EBPW Chapter 53.2

Chapter 53.2 Popularization of Arrays (2)

He Shaoning smiled, inviting the two to sit down and telling He Zhou. “Your Aunt Zhao and Aunt Wei are in the kitchen. Xiao Ye’s upstairs cultivating while Xiao Feng is still at school and will come home once school ends.”

Once He Shaoying heard the words “Xiao Feng”, he inevitably became distracted. In his memories, He Fenger was still quite young. After so many years had passed, he wondered how his son would look like now that he had grown up.

At this time, Song Cheng had carried over some tea for He Zhou and Wen Renyi before smiling and promptly leaving. He could see something different in the way that they interacted. In the past, Elder Young Master and Mr. Wen Ren seemed to have a barrier between them but at present, it seemed that the Elder Young Master and Mr. Wen Ren had finally shared the same feelings.

“Ah Zhou, Ah Yi. You best be careful during these few days.” He Shaoning sighed. “The higher ups have arranged a few people to go over to Puli City to investigate but they came back without results which could mean that the other party must be very formidable.

He Shaoying was already informed of this matter and he nodded his head in agreement. “Since you both have already been targeted in the past, it’s best for you to be take more precaution.”

“Father, Second Uncle. You should also take care.” He Zhou replied. “I would also like to bring up something. I came back this time to discuss another matter.”

“What is it?”

“I am an array master.” He Zhou stood up, taking the few original stones he had brought and placed on the sofa, and put them in various places. His hand gestures were like moving clouds and flowing water, instantly forming an array naturally and smoothly. “Father, Second Uncle, try cultivating inside.”

He Shaoning and He Shaoying did as they were told and after finishing their cultivation, they were inwardly astonished. The two people simultaneously asked in amazement. “Ah Zhou, what array is this?”

“Spirit Gathering Array.” He Zhou took the stones back. “I want to popularize this array. What do you think?”

Now that the demonic head’s strength was unpredictable, He Zhou also wanted to do what he could to help everybody boost their strength. Although the Spirit Gathering Array’s effects weren’t enormous, it was still better than nothing.

After He Shaoning and He Shaying experienced it, they realized the significance of the Spirit Gathering Array and also understood how important it was to a cultivator.

“I’ll mention it to the management.” He Shaoning knew that once this array started gaining value, He Zhou’s position in everyone’s heart would soar, benefitting He Zhou.

After chatting for a while, He Ye came down from upstairs and happily greeted He Zhou and Wen Renyi when he saw them. At the same time, noises also came from outside, indicating that He Feng must’ve come home.

He Zhou remembered that before he had gotten into an accident, He Feng’s cultivation base had only stagnated at Yellow Rank. Today, it had already reached Earth Rank Late Stage which was considered excellent among his peers.

He Feng greeted every person in the room before finally shifting his line of sight on He Shaoying. His pale lips moved and a very small voice came out. “Father.”

He Shaoying was not a person who had a heart of stone. Seeing his only child before him grow up like this, the lake of his calm heart had been slightly stirred into troubled seas, yet his expression remained solemn and grave. He stared back at He Feng’s delicate face and nodded his head in gratitude. “Xiao Feng. Good. Good.”

When He Feng suddenly saw He Shaoying, he was slightly cautious. He sat beside He Ye and lowered his head, keeping silent and only listening to their conversation.

“Ah Zhou. Since you have decided to announce the Spirit Gathering Array to the world, this household will naturally support you.” He Shaoning revealed a trace of a smile. “Arrays have long been underlooked, so it’s about time.”

He Shaoning acted very quickly. On the afternoon of the second day, He Zhou had received the special department’s notice, inviting him over to do a demonstration.

Wen Renyi naturally accompanied him.

The special department sent Feng Lan to support them. Feng Lan led the two to a meeting room which was already filled with people. He Zhou looked over the information beforehand. so he recognized who was which. The majority of them were array masters living in Jing City of Hua Country whereas the rest were elders or disciples of aristocratic families and Sects.

It was evident that they were going to evaluate the Spirit Gathering Array from both authenticity of expertise and functionality.

Young Master He behaved in a calm manner. He went in without any superfluous words and placed the original stones he brought, on the floor of the conference room in an 8 sided shape. Next, he dazzled everyone in the room with his unpredictable hand gestures and the array on the floor started to glow.

The original stones were top grade original stones. Adding on the assistance of his Xiantian Late Stage cultivation base, this spiritual power provided by the Spirit Gathering Array had caused everybody on site to be emotionally stirred.

“Alright. The respected parties may now test it.”

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. A few of the array masters had watched He Zhou’s hand gestures and were already in admiration of him, repeatedly nodding their heads. As for how effective the Spirit Gathering Array was, only cultivators who stepped inside could feel it.

The Zhao Family and the He Family were in-laws so they naturally had to give them face. Zhao Heng stood up and entered the array.

As soon as he stepped in, he could immediately feel the abundance of energy and felt the troubles in his heart ease up and his spirit pleased. Although what circulated inside cultivators of Xiantian Realm and below were Inner Xi and not spiritual power, Inner Xi and spiritual power were born from the same root. The way that cultivators refine their bodies is by taking the spiritual power from the outside world and absorbing it into their bodies and circulating it, this motivates the Inner Xi to have a steady flow until the they reach their goal of cultivation.

Zhao Heng had an Earth Ranked cultivation base. He sat in the middle of the array cultivating and became reluctant to leave after a short while. This place was simply like heaven to cultivators.

Fortunately, he had strong self-control and was able to get out after passing some time inside. He nodded towards everyone in the room and said. “It’s very good.”

Naturally, one person’s words were not convincing enough, but after everybody went in to try it for themselves, nobody could say a word! They felt like beating their chests and stamping their feet. If the Spirit Gathering Array had appeared much sooner, they would not have to suffer the stagnation of their cultivation for such a long time.

Since the Spirit Gathering Array had proved its use, Feng Lan then asked. “Young Master He, how do you plan to promote this Spirit Gathering Array?”

He Zhou’s gaze was insipid but his smile was warm. “Just my strength alone would not satisfy the need of Hua Country’s cultivators, so I plan on choosing people with talent in this area to learn how to create the array from me. What do you gentlemen think of this?”

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