EBPW Chapter 7.2

Chapter 7.2 Rescuing people on Songyu Mountain(2)

Feng Lan, the current special operations captain was thirty years old. He had a Sky Rank Middle Stage cultivation base and had a handsome and good-natured appearance. His smile made it easy for people to let their guard down and even though his cultivation wasn’t at the peak, the reason why he became the new captain was not completely unrelated to his smooth and polite personality. 

Cultivators were always proud and arrogant, they wouldn’t give way to anyone. After Wen Renyi left the office, the special department was also under pressure because of the operation team’s captain candidate, in the end they chose Feng Lan.The most important reason was his peacemaking attitude of handling matters.

Wen Renyi stood quietly in place, the skin under the sun was white as porcelain and seemed easy to break with just a touch, very fragile.

“Captain Feng, I am not a captain anymore.” His voice was light and distant that even the scorching sun seemed to be colder by a few degrees.

Feng Lan’s gaze revealed regret as he smiled. “Captain will always be the captain in my heart.”

He Zhou shot him a glance, what’s wrong with this person? Always trying to poke a person’s sore spot.

“Didn’t someone mention the matter was critical? How come people are still idly gossiping?” He Zhou inquired Feng Lan with his head raised in arrogance.

Feng Lan seemed to have just noticed him. “Don’t know who this gentleman is?”

He Zhou hadn’t spoken when Wen Renyi uttered. “My partner. Captain Feng, matters should be dealt with as soon as possible.”

After relocating the teachers and students who were almost in danger to a safe place, the exterior of the camp was no longer as crowded. The police kept watch at one side and the special department people were crowded in another group. Seeing Feng Lan bringing over He Zhou and the others over, their faces didn’t carry any excitement, instead their gazes were cast on Wen Renyi’s face, carrying some unwillingness.

They have followed Wen Renyi for many years for the most part and have always deeply respected Wen Renyi. There was one time in the middle of hazard, Wen Renyi did not hesitate to face the risks alone to protect them. In the end, when he became blind and his martial skills became wasted, it was impossible for their hearts to not have any guilt.  

Now that the evil group Zhengmo Sect elder Qin Shuwei is wreaking havoc on Songyu mountain, he specifically wanted Wen Renyi’s life in exchange for the trapped children’s lives, how could they tolerate it?

“Captain Wen Ren…” A young lady with a ponytail couldn’t help but call out.

With her call, several other people also started shouting, and a lot of people’s eyes started to turn red. 

Although Wen Renyi couldn’t see their faces, he could hear the choking sobs in their voices and he asked. “How many people are trapped?”

When he asked this, everybody’s attention indeed shifted over, Feng Lan explained. “23 students are trapped, all in the innermost part of the house, Tan Shu is in control of them and has set up an array inside the house. As long as there’s any signs of movement, the children could be….”

Wen Renzuo raised his head and looked at the innermost part of the room, he used his godly senses to sweep over it and found that there was indeed was a peculiar fluctuation. Just as he was about to retract his godly senses, a voice came from inside the house, the voice was amplified through inner strength and was delivered to every person’s ears. “Wen Renyi! Today I’ll have you pay back the blood from that year that you killed my elder brother.!”

The hoarse voice cried blood in an ear-splitting manner. 

He Zhou’s Golden Core Ranked godly sense seeped into the house and took a look at the tall middle-aged guy in the room. His appearance was malevolent and anger leaked all over from head to toe. His gaze passed through the window, stared fixedly at Wen Renyi.

Tan Shu was a Sky Level Late Stage Cultivator. Aside from Wen Renzuo who was present, there seemed to be no other person who was well-matched, however, even if Xiantian realm cultivators came, they wouldn’t have any ideas on how to rescue all the students without harm.

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