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  • EBPW Chapter 53.1

    Chapter 53.1 Popularization of Arrays (1)

    Although the demonic head had not stirred any ruckus recently, the special department of Hua Country had been going all out in their efforts to expand their investigation.

    The Li Family had successfully broken down the components of the drug that had been inside the mad cultivators’ bodies and had began to formulate an antidote.

    Hua Country’s contact with the other countries had also achieved a revolutionary progress. Some countries had also gradually started to believe Hua Country’s claims due to the number of mad cultivator incidents popping up one after the other. Moreover, there were many ability users from other countries that had participated in the Sealed War, so they also possessed ancient texts that detailed the events during that period.

    Now that the demonic head had threatened to reappear, a lot of lives were at stake.

    The underground work at Rose Country had also finally been discovered, however, since He Zhou’s golden core stage godly sense was unable to explore any further, the people dispatched by the Rose Country’s special department were naturally also unable to find anything.

    Nobody knew what the demonic head looked like nor where he currently was.

    It was as if the forces of the demonic head had also detected the recent happenings in every country for it had suddenly turned extremely quiet. Although each country managed to weed out the spies, these spies weren’t core members of the organization, so they were unable to obtain anything useful out of them.

    Apart from school, He Zhou had also been secretly working on another matter. Once he had time, Wen Renyi would always catch him heading straight to the study room and writing in his notebook. Wen Renyi was quite curious about it, but seeing that He Zhou did not have any intentions to tell him, he allowed him to do as he wished.

    These days, whenever they finished dual-cultivation, they always felt their cultivation faintly grow closer to reaching another level. Wen Renyi was already in Xiantian Late Stage and the level above it was Foundation Establishment. Ever since the demonic head appeared many years ago, attempting to suck the world’s vitality, the outcome of the sealed war had caused many of the traditions to cease, so seeing someone in Foundation Establishment Stage was quite rare in Hua Country, to the extent that perhaps, it even only existed in people’s imaginations.

    After He Zhou successfully reached Xiantian Late Stage, he saw Wen Renyi appearing to have encountered a bottleneck and provided him with advice at the side. After all, he had previously experienced breaking through Foundation Establishment Stage so he had more knowledge than Wen Renyi’s.

    The speed at which Wen Renyi’s advanced at was incredibly quick, however, this was only due to several factors including He Zhou’s Spirit Gathering Array, the spiritual power of the Almighty Golden Core in the past, Soul Dual cultivation, as well as his outstanding talent. Otherwise, advancing at such a speed would have been impossible for an average person.

    After having received Young Master He’s instructions, Wen Renyi spent a day and a night before successfully breaking through Foundation Establishment. During that period, the company assistant had called which Young Master He received on behalf of Wen Renyi on the pretext that Wen Renyi was unavailable to speak, and the assistant could only hang up in surprise.

    After building his foundation, Wen Renyi restrained the might that his body exuded, solely looking at He Zhou with eyes that remained stunningly bright.

    “Ah Yi.” He Zhou smiled lightly.

    In reality, Wen Renyi felt extremely touched but he did not reveal this on the surface. He wasn’t touched because his cultivation had grown, instead it was because now, he could now finally properly protect He Zhou.

    He hugged He Zhou tightly, causing the corner of He Zhou’s eyes to be dyed in happiness as he neared Wen Renyi’s ears and tenderly said. “Now, I’m feeling a bit regretful.”

    Wen Renyi’s arm tightened, his face revealing his shock and a big sense of panic started to surge from his heart. “Ah Zhou?”

    He Zhou continued. “I regret not dual-cultivating with you earlier.”

    The first sentence had struck him with panic but his follow up had gotten his blood boiling and his breathing immediately became heavier. However, Young Master He didn’t intend to take responsibility for teasing him and diverted his attention, mentioning. “By the way, your assistant had been looking for you.”

    Wen Renyi also knew that there were still many company matters that had to be handled which also included the Zheng Mo Sect’s affairs, so he nibbled on He Zhou’s nose before releasing him and taking his phone.

    He Zhou was about to head to the kitchen to prepare something to eat when he suddenly received He Shaoning’s call.

    During the call, He Shaoning had told him that his second uncle He Shaoying had finally come out from his seclusion, so he asked He Zhou and Wen Renyi to come home as the entire family was going to be eating together today.

    Naturally, he couldn’t reject this. It was currently 9 in the morning. After the two people had changed clothes, they drove over to the He Residence.

    Song Cheng stood outside the courtyard doors waiting to welcome them. Seeing Wen Renyi’s car arriving, he personally went over to open the door. When he saw the two people, his face lit up with a kind smile. “Elder Young Master, Mr. Wen Ren. Please come in.”

    He Zhou and Wen Renyi thanked him before going to the He Residence’s living room. When they arrived, they saw He Shaoning in the middle of a conversation with another man. This man didn’t look familiar but his face resembled He Shaoning, so it ought to be He Shaoying.

    He Zhou walked towards the two, bringing along Wen Renyi. “Father, Second Uncle.”

    It was no wonder He Shaoying and He Shaoning were brothers. They both appeared strict, however, because He Shaoning had to take the position of family head, he needed to appear slightly gentler whereas because He Shaoying was in seclusion all year long, he rarely had any human contact, hence, his expressionless face made it look like he had facial nerve paralysis.

    He lifted his eyes to look at He Zhou indifferently and nodded. “Ah Zhou’s grown so tall already.” He had started to seclude himself when He Zhou was at a young age, and had never gone beyond the old residence of the He Family. He had also never seen anyone else aside from the servant that sent food over, so when he saw ther He Zhou in his memories suddenly shoot up in height, it was normal for him to feel startled.

    Wen Renyi insipidly smiled. “Uncle He, Second Uncle He.”

    He Shaoying had already gotten to know of Wen Renyi’s matter from He Shaoning so he nodded in response. “The younger generations will surpass us in time.” He had secluded himself for so many years yet he had only reached Xiantian Middle Stage whereas Wen Renyi who was young had already reached Xiantian Late Stage.

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