EBPW Chapter 60.1

Chapter 60.1 The Demonic Head Is Finally Annihilated (1)

The car stopped at an old-looking clock shop.

Although the clock shop looked ancient, it gave off a profound feeling, brimming with the flavor of a romantic gentleman.

He Zhou got out of the car and followed the people into the shop.

The interior decor of the shop was commonplace. He casually looked around and spotted someone pressing on the wall, which then opened a door from the wall.

He Zhou had seen these in a movie before so he was able to maintain a calm face, but after he saw the scene beyond the door, he was secretly stunned.

A winding endless road stretched in front of him, although calling it a road probably wasn’t the accurate term for it, but in He Zhou’s perspective, this was probably the path that led to the underground work.

Two people took the lead in front while the people behind him impelled him to go forward. He Zhou followed suit, staring at the several people lining the ‘road’. When the door shut closed, the road became brightly lit and the ‘road’ beneath He Zhou’s feet slowly started moving.

As It turned out, it was not a road, but was something similar to a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt’s speed started out slow but gradually became faster and faster. Moreover, it extended downwards in a spiral pattern. If an average person were to have been on this, he would have no doubt passed out.

He Zhou tried to send his godly sense down to inspect the area, but found that it was still being blocked. He assumed that he had probably not reached Ji Wuqiu’s lair yet. It was reasonable to say that Ji Wuqiu’s godly sense could not be compared to his, and because a part of his soul was missing, it was impossible for his godly sense to improve, hence he had no way of blocking He Zhou from investigating.

He pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes. He had a certain understanding of Ji Wuqiu’s abilities, and unless he was using another sinister method, there was no way he was able to isolate his godly sense.

All of a sudden, the road came to a stop. He Zhou raised his eyebrow and looked up to see another door in front of him. When he saw this door, his heart moved slightly, because this door was too familiar. He had seen it before. In fact, there was hardly any differences to the demonic palace’s doors. 

As if sensing his arrival, the ‘palace doors’ slowly opened and a heavy malicious air assaulted his senses. He Zhou’s heart turned cold at once. As expected, Ji Wuqiu had exploited several resentful souls to cast an impenetrable defense for himself, making it impossible for outsiders to probe.

This method was a ‘sole privilege’ of the demonic clan.

The inside was extremely vast and magnificent and the space was circular in shape. Guards were arranged every five meters and despite the low level of their cultivations, their numbers were aplenty, however, He Zhou had already predicted this.

The layout on the inside was also very similar to that of his original world, entirely brimming with an ancient air. He Zhou looked at the delicate and strange patterns while  following Ji Wuqiu’s subordinates until he arrived at the main lobby. And at long last, He Zhoui had finally met Ji Wuqiu face to face.

To be more precise, he came face to face with the soul of Ji Wuqiu.

He had remained in an array which He Zhou could see was used to nourish the soul. Ji Wuqiu had long been waiting for him. His fuzzy countenance suddenly appearing in front of him.

He looked handsomely nefarious just like a demon.

“Ji Wuqiu, I’m here.” He Zhou announced calmly and unhurriedly.

Ji Wuqiu had been watching him for a long time, and his handsome face flickering about. “Long time no see.”

He Zhou took off the necklace and held it in his palm, “Here’s the thing that you wanted.”

Ji Wuqiu’s gaze fell on a necklace, and with a hoarse voice, he uttered. “Break the array right here.”

He Zhou smiled,” Why should I?”

Ji Wuqiu chuckled evilly for a while, and soon a few people stepped out of the side chamber. Qi Changling, who had escaped was right in the middle and manifested a cultivation base in Xiantian Middle Stage, but what made He Zhou more surprised was not Qi Changling, instead it was Wei Mingzhu’s appearance.

Wasn’t Wei Mingzhu staying with the operations team? Why would she appear here?

“Second Aunt?” He Zhou furrowed his brows, looking at Wei Mingzhu, as if confirming whether she was genuine or not.

Ji Wuqiu laughed, his face that was floating mid-air had completely turned twisted. “He Zhou, don’t you think this world is too interesting?” He didn’t wait for He Zhou to answer and continued, “You see, we can control all of them. Simply put, we can become gods in this world, and those people in the operations group are simply trash, so quickly break the array on the necklace, and by then we can…”

“Ji Wuqiu, we are not gods. Let go of them, and I will open the necklace.” He Zhou refused to listen to his nonsense any longer.

Ji Wuqiu’s face immediately darkened after being interrupted by him, “If you don’t want Wei Mingzhu to become the next Gars, then you must break the array for this master.”

He Zhou remained silent for a moment, seeing Wei Mingzhu’s face in pain, he sat cross-legged and said. “The array on the necklace is difficult to break. I’m sure you know this more clearly than anyone else.”

“What are you trying to say?” Ji Wuqiu naturally knew what he meant, otherwise, he would not have given the necklace back to He Zhou.

“I need time, and I need other people’s assistance.” He Zhou replied solemnly.

Ji Wuqiu frowned, his gaze turning dark, as if he was contemplating about something.

“I don’t specialize in arrays and you already know how complex this array is. I need time.” He Zhou emphasized himself once again.

“You better not be playing any tricks,” Ji Wuqiu snorted coldly. “Two days. You have only two days. After the two days are over and you still haven’t managed to unlock it, countless people will die because of you.”


He Zhou started to devote himself to breaking the array while Ji Wuqiu watched him closely. As long as the array breaks, the soul sealed inside the necklace would fly out and he could recover his spirit and reconstruct his soul. By that time, he would become the god of this world, and everybody would have to crawl beneath his feet.

He Zhou had already practiced undoing the array on the necklace back in Shen Yan Sect many times, so he could effortlessly break it, but at this juncture, he wanted to stall a little more time for the people outside.

Ji Wuqiu had no clue that he had already seen this world through his dreams, he only knew that the necklace array was difficult to break, so he chose to believe in He Zhou’s words.

To cultivators, the elapse of two days felt like a blink of an eye, but for Wen Renyi who was outside, these two days were a torturous ordeal.

He had attached a ray of his godly sense to the short dagger, which he made He Zhou carry it with him in order to investigate the secrets underneath. In this way, he could organize the allies on standby and wipe out Ji Wuqiu’s nest.

He only had two days, and in these two days he desperately racked his brain for strategies on how to break in as soon as possible and prevent He Zhou from being harmed.

While He Zhou was pretending to break the array, he secretly observed Ji Wuqiu’s situation. Although Ji Wuqiu had an array to nourish his soul, in the end, he wasn’t entirely complete without the missing piece, and whenever Ji Wuqiu reaches a critical condition, his soul would start to become unstable, but every time that happened, he would supplement it with nutrition, and this nutrition was the countless number of grieving souls he had collected.

The duration of two days was gradually coming to an end, and Ji Wuqiu looked like he was about to explode until He Zhou suddenly raised his hand and the necklace started floating mid-air, a bright light shining forth from it. The entire lobby was enshrouded in a dazzling light, causing Qi Changling and the others to involuntarily close their eyes from the piercing brightness. Only Ji Wuqiu wore a crazy expression on as he left the array directly and rushed towards the white light.

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