EBPW Chapter 6.2

Chapter 6.2 Returning home to meet the elders(2) 

The Wen Family’s home was built on a hill outside Jing City and the reason why it was built here was because the previous owner felt that the mountain was far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and could therefore practice martial arts in a more peaceful manner.

The car went went around several large circles only to finally stop at the Wen Family’s doors.

He Zhou got off the car and quickly walked around to Wen Renyi’s side. He helped him open the door, before extending his hand to him and said. “Be careful getting off.”

The driver and bodyguard at the side were a bit stunned. Wen Renyi sitting inside the car was also startled for a moment, this feeling of being cared for and protected was strange but not annoying. 

He stretched his hand out and placed it on He Zhou’s.

That hand was white and slender, the joints distinctive and exuded a pampered aristocratic atmosphere, He Zhou squeezed it slightly, his right hand leaning on the roof of the door as he supported Wen Renyi off the car.

“Cousin really found a good husband, such meticulous care really makes me envious.”A few people came from the mountain road came across this scene. The person who spoke out was a 30 year old guy who looked handsome but his words sounded really sour.

“Didn’t I say so before, even though Cousin can’t practice martial arts but he can still mix well with people, Master He also can’t practice martial arts but he knows how to take care of people.” Another 20 something year old youth echoed, his gaze scratching He Zhou’s face, 

Wen Renyi’s hands moved slightly.

He Zhou squeezed them in place and facing the other party’s cynicism, he slowly said. “The Wen Family’s manners are really something to learn from. Ah Yi exhausted his thoughts and ingenuity to allow you to wear brand names and drive luxury cars but in my eyes, he has been feeding a group of white-eyed wolves.”

He Zhou rarely got angry but seeing Wen Renyi bullied by these people, he could not help but feel displeased in his heart. 

The bodyguards as well as the Wen Family people heard this and their face showed cracks. Ah Yi? Who the hell is that? Who didn’t know that Wen Renyi’s natural disposition was apathetic, icily arrogant and could not stand dust in his eyes. He was never close with anyone.  Before, when he was proud and high up, he practically did not even give them a look, now that Wen Renyi was without martial arts, all they did was spit a few sour words to seek comfort. 

But looking at the situation now, the always cold-hearted Wen Renyi actually pretended to be weak in front of He Zhou, making it seem like they were evil tyrants bullying the weak.

“I’m fine.” Wen Renyi turned around to “look” at He Zhou, and using his fingertips to rub his palm.

He Zhou looked at his expression of pretending not to care, and he didn’t know why but there was a sour taste in his heart. However, this was still the Wen Family’s place so he couldn’t say much. “Then let’s head right in.”

The Wen Family home was built simply and elegant. Once He Zhou entered the courtyard, he felt a quiet calm like entering the Pure Land. Although the difference with the Shen Yun Sect was large, but compared with the He Family’s position, it was better by a lot.

The two people entered the hall, followed by the Wen Family sons who then dispersed, going back to their respective fathers’ side.   The situation in the hall fell into He Zhou’s eyes, as he stared at the white haired old man sitting in the middle. He looked hale and hearty in spirit. He Zhou’s godly senses swept through him and sensed that he was already in the Xiantian Early Stage Realm.

On the old man’s left and right sat the other elders of the Wen Family, their gazes fell on He Zhou and Wen Renyi’s figures, carrying a measuring and inquisitive look.

Everyone here were practitioners. Their ears were sharp and their eyes clear. They had heard everything that happened outside clearly. Wen Renshi looked at Wen Renyi, “Ah Yi, don’t put their words to heart.”

Wen Renyi replied with “En.”

He Zhou looked at those people triumphantly looking at himself, as if to say his fight for justice was completely meaningless. He looked towards Wen Renyi, whose face was calm with not a single hint of loneliness, sadness or any other emotion. Had he been hurt so much he had gotten used to it?

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