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  • EBPW Chapter 57

    Chapter 57 Wei Mingzhu’s revenge

    The matter of Qin Zhao being captured was not a coincidence.

    When He Zhou and Wen Renyi arrived at the suburbs, they saw He Feng supporting Wei Mingzhu with red eyes, as if he had just been crying.

    “Xiao Feng, Second Aunt.” Under the moonlight, He Zhou’s gaze flitted across Wei Mingzhu’s worried face before shifting towards He Feng.

    He Feng took a deep breath, seeing He Zhou had eased his worries a lot. “Brother Zhou, thank you for coming.” He also nodded towards Wen Renyi at the same time in acknowledgement.

    “What happened?” He Zhou surveyed the surrounding area and found no traces of a fight occuring. “How could Qin Zhao be captured?” Qin Zhao was the Demonic Sect’s leader. With such a high cultivation, how could he easily let himself be captured all of a sudden?

    “It’s all my fault.” Wei Mingzhu wiped her tears and exclaimed. “These people were originally aiming to capture me but Sect Leader Qin happened to come across us and intended to rescue me in exchange for his life, that’s why …”

    He Zhou’s brows twitched slightly. His line of sight falling on He Feng’s expression of self-blame and remorse. “Xiao Feng, is this true?”

    Wasn’t it too much of a coincidence?

    He Feng shook his head, “I don’t really know. By the time I had arrived, I had only caught the sight of their backs. They escaped so quickly, I couldn’t catch up.”

    “Then, why did they have to tie up Second Aunt?” He Zhou stared at Wei Mingzhu. Considering Wei Mingzhu’s identity, it didn’t make sense to take her.

    Wei Mingzhu’s state of mind gradually calmed down and she responded, “I’m not too sure myself.”

    “Did you contact Second Uncle?” He Zhou asked He Feng.

    He Feng froze for a moment. The thought of going to He Shaoying for help had never crossed his mind. After all, he was used to only being with his mother for so many years.

    “Ah Yi and I will be chasing after them. You can return to the He Residence first, and report this incident to my father and second uncle.” After He Zhou left instructions, he and Wen Renyi headed straight towards the direction where Qin Zhao was taken to.

    He Feng held Wei Mingzhu’s arm and saw that her face did not appear well. Assuming that it was because she had been frightened, he comforted her softly: “Mom, with He Zhou and Wen Renyi at their heels, Qin Zhao will be fine, so you don’t need to worry. Let’s go back home first. “

    Although he was also concerned himself, he couldn’t really lend a hand, so the least he could do was to take Wei Mingzhu back home and hoped that Qin Zhao would be fine.

    With his abilities, he shouldn’t come to any harm.

    He Feng’s thoughts were in such a whirl that he did not notice the cold glint flashing through Wei Mingzhu’s eyes when she lowered her head.

    The group of people that had taken Qin Zhao away had left trails on the road. He Zhou and Wen Renyi followed their tracks without stopping for rest. The two people’s cultivation bases were very high, so chasing them without rest wasn’t a difficult matter for them.

    Moreover, they were unprepared to have encountered this situation.

    All the families and sects were not willing to become sitting ducks. Everyone naturally sat down to discuss countermeasures. Just as He Zhou received and carried the Li family’s bestowed pills for protection, other important figures of the family and Sect people also received something from He Zhou.

    They all carried their personal belongings which He Zhou had engraved array patterns on. It only needed as much as one drop of their blood to activate the array. These arrays had been amplified by both He Zhou and Wen Renyi, allowing it to withstand a full blow from that of a foundation establishment cultivator’s power, so it was considered to be a life-saving array.

    Once this array was initiated, He Zhou and Wen Renyi would both be notified, and would rush to the rescue, heading to the approximate location of the party in distress as soon as possible.

    At present, Qin Zhao’s array had not been activated, which indicated that he was not in grave danger for the time being.

    He Zhou and Wen Renyi chased until they reached the outskirts of Jing City and realized that the breadcrumbs had vanished here. They decided to wait instead of expending further effort in chasing them down.

    He Feng had just arrived at the He Residence with Wei Mingzhu, and in accordance with He Zhou’s words, he told He Shaoning and He Shaoying the events that had transpired tonight. He Shaoning was still deep in ponder whereas He Shaoying threw a cold glance at Wei Mingzhu who had her down down as she was sitting on the sofa. Zhao Jing sat beside her and comforted her in a soothing tone.

    He Shaoying retracted his gaze and looked towards He Feng, “When did you notice that your mother was being taken?”

    He Feng replied conscientiously: “When I came back home, I discovered something amiss, that was when I received a call from mom. I picked it up and only heard the clamorous sounds of a brawl, and mom reported her location in a hurry so I went over.”

    “What did you see when you arrived?” He Shaoning also gradually thought it fishy and inquired He Feng.

    He Feng honestly divulged what he had seen. “I saw Qin Zhao being taken away.”

    “Did you see Qin Zhao’s face?” He Shaoying continued to ask.

    “No,” He Feng paused, “but I’m sure it was him.” Although he had only seen a back view, he was more than familiar with Qin Zhao, so he was definitely confident that that person was Qin Zhao. Moreover, Wei Mingzhu had also said that Qin Zhao had rescued her from trouble.

    Wei Mingzhu lifted her head slightly, revealing an ineffable expression.

    What were the chances that a Sect Leader would suddenly appear in the suburbs at night, coincidentally coming across Wei Mingzhu in the middle of being kidnapped, then brandishing out a sword to help. No matter how you think about it, it was odd!

    Qin Zhao was the Demonic Sect’s Leader who had a crafty and gloomy character. Would he really act with such good intentions? He Shaoning was not convinced.

    The other three people present found loopholes in his story with the exception of He Feng, because He Feng subconsciously believed that Qin Zhao would need help under those circumstances.

    He Shaoning and the others did not understand the grievances between He Feng and Qin Zhao, so they naturally didn’t believe that Qin Zhao’s actions were normal. Since Qin Zhao was behaving abnormally, there was a possibility that there was something strange about how the matter unfolded.

    He Shaoying stopped asking He Feng, and looked at Wei Mingzhu instead.

    “I’m quite suspicious about some things. Those people were clearly trying to kidnap you in the first place but even when they subdued Qin Zhao, they did not take you away. This isn’t making any sense.” Although his words sounded somewhat hurtful, his argument was logical.

    He Feng turned to stone for a moment. Because he was in such a disarray, he had completely missed this point!

    There was such a huge logic loophole in this incident. Wei Mingzhu also knew that she could never hide it for too long, so when she looked at He Shaoying, her eyes were full of hatred, and she spoke through gritted teeth: “What do you know!”

    With the exception of He Shaoying, her sudden outburst had shocked He Feng and the others.

    “What did you do?” He Shaoying’s pupils turned cold. He didn’t like Wei Mingzhu and the only reason why he married her was because of Wei Mingzhu’s calculated pregnancy. He abided by the ancestral rites of the He family and took responsibility for her.

    If he was going to be most apologetic to anyone, it would be He Feng, because he did not commit any wrongs. In fact, he was the most innocent one in this incident.

    “What did I do?” Wei Mingzhu smirked, her face filled with ridicule. Her appearance making He Feng feel extremely strange. “He Shaoying, as He Feng’s father, you don’t know anything, so what right do you have to question me? “

    He Feng opened his mouth but only felt his throat becoming extremely parched. A conjecture had immediately struck him, and it was this guess that made him feel a shiver run through his spine.

    He Shaoying secretly felt ashamed inside when confronted by Wei Ming Zhu’s question yet after being taciturn for a while he uttered: “Regardless of that, you still need to explain tonight’s matters clearly.”

    Wei Mingzhu no longer concealed anything, and stood up with red eyes. “That scoundrel Qin Zhao bullied Feng’er, I was merely enacting justice on Feng’er’s behalf!”

    He Feng was startled. “Mom?”

    Wei Mingzhu walked towards him with slightly wet eyes, and held He Feng’s hand, “I know you’ve been bullied by him very badly. Mom was useless, and couldn’t avenge you.”

    In this matter, Wei Mingzhu hated He Shaoying. Although He Feng was born out of his expectations, in the end, he was still his son, yet He Shaoying was so heartless not showing any interest in him for several years. However, she still hated herself the most, she hated herself for being possessed in the beginning and committing wrong, because now, Feng Er’s unfortunate life was caused by her own greed!

    When she learned that He Feng had been threatened and raped by Qin Zhao, her fury and self-blame overwhelmed her like the vast sea.

    She had no way of contending against Qin Zhao who was the leader of the Demonic Sect. He was high up in status and had a cultivation base in Xiantian Realm. She felt distressed for her son and couldn’t allow herself to let a hair of him be harmed yet she could only watch in silence.

    “Who are the people who kidnapped Qin Zhao?” Although He Shaoying was ashamed to face He Feng, right now, he was more worried that Wei Mingzhu was being exploited.

    “I don’t know. They only said that they could help me exact my revenge.” After Wei Mingzhu spoke, she keenly sensed that He Feng’s hand interlocked with hers was trembling slightly.

    “Mom, you really don’t know who they are?”

    Wei Mingzhu was terrified. She knew her son, but at the same time, it seemed as if she didn’t understand him that well. She initially assumed that if Qin Zhao were to be captured, He Feng would be happy, but now seeing He Feng’s expression, this didn’t seem to be the case.

    “Feng’er? You wouldn’t…t?” Wei Mingzhu widened her eyes.

    Grasping Wei Mingzhu’s hand tightly, He Feng took a deep breath, and lowered his voice. “Mom, thank you for being so devoted to me, but we are currently going through an extremely important period. Qin Zhao’s identity is critical so he can’t fall into trouble.”

    He Shaoning sighed. “Ah Zhou and Ah Yi’s already on the chase so you don’t need to worry too much, Xiao Feng. However, what is this grievance you share with Qin Zhao? If Qin Zhao bullied you before, why didn’t you let us know?”

    He Feng’s lips were pursed. He didn’t know how to respond to these questions at all. To confess to being raped by a man was a difficult thing for him to do.

    “Stop asking Feng’er,” said Wei Mingzhu with a cold face. “Qin Zhao did bully Feng’er in the past and it was I who asked him out to meet tonight, because I wanted him to fall into the trap.”

    He Feng’s thoughts whirled inside his head. Although he resented what Qin Zhao had done to him, he had never thought of putting Qin Zhao in such dangerous circumstances, especially at such a sensitive time.

    No one had the right to deride Wei Mingzhu for her behavior. He Feng who was a member of the He family, was bullied by other people outside, yet as elders, they didn’t know a single thing and couldn’t reach out to provide any support to Xiao Feng in time. They felt ashamed of themselves, and they also understood the intentions behind Wei Mingzhu’s painstaking efforts.

    He Zhou and Wen Renyi had waited for nearly an hour when they felt the signs of the array being activated. The two quickly rushed towards the site of the array initiation which was fortunately not too far away, and had arrived in a short while.

    When Qin Zhao who had fallen for Wei Mingzhu’s dirty tricks and was being towed away, came to his senses in the middle of the road, he racked his head on how to plan his escape.

    The people who had kidnapped him were in Xiantian Realm, the same par with his cultivation base, and he thought to himself, since when were Xiantian cultivators this vulgar? Although he felt surprised on the inside, he decided to prioritize thinking of a way to escape first before dwelling on the matter.

    While he was coming up with a plan, the group of people decided to unanimously torture him, saying that his grand sect leader position was just an empty title. Having been angrily provoked, he borrowed He Zhou’s array and engaged them in a fight until He Zhou and Wen Renyi had arrived.

    Qin Zhao was completely covered in blood. He struck the other opponent’s chest with his palm and yelled at He Qi and Wen Renyi: “Come and help me!”

    He Zhou and Wen Renyi quickly activated their domains and the fighting immediately stopped. The people who waged war against Qin Zhao were rendered completely paralyzed.

    Qin Zhao gasped for breath, his dark face immediately sneering, “Young Master He, Wei Mingzhu is a member of the demonic head’s organization.”

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