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  • EBPW Chapter 6.1

    Chapter 6.1 Returning home to meet the elders (1)

    He Zhou sat at the balcony, absorbing the essence of the sun that had just come out of the horizon. Warm and harmonious Inner Xi slowly flowed, continuously forming his veins and bones. 

    Footsteps sounded behind him and he withdrew his aura and turned around to see Wen Renyi facing him. A ray of light passed through the French window, plating a mandarin orange color on his face, Wen Renyi looked calm as he informed him. “Breakfast is ready.”

    Speaking of this, He Zhou felt a bit embarrassed.

    Yesterday night, when he helped Wen Renyi relieve some pain, Wen Renyi suddenly woke up abruptly and his eyes were different. Faint purple mist lingered under his white cataracts and when He Zhou was about to ponder why, that purple mist suddenly disappeared.

    Wen Renyi knit his brows. “Sorry, did I disturb you?”

    He Zhou did not want to stir any trouble so the two people soon lied down in silence. As daylight quickly approached, He Zhou quickly got off the bed silently for the sun’s purple cloud (T/N: auspicious portent in astrology), and wanted to go to the balcony to practice martial arts. Afterwards, Wen Renyi was startled awake and seeing him already up, he simply went to make breakfast. 

    How could He Zhou let a blind person cook? So he offered to do it but when he was faced with a modern set of kitchen utensils, he felt helpless in the face of crisis.

    Wen Renyi seemed to have noticed his predicament and walked into the room with ease and started working. “You woke up early to practice right? Then just let me handle this.”

    He Zhou felt as if he was done a great convenience. However, generally speaking, his godly sense did not exceed the golden core stage. There was no way to tell that he was a cultivator so he must’ve assumed that he was an ordinary person. He didn’t know how Wen Renyi knew, or perhaps, he had a special ability.

    “Mister He?”

    Wen Renyi’s voice pulled him back to reality. He Zhou nodded. “Then thank you for your hard work.”

    “No problem.”

    He Zhou followed him from behind and felt that this person was no doubt the celebrity cultivator of the ancient martial world. After experiencing so many things, he was still so gentle and amiable.

    Breakfast was delicate with exquisite nutrition. The two people were educated in big families but they wouldn’t abide too strictly by the rules, , He Zhou let the words roll in his heart roll around a few times before asking. “So you knew I’m able to practice martial arts? Don’t you think it’s surprising?”

    Wen Renyi was silent for a moment and swallowed the porridge in his mouth. “Even though I’m a waste, my godly senses are still there. I can feel the Inner Xi in your body and regarding the matter of you being able to practice martial arts, everyone has their own luck, so I wasn’t that surprised.”

    He Zhou couldn’t help but admire his temperament.

    “Do you have some time today?” Wen Renyi wiped his mouth. “The family head wanted me to bring you home.”

    “For what?”

    Wen Renyi stood up and lightly said. “They just wanted to see you. If you’re not willing to, I will refuse them.”

    He Zhou thought for a moment. He found out from the original body owner that this world was not safer than the world he came from. He needed to control more information to secure his own safety. Looking at Wen Renyi’s expression, he seemed to dislike the Wen Family. As Wen Renyi’s legal partner, he definitely had to accompany him back to keep up appearances. After all, the secular world had a saying that the bride had to return to her parental home, this time, accompanying him home must be in compliance in this sense.

    “I’ll go back with you then.” He Zhou saw that he was about to collect the dishes and hurriedly stopped him. “Let me do it.”

    The two people’s fingertips touched. Wen Renyi couldn’t help but take a step back and lowered his eyebrows. “Alright.”

    He Zhou glanced at his ear, it seem to have flown into a blush.

    He set the bowl into the kitchen and couldn’t help but laugh, having such a shy wife didn’t feel bad.

    He Zhou finished washing the bowl and headed back to the bedroom. He saw Wen Renyi already dressed neatly. He donned the usual suit and tie and his hair was combed with spirit, revealing a good-looking forehead. Hearing He Zhou enter the room. He “looked” at him and said. “I’ll go out first, you change your clothes.”

    He Zhou’s identity was still a student so he didn’t dress as formally and only donned a short sleeved T-shirt and casual jeans, looking very youthful.

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