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  • EBPW Chapter 9.1

    Chapter 9.1 Going back to the He Family Home Together (1)

    He Zhou and Wen Renyi stayed in the top priority ward together so they had their own independent toilet.

    Huang Qi listened to the sounds of the water inside the toilet and was unable to help feeling a bit competitive. The He Zhou before his eyes was not the same as before. This imposing manner of his made him realize that the difference between his family and an old-standing aristocratic family was not just one or two bits. 

    He Zhou was still standing before the windows. Sun rays peeked through the windows, shining on his side profile like an elegant painting. Even Huang Qi who only liked women couldn’t help but sigh. Young Master He was really born too good looking!

    “What business do you have with me?”

    Huang Qi recollected his senses. His smile was more brilliant than his head of yellow hair, his mouth of white teeth dazzled He Zhou, making his eyes hurt.

    “Well, I heard that you were staying at the hospital, so shouldn’t I come to visit you?” He held a fruit basket in his hand and hadn’t set it down.

    “How considerate.” He Zhou raised his eyes to see Wen Renyi holding the IV drip and coming out of the washroom. He walked over to Wen Renyi and supported him to get on the bed then hung his drip.

    “It’s about to be finished.” He Zhou said while pressing the bell.

    Huang Qi set the fruit basket down on the coffee table and turned around smiling at He Zhou. “Young Master He, when will you be checking out? The guys haven’t seen you in a few months and they play awkwardly. When you get out of the hospital, let’s go out and have fun together, alright?”

    He Zhou casually replied back. The nurse came in and helped Wen Renyi pull the needle out. At the same time, she sneaked a lot of glances at He Zhou and Wen Renyi.

    Huang Qi saw He Zhou replying and immediately gave his farewell and left happily.

    Once he left, silence fell over the room again. He Zhou sat on the sofa reading his finance book. This was the original owner’s university textbook and since he was living as him right now, naturally, he also had to inherit this responsibility and at least get a graduating certificate. 

    “How did you hide the fact that you could already cultivate from other people?” Wen Renyi suddenly asked. 

    He had always thought it weird. He could clearly feel the Inner Xi in He Zhou’s body. Then why was it in other people’s eyes, He Zhou was still an ordinary person who was unable to cultivate?

    He Zhou stared straight into his pair of eyes and chuckled. “Then you tell me first, what happened with that power inside your body.”

    Wen Renyi who was leaning on the bed, turned his head to face He Zhou’s direction. “You also probed it before. This power is too overbearing. It sucked my Inner Xi dry so I turned into a waste.”

    “Then why did it stay inside your body?”

    “That’s the second question already.” Wen Renyi lightly smiled. “To play fair, each person has to ask one question every time.”

    “Alright.” He Zhou was very frank. “Because you are the only one who can feel my Inner Xi.”

    “The Family head worries that this power could destroy the cultivation world so he sealed it in my body.” Wen Renyi reached his hand out to grab a cup, drinking a mouthful of water. “What method are you using to cultivate?”

    He Zhou closed his finance textbook. “Nine Godly Secrets. Since it was sealed, why were you still able to use it during the time at Songyu Mountain when we were fighting against Tan Shu?”

    “Because I was the one who put the seal on, I can choose to set the seal free whenever I want to.” Wen Renyi’s pupils slowly surfaced a purple light which immediately dimmed. “Where did the Nine Godly Secrets come from?”

    “During the time I was in a coma, an immortal came to me in a dream and said my aptitude was out of the ordinary so he took me in as his disciple and passed down the cultivation method.” He Zhou slanted his body, the corner of his mouth tugged into a slight smile. “Then, was it because you had no control over this power, that you had almost burst your veins and died?”

    Wen Renyi heard this and was even more curious about He Zhou’s ability. “That’s right. My godly senses are already at Xiantian, so the highest I could manifest is the Xiantian Realm’s power, any more and I would die. The family head is also at the Xiantian Realm, why couldn’t he see through your cultivation base?”

    He Zhou stood up. “Perhaps, you are the only one. I’ll ask the very last question, does your lost eyesight have any relation to that power in your body?”

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