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  • EBPW Chapter 7.1

    Chapter 7.1 Rescuing people on Songyu Mountain(1)

    Wen Renyi raised his head slightly, looking towards He Zhou.

    In an instant, silence swept over the hall and everyone’s eyes fell on He Zhou. Wen Renshi spoke. “His hands hold the lives of many children. One careless move will result in many casualties.”

    Young Master He’s cold assertive influence emitted faintly as he slowly uttered a sentence “There are so many expert seniors at present, and now that an issue arose, you actually need an ordinary person to sacrifice himself to save the show. Don’t tell me that aside from using Ah Yi to exchange, you don’t have any other ways?”

    Someone replied. “But that person specifically wanted Wen Renyi and we could only stall him for the moment or else those kids would be in danger. What’s more, who let Wen Renyi offend the other party previously?”

    He Zhou knew Wen Renyi was previously the captain of the operations team, dedicated to maintaining the order of the cultivation world so the number of people he has offended was quite a lot, but that was also because he needed to maintain the balance between the cultivation world and the secular world. Now that the enemy has come knocking on the door, threatening this group of practitioners to hand Wen Renyi over, they actually did not even hesitate to agree. If Wen Renyi were still a person of the cultivation world, then there would be no problems but the Wen Renyi right now was just a sightless ordinary person, the faces of these people were extremely thick.

    He swept a look at everyone and held Wen Renyi’s wrist. “Ah Yi is not a person of the cultivation world so the matters of the cultivation world have no relation to us. We will be leaving first then.”

    “Stop right there.” Wen Renshi uttered in obstruction. People immediately appeared to block their path.

    “Ah Yi, do you really not care?”

    Wen Renyi’s back faced Wen Renshi, his head hanging down, his hand gripped by He Zhou as he stayed silent for a moment. “I’ll go.”

    He Zhou couldn’t help but feel a surge of distress.

    “Then I’ll go with you.” 

    Wen Renyi smiled lightly, and almost made the juniors of the Wen Family faint. Was this still the Wen Renyi they knew? They remembered that no matter what, this person had a look of cold arrogance, that even a waste of a person couldn’t be placed in his eyes. Now he was actually showing an expression of weakness for everybody to see!

    Now that the kidnapper had called out Wen Renyi, what could they do? If they didn’t let Wen Renyi go, the kidnapper might kill two first to threaten them, by that time, the Wen Family would be considered sinners of the cultivation world.

    Jing University’s subsidiary organized a military summer camp for second year college students. Their purpose was to strengthen their physique in preparation for training to be a third year.

    The camp was located in the outskirts of the city at the peak of Songyu Mountain. It was originally a weaponry-based training site, but after being abandoned, it became Jing University’s subsidiary’s summer campsite. 

    Songyu Mountain’s altitude was not high and the forest was lush. The elders and juniors of the Wen Family brought Wen Renyi and He Zhou over, driving to the training field. Wen Renyi’s few bodyguards followed along hot on their heels.

    He Zhou secretly thought to himself. Looks like these bodyguards weren’t committed to the Wen Family but would be willing to risk their life just for Wen Renyi.

    The exterior of the training field was already surrounded by a group of teachers and students who were being evacuated by the policemen and the special department people. Once He Zhou and the others got off the car, the special department people discovered them and hurriedly welcomed them. 

    “Youngster Feng Lan reports to the respected seniors.” The approaching person first saluted towards Wen Renzuo and the other elders then he cupped his fists towards the same aged practitioners, in the end, his gaze fell unto Wen Renyi as he chuckled. “How are you, captain?”

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