EBPW Chapter 8.1

Chapter 8.1 Hugging and Cuddling(1)

He Zhou never imagined in a million years that he would end up in the hospital again just after checking out.

That day he got hit by Tan Shu, his injury was grave but Wen Renyi’s condition was more terrifying than his, so the first thing he did was to carry Wen Renyi and let the stunned He Shaoning send them to the hospital.

As for Tan Shu, although his own array was simple and his cultivation base wasn’t enough, Tan Shu broke free easily, however, with so many cultivators on the scene, even the person trapped in the array wouldn’t be able to deal with it.

After recuperating in the hospital for two days, Wen Renyi was finally transferred from the intensive care unit to the ordinary ward. Under He Shaoning’s arrangement, the two people stayed in the same room, except Wen Reyi still hadn’t awoken.

He Zhou leaned on the hospital bed reading a finance book. When he heard movement coming from the bed beside him, he quickly looked over and met with a pair of unfocused eyes. A ray of sunlight shone on Wen Renyi’s white porcelain skin, making He Zhou feel a bit dazzled.  

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This person looked really fragile but at the same time, gave people the impression of a mighty force. After all, on Songyu Mountain, with just a little bit of inattentiveness, he would’ve exploded himself to death.

“Is there any place that hurts?” He Zhou put down his book and turned around to leave the bed. He walked towards Wen Renyi’s bedside and asked warmly.

Wen Renyi heard the familiar voice and his thin lips opened and closed, his warm voice floated towards He Zhou’s ear. “Thank you.”

He Zhou was about to reply when the door was pushed open. He turned his head and saw He Shaoning and Zhao Jing. He Ye followed behind with his head hung.

“Dad, Aunt, Xiao Ye.”

Wen Renyi then also turned his head to “look” towards the doorway. “Uncle, Aunt, Xiao Ye.”

He Shaoning saw that he was awake and couldn’t help but be relieved. Although he still looked strict, his tone was gentle. “Xiao Yi, this time we dragged you into this mess, we feel very sorry about this, it’s good that you’re finally awake.”

Wen Renyi shook his head. “It was me who involved the children.”

Young Master He couldn’t stand hearing these words and knocked on Wen Renyi’s forehead. “Anyone can be blamed, just not you. You killed Tan Shu’s brother because he committed a crime, it has nothing to do with you.”

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He Shaoning looked appreciatively at He Zhou. He originally didn’t know of this matter, so when he got the news, he thought that letting Wen Renyi go over was just the operation team’s rescue plan. He didn’t realize until later that they were really prepared to sacrifice Wen Renyi.

He Shaoning was protective of the weak and he had already considered Wen Renyi as his half son. In addition to that, to speak reasonably, it was really illogical for the cultivation world to handle matters like that. 

Wen Renyi smiled, the dried skin on his pale lips sticking out.

It was still Zhao Jing who was more considerate. She poured a glass of warm water and handed it to He Zhou using her eyes to urge him.

He Zhou was perceptive and received the water. He put his hand behind Wen Renyi’s neck and slowly lifted his head up. “Drink some water.” 

Wen Renyi obediently took a sip, his lips becoming more moisturized as he gave a word of thanks. Young Master He fed him another sip and said naturally. “We are one family. What’s there to be polite about?”

Zhao Jing saw his ‘just-woke-up’ appearance and asked. “Did Xiao Yi just recently awaken? Did you call for the doctor yet?”

Before Wen Renyi had awoken, Young Master He had used Inner Xi to examine Wen Renyi’s body. He didn’t detect anything wrong so how could he remember to call the doctor? And so, he shook his head.

Zhao Jing urged the continually silent He Ye. “Xiao Ye, go call the doctor.”

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He Ye secretly took a peek at He Zhou before saying “Oh” and going out of the room.

He Shaoning made some mental preparations before sighing and carefully asking He Zhou. “Ah Zhou, I heard Xiao Ye say that you taught him to break the array that day?”

Wen Renyi’s spirit was also a little dazed.

He Zhou generously admitted. “It was me.”

He Shaoning heard his confession and was even more astonished. “You also created the array that trapped Tan Shu?”

If it wasn’t for that array, perhaps He Zhou, Wen Renyi and even He Ye wouldn’t have been saved in time and would have been killed by Tan Shu within one strike.

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