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  • EBPW Chapter 54.1

    Chapter 54.1 I am also a cultivator (1)

    In each sect and family living in Hua Country, there were countless numbers of cultivators who didn’t have enough talent. These people would often provide wealth and cultivation resources for the family, this included people who were born with a talent for arrays. However, due to the decline in the knowledge of arrays passed down, the systematic principles of arrays had been lost for several years, leading to a waning number of people learning arrays.

    In the present, He Zhou was presenting them with an opportunity. This opportunity was precious and it all depended on a single Spirit Gathering Array. The status of an Array Master could very well shoot to the top position so as long as they learned this one array, and the achievement they would obtain is nothing short of what they could ever imagine.

    Of course, their thinking was too naive, for arrays were extremely profound and incomprehensible. Moreover, Spirit Gathering Array was considered a high level array. If they wanted to understand it, they would have to start from the basics.

    He Zhou had already informed Ding Zhi and Ye Xiao of this matter, and Ding Zhi became the first to enroll. Ye Xiao did not say anything but his actions exposed his desires of also wanting to learn arrays.

    He Zhou had a clear understanding of their abilities. Ding Zhi didn’t have the perception required and his mental state was quite unruly so he wasn’t suited for learning arrays. Ye Xiao’s perception on the other hand, was extremely high and his mind was sharp, he would be able to grasp the quintessence of arrays very quickly.

    The situation went according to Young Master He’s expectations. After Ding Zhi read the theory book his master gave him, he immediately got a headache. These words weren’t ancient texts, but there were a lot of unfamiliar words and when they were connected altogether, he simply didn’t understand the meaning conveyed.

    Ye Xiao’s talent was out of the ordinary so he was easily able to throw himself into it. He Zhou only needed to add a few inputs and he would immediately understand it. This time, Ding Zhi was left in the dust and he had no choice but to admit his defeat.

    The book He Zhou had given them was one that he had written in his free time. He wrote it according to his own knowledge as well as years of experience from putting it in practice so the book contained the most basic and shallow arrays.

    After he took this book out, Wen Renyi finally realized what He Zhou had been working on for so many days. Hua Country had also mass printed this book to serve as He Zhou’s teaching material.

    Although the special department had already released a notice, the majority of the people still couldn’t comprehend arrays, so they only chose to observe instead of participating. Only a few were passionate about arrays or harbored other reasons, and chose to enroll in the study.

    The special department had set aside a venue for He Zhou to teach. It was at an old campus of a university in Jing City. Now that it was vacated, it could properly serve as He Zhou’s teaching hall.

    He Zhou had never taught a proper lecture before. However, his mastery of array was profound and was sufficient enough to teach children. One time, when Wen Renyi was unoccupied, he had flipped over He Zhou’s array teaching material for a look, and was able to understand it. He was even able to form the most basic of arrays. However, he didn’t have an interest in this path nor did he harbor any curiosity for it, but because he wanted to have a common topic with Young Master He, he often went to ask him some questions.

    Having such a bright student naturally made Young Master He all the more happier. To incentivize Wen Renyi’s interest, he promised Wen Renyi that if he managed to learn one array, they would dual cultivate once.

    Wen Renyi was very pleased with the path of dual cultivation so he put in a lot of effort to learn arrays with He Zhou and in turn, He Zhou naturally taught him with joy.

    Setting aside the promising student Wen Renyi, there were a total of 1000 people in the entire country who had signed up to become a student. Of course, not all 1000 people could become He Zhou’s students.

    There was a criteria set in place to be accepted as one.

    First, they needed to pass a written theory exam. Then, they needed to pass the practical exam. Last, their character and morals needed to be outstanding.

    The questions for the written exam had been picked out by He Zhou from the theory book he had written in his teaching material whereas results for the practical exam would be appraised after three weeks of teaching. Failing the exams would mean that they did not have talent in this area.

    The first two assessments were only announced during recruitment whereas the last assessment would be conducted in a fashion where examinees were unaware of it. The students would be observed by a couple of experienced array masters and He Zhou in secret.

    In the end, from the 1000 people who applied, only 68 people remained. These 68 people came from all parts of the country and in the future, would be the ones who ultimately established a stable foundation for the exponential rise of array sects in the coming new age.

    Although He Zhou took charge of the array classes, it wasn’t solely He Zhou who took charge in teaching. At the invitation of the special department, the remaining array masters of Hua Country had also come to Jing City, personally wishing to participate in the founding of array sects.

    Moreover, He Zhou’s array level was evidently higher than theirs, so their other purpose was to study the book He Zhou had written about the basic theories of arrays.

    In this way, Young Master He did not only spend a lot of time cultivating, he had also deepened his writing on much more advanced arrays. If there came a day that his soul was exterminated, at least his works could still be handed down, serving as his contribution to this world.

    The old campus left behind by the previous generation had sturdy and verdant trees but once autumn season came along, the leaves of the Chinese parasol trees lining the school roads gradually turned yellow and wilted, forming a blanket on the ground. He Zhou slowly walked towards the direction of the academic building.

    There were 68 students who quietly occupied the classroom space and it appeared as if this academic building was only contracted to these 68 people for the entire hall contained only them and nobody else.

    These 68 people were not your average students. The range of their ages varied a lot with the oldest being 60 and the youngest only in his teens.

    Once He Zhou stepped into the room, the classroom became so quiet, the sound of a needle being dropped could be heard. Everybody’s gaze swept over He Zhou who stood on the platform, their gazes filled with reverence.

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