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  • EBPW Chapter 54.2

    Chapter 54.2 I am also a cultivator (2)

    Originally they were unconvinced, however, after He Zhou revealed his hands, nobody could argue against it any longer. Moreover, for them to be able to pass all three assessments meant that they were all extremely outstanding in terms of both learning and moral standing. To be able to convince these people showed Young Master He’s ability and means.

    The 21 year old high level array master appeared to be unrivalled in Hua Country. In reality, as long as He Zhou knew how to form the Spirit Gathering Array, the entire country would look highly upon him. He was like an undiscovered pearl. Once people finally discovered its lustrous glow, they would learn how to appreciate it.

    He Zhou used two months time to successfully spread his name in the entire GuWu circle and the He Family’s status had also gradually risen due to He Zhou’s existence.

    He Zhou stood on the platform and stared at the many pairs of eyes thirsty for knowledge. He got right to the point and asked. “How many of you sincerely liked arrays when you enrolled? I want honest answers.”

    The students below hesitated for a moment and merely 10 hands were raised.

    He Zhou smiled and asked again. “What about now?”

    Majority of the class immediately put their hands up. Others who were initially unwilling to raise their hands also went along with the tide, and raised their hands as well.

    He Zhou once again gave a chuckle and said in a harmonious tone. “Perhaps in the field of arrays, I am considered amazing, but I know, you were once considered excellent in your own fields. In these two months, I have witnessed your growth and the speed of your learning has exceeded my expectations.”

    Hearing his praise, the students couldn’t help but feel happy. Who wouldn’t after receiving such compliments?

    Young Master He continued. “I know what your initial goals were when you joined and in fact, I’m no different to you all. All of you probably know that at one point, I was merely an ordinary person, and the ordinary that I’m referring to is the standard used to compare to cultivators, but in your case, you’re not ordinary at all.” 

    The students couldn’t help but laugh and gave thunderous applause.

    “Spirit Gathering Array.” After the applause ended, He Zhou announced these three words and saw the students widen their eyes, he then continued. “I believe that everyone’s end goal was this array and during these two months, I have not touched upon this subject at all, so I can only imagine how anxious you all are, so for today, I will be teaching everybody the Spirit Gathering Array.”

    The Spirit Gathering Array was considered a mid-level array. He Zhou originally wanted to wait until everybody had consolidated their foundation by practicing a few more basic arrays before officially teaching the real deal. However, there were rumors floating around that He Zhou’s reputation was underserved. The rumors stated that his array theories were simply rubbish and that he was just a vulgar claptrap to please the crowds. The secret of the Spirit Gathering Array he possessed was just a bluff because in reality, he was not willing to leak it and only strived for his self-interest.

    These kinds of rumors gradually spread and although He Zhou didn’t plan to intervene in the beginning, the power of these rumors gradually became more tumultuous. Although the upper heads believed him, if they couldn’t stop the rumors in time, it would create unnecessary trouble and that was the reason why he asked those questions.

    In a cultivator’s eyes, the Spirit Gathering Array was exactly what they needed. They didn’t understand arrays, so they didn’t care what other arrays array masters could do because in their eyes, as long as array master were able to form a Spirit Gathering Array, that would suffice.

    This kind of thinking was narrow-minded but the mentality was infectious, so much that even some “scholars” of the array world as well several students in class had thought that He Zhou was stingy for trying to keep the ‘trump card’ to himself.

    He Zhou carefully imparted the knowledge of Spirit Gathering Array to the students. Their minds were nimble, and their perceptions were extremely high, so they were able to quickly understand the essentials of the trade. They started to use the original stones He Zhou had distributed to start putting it into practice.

    He Zhou stood on top of the platform, quietly watching the students in the classroom. At one point in time, some “people of the same trade” walked in.

    In the beginning, a lot of them were unable to create a Spirit Gathering Array and thought that it was due to a lack of experience, but the more time had passed and after everyone had tried it several times, there was still no one who could create a Spirit Gathering Array. They then became aware of something odd with the matter.

    “Teacher He, is there something wrong with the array you taught?” Someone couldn’t help but ask, and the others had echoed the same sentiments.

    They stared impatiently at He Zhou, waiting for him to give a logical answer.

    He Zhou smiled faintly, throwing the original stones in his hands to fixed places. Following that, he formed the hand gestures smoothly in front of them. It was such a visual feast for the eyes, and after a short while, a Spirit Gathering Array was formed.

    “Teacher He, how did that happen?”

    He Zhou no longer concealed it from them and explained. “I have long expected this outcome to happen today so I invited some help over, Zhao Ke, come here.”

    Zhao Ke whom he had invited, heard the “order” and immediately stepped into the classroom. He Zhou picked out a student and told him. While you are chanting the spell, Zhao Ke will coordinate with you.”

    Zhao Ke had already been instructed by He Zhou before, so he was aware of the underlying meaning. Although the student was baffled, he still did as he was told, and everyone waited for the scene to unfold.

    In the end, a miracle did occur. The student had managed to set up a Spirit Gathering Array. Although the spiritual power could not be compared to He Zhou’s, it was still considered a success! He immediately became extremely happy at this, but he didn’t forget to ask the reason. “Young Master He, how did this happen?”

    Young Master He’s expression was calm and unperturbed. “Because the creation of a Spirit Gathering Array does not only require an array master, it also requires the spiritual power of a cultivator to be initiated. The array requires powers from both sides and if one is lacking, the array will not be formed.”

    “Then what about in teacher’s case?” Someone asked He Zhou with an astonished face.

    Young Master He slowly explained. “That’s right. I am also a cultivator.”

    The author has something to say:
    In the beginning, Boss Wen Ren used half a month to learn a new array. Then, he gradually learned a new one every week. After that, he learnt two in one week. Preceding that, everyday he would learn a new one. Later on……Young Master He held onto his waist and refused to teach him any longer. 

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