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  • EBPW Chapter 7.3

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    Chapter 7.3 Rescuing people on Songyu Mountain(3)

    He Zhou paused slightly, he seemed to have seen a very familiar face inside the house. It was He Ye! He had almost forgotten that He Ye was a second year student at Jing university’s subsidiary, and was currently participating in the summer camp.

    A cool mountain breeze swept by and stirred the restlessness in everyone’s heart. All of their gazes fell on Wen Renyi aside from He Zhou.

    Speaking about it, aside from cultivating, Young Master He liked to study arrays the most. Compared with the arrays in the Other World, the arrays in this world was simply nothing more than child’s play. Tan Shu’s so called array was indeed harder to understand in Wen Renzuo and the other’s eyes but in He Zhou’s eyes, destroying the array was as easy as blowing off dust. 

    It was a pity that his cultivation wasn’t enough and Tan Shu was currently in the middle of it. Each movement made inside the array couldn’t escape his godly senses. The people outside moved slightly, fearing that Tan Shu would kill a person as a warning, unless…

    Inside the room, Tan Shu saw Wen Renyi barely making a move, and in the next moment, he reached out a hand that quicky sucked a student over. He single-handedly gripped the student’s neck and lifted him mid-air. The student’s face flushed red in an instant and he couldn’t even make a sound.

    “Wen Renyi, if you don’t come over, I’ll kill him! I’ll kill them one by one, let’s see who’ll waste the other person’s time!” Tan Shu tightened his grip.

    A flash of purple light swept across Wen Renyi’s cataracts as he took a step forward.

    “Let go of the child and I’ll go over.” Light floating words were transmitted to everyone’s ears and nobody dared to detain him even if they wanted to. They couldn’t open their mouths, because if they did, they would have to carry the lives of 20 plus children.

    He Zhou advanced a step and held his ice cold hand. “I’ll go with you.”

    Everyone cried out in surprise.

    Wen Renyi didn’t speak and Tan Shu inquired. “Little brat, what are you?” He used his godly sense to sweep He Zhou and found that he didn’t have any cultivation, with his young age, his cultivation couldn’t possibly be higher than his so he must be an ordinary person, so why did he want to throw away his life?

    “I am Wen Renyi’s mate.” Young Master He paused for a moment and looked at Wen Renyi. “Ah Yi. Didn’t our wedding vows say in life and in death…” He didn’t mention the words after it but Wen Renyi understood.

    Wen Renyi turned around to “look” at him and the corner of his mouth suddenly blossomed into a small smile. He gripped back He Zhou’s hand. “Thank you.”

    He Zhou’s move was half real and half fake. On one hand, he indeed wasn’t willing to let Wen Renyi die at Tan Shu’s hand. On the other hand, he wanted to use this opportunity to get close to Tan Shu and seize the opportunity to destroy his array.

    But in the eyes of other people, it was different. Who didn’t know that He Zhou was a waste. Not only was he an ordinary person but in the face of life and death, he actually didn’t hesitate to march in with Wen Renyi. At this moment, almost everybody had changed their view of He Zhou especially the operation group members who followed Wen Renyi through fire and water.

    Previously, they thought that Wen Renyi and the He Family’s Young Master’s marriage was unfair, Wen Renyi was an extraordinary talent with exquisite beauty, even if his martial skills had gone to waste, he was still more outstanding than He Zhou. How could He Zhou ever match him? But now, looking at the two people’s figure walking side by side, the previous sourness in their hearts had turned into gratification.

    “Really don’t fear death.” Tan Shu humphed. since it has come to this, what was the harm then?

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