an ordinary circumstance?

After the contract was properly settled, He Feng only had to build the weapon according to the customer’s requirements stated in the contract. He originally merely had a cursory look at the contract. After all, Zhang Yuan was skillful in this area and knew more than him. However, when he took a closer look at the contract, he discovered something odd.

The other party had requested that the letters ‘HF’ be engraved on the weapon. Although this did not mean anything, he had a nagging feeling, and was suddenly reminded of Qin Zhao from a month ago.

He carefully read the contract again and once he confirmed that the customer was indeed not related to Qin Zhao, he calmly built the weapon.

It took him almost half a year to build the weapon completely, and He Feng was very satisfied with the outcome. Although Zhang Yuan didn’t understand it, he could tell that the weapon was amazing at first glance, and when he delivered the weapon to the customer, the customer sincerely praised it.

He Feng felt relieved. He had thought the matter had come to an end, but one month later, the weapon emerged once again before his eyes. Zhang Yuan had told him in confusion that someone had sent it as a gift.

He Feng then remembered that it was his birthday today.

“Ah Yuan,” He Feng looked away from the weapon and looked at him with a slightly profound gaze. “Who sent it?”

Zhang Yuan always knew that his own employer was very good-looking. The celebrities seen on TV had nothing on him. Moreover, he had been following his employer for five years, and despite some fine lines appearing in the corners of his own eyes, the gentleman still retained the same youthful look as he had yesterday without an iota of change. He was completely baffled at how his employer had managed to maintain his looks.

At this moment, Zhang Yuan could not help but blush from being watched by his calm eyes, hearing his clear like water voice filling his ears. “I don’t know, it was delivered here.”

He Feng was silent for a moment, before he finally waved his hand, and Zhang Yuan stepped out consciously, He Feng reached out to stroke his familiar weapon, and his eyes gradually darkened. Aside from Qin Zhao, there was nobody else who would do such a thing.

Once spring left and autumn rolled in, He Feng had changed assistants one after the other, and finally found a talented cultivator. He took him in as an apprentice, and made him do some miscellaneous work. The young apprentice had a baby face despite having apparently graduated from college, yet his looks were that of a teenager. Moreover, because he practiced guwu, he looked even more tender. However, he was steadfast in dealing with matters, notwithstanding having such a silly personality.

“Master,” The little disciple delivered an invitation over, looking exceptionally happy. “Look.”

He Feng looked through it and a smile bloomed on his face. He usually didn’t smile, and looked extremely cold, so this smile had really stunned the little disciple. Master was really good-looking!

“I won’t be taking orders during this period of time. I’m going into seclusion.” He wanted to build a weapon for his grand nephew, so he would have to push other commitments to the side.

The little disciple went off obediently and obeyed his orders.

On the day of He Xu’s coming of age ceremony, guests of the He family filled the halls. The appearance of He Feng caused an uproar, but during the uproar, another loud noise resounded outside the courtyards. A tall and handsome man appeared all of a sudden at the door. This man was not a stranger to the people, on the contrary, it was the opposite. He was the leader of the Demonic Sect and had a high cultivation base. A golden bachelor who had what everyone thought to be features of a perfect partner.

At this moment, when this perfect partner laid eyes on a golden tortoise, his expression had changed from fierce to meek.

The man was speechless for a long time, until He Feng opened his mouth first: “Qin Zhao.”

It was only two words, yet Qin Zhao was instantly driven to tears. But because he was the Demonic Sect’s leader, he naturally couldn’t lose face, so his eyes had only turned warm as he stifled back the urge to cry.

He Feng paused. Fifty years had passed since he had stored away those traumatic memories in the deepest part of his heart, and because he had already gone through a lot, he had already turned numb to it, to the extent that he even felt that when he was initially being forced, there was actually a part of him that was willing to do so, but because he was far too young back then, he had wasted time on worrying over trifling matters.

In the past 50 years, after his whereabouts had been exposed, Qin Zhao would send him gifts every year. And although they had not been signed, he knew that they were sent by Qin Zhao.

He Ye saw a bit of feelings from his face, so he smiled and said, “Thank you Sect Leader Qin for coming here to participate in Xiao Xu’s adult ceremony, please come inside!”

Everyone knew that the He family did not have close ties to the Demonic Sect for a long time. The reason had nothing to do with the contradicting righteous or demonic path. It was mostly because the He family did not like Qin Zhao. Although everyone did not know the reason why, the facts were displayed right before their eyes.

It was reasonable to say that if people did not give face to someone like Qin Zhao, he would not give them face as well. However, what was strange was that he had always been extremely polite towards the He family. There were rumors that He Feng of the He family previously had a good relationship with Qin Zhao, and because Qin Zhao couldn’t forget about him, he was extremely courteous towards the He Family.

Of course, no one believed this rumor and it was immediately discredited the next day.

When the banquet for the adult ceremony had ended, He Feng had not planned to stay any longer, and returned back to his residence the very same night.

“Master, there is a car following us from behind,” The little disciple who drove the car informed him.

The corner of He Feng’s lips twitched, “You don’t need to concern yourself with it.”

“Oh.” The little disciple glanced at He Feng in the back seat through the mirror and realized that Master seemed to be in a good mood.

“Master, didn’t you dislike others disturbing us?” The disciple tried to suppress his curiosity, but failed to do so and asked.

“There’s no harm, at least you will have one more person to help you share the work in the future, you should be happier and more welcoming.” After He Feng spoke, he leaned back in his seat, and closed his eyes in recuperation. Upon seeing this, the little apprentice did not speak again.

The car drove all the way to An City. An City was a city along the river. Although it was not a metropolis, it was one of the top ten livable cities in the country. It was mostly filled with light industries, tourism, and a beautiful environment, which was very suitable for mental or spiritual cultivation.

He Feng’s residence was a villa on the riverside. The villa was exquisite. Relying on modern building techniques, it integrated the ancient Chinese architectural style, allowing the entire villa to ooze an antique feel. There was also a large courtyard, corridors, winding footpaths, rockeries, and many other things.

The two people entered the villa, but the owner of the car behind them did not dare to follow. He merely stood at the doors of the courtyard foolishly, without the nerve to say anything.

When dawn broke, the little disciple opened the courtyard doors, yawned and said, “Master is allowing you to come in.”

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